Tuesday, February 5, 2013

What girl wouldn't love that!

I happened to find this picture on Katie's desktop. It is a picture from one of her favorite movies - Gone with the Wind. I asked Katie why she had saved it and she told me how she much she loved that part of the movie. I asked why and she said, "What girl wouldn't love being Scarlett in that scene," she said pointing to the gathering of men around here.
For those of you that aren't familiar with the movie, I believe Scarlett was a hotty and several young men were interested in her taking one of them as her beau. At the Twelve Oaks picnic (she lived at the Twelve Oaks Plantation) she is enjoying herself while the potential suitors gather round her, all hoping she will ask one of them to fetch her dessert. Scarlett chooses Charles Hamilton, making him fall even more in love with her. Ahh, the life of a woman with many men at her beckon. I guess in that thought lies the essence of male submission and female dominance - the desire of increasingly more women is to have a man to serve and adore her. The desire of a growing number of men is to do just that - serve the lady and have her show her approval of his service, devotion and affection. Katie is one such woman and I am sure that many other women have similar desires and/or expectations.
The comment by Katie, "What girl wouldn't love to be Scarlett," is further evidence of what I have come to learn about her. She loves being waited on. She loves being the center of a man's world. She loves being the one in control. She loves knowing that the man whom she has taken, has one role and that is to serve her. I'm glad that she is this way since her desires fit my passions perfectly.
I'm Hers


  1. She lived a charmed life at the start. It hit a difficult patch though. She kept her unique charm through and through.

  2. I think Katie's comment is a positive sign and her way of saying that she is content and really enjoys your devotion and service. I think Katie is blessed with a wonderful husband who takes extraordinary care of his lady.


  3. Mr SH and Shades of Me. Thanks for the comments and particularly for taking the time to share.