Monday, January 21, 2013

I Asked

This morning Katie and I made love. It was so nice - close, intimate, passionate and long. Katie came four, five, maybe six times. As we lay entangled on our sides, I asked,

"Martin Luther King would be so happy to have you tell me to come today", I said facetiously.

I waited.

Katie giggled.

Her hips moved some more then stopped.

She gave me her answer loud and clear.

And I am happy. I feel so satisfied after times like these. Yet the clock continues to turn. The days continue to mount.  MLK day is day 174.

Have a wonderful MLK day yourself. Maybe your women will treat you likewise.

I'm Hers.


  1. I have to say: you are a stallion to be able to bring your wife to that many orgasms. I am envious of your stamina! Thanks for sharing,


    1. Naw, it's not me. Yes I can last a while but it's all her. But thanks for the compliment. Enjoy your day.

  2. Mmmm so very long. I bet you wanted to cum so badly too. Are you allowed to ask to cum???

  3. I always want to cum badly. Yes, I am permitted to ask but I refuse to do so. I've decided that she will tell me when she wants me to cum. But in a way, I asked on MLK day. Silence was her answer. I knew she was thinking but she never allowed me to act as I wanted. So, mmmmm, it's been a looong time :)