Monday, March 18, 2013

A day filled with gifts

This 24 hour period started last night at 11pm when I was laying in bed cuddled close to Katie.

"I want a massage," she spoke out of the blue.


"Uh-uh, I want a full body massage," she repeated.

I smiled inside. I was surprised but I smiled as it has been a few weeks since I've heard those words.  For the next 45 minutes I rub deeply, lightly, used my hands, my knuckles, my foreams, the tips of my fingers and loved her with unspoken words as she rested quietly, eventually falling asleep. She had given me a wonderful gift, reminding me I was hers to enjoy (and she was mine to enjoy, but in a giving rather than receiving way).

In the morning I got up and we did our usual routine, she showered, I followed. I used her towel and dried with her sitting at her vanity while watching me in the mirror drying myself behind her. One of my most favorite and intimate chores she has me do for her is to blow-dry and brush her hair, ending each time with a kiss on her neck and me uttering the words, "I love you," in her ear.

Katie left to do something in the bedroom and I finished in the bathroom, cleaning up clothes she left from the evening before, replacing used towels and wash cloths with clean ones to be used the next time she showers and cleaning the cat litter - still unclothed.  I felt a soft pat on my butt as I did. It was Katie, who crept up from behind and bent over to acknowledge me doing one of those little things she's asked me to do.  I loved it. I hope she loved the view from behind.

After making up the bed and straightening more and locking myself in chastity I headed downstairs.  She wanted to take me out to look at something but told me to make her a hot breakfast. Another gift. It's another every day gift but it's still a gift of service that, like the cleaning the cat litter, making the bed, blowdrying her hair, cleaning up her dirty clothes, reminds me that she and I don't function on equal planes.  But they are gifts to me. They remind me she's in charge. She allows me to serve. I love it. So does she.

We went out, returned a few hours later and before I left for work I asked if there was anything else I could do for her. As if the dog was listening, he vomited his morning meal all over the carpet.

"Yes, you can clean this mess up," she said on cue to my question.

I looked and saw a huge brown, mucky mess on the light colored carpet. I ran to get a towel, and kneeled and did what I was told. When done, Katie directed me to another part of the room and pointed to a smaller slimy pool of dog vomit that I was to clean.

A gift? You better believe it. As I see this now, somebody has to do it. It was either she or me and there is absolutely no reason for her to have to clean things like this when I am around.  Off I went to work.  While gone she shampooed the rug and cleaned it thoroughly.

On my way home I asked if there was anything that needed doing. She was going to arrive home shortly after me after working out at the gym.

"Yes, I need you to fix me some soup for dinner, there are clothes at the top of the step that need to be washed, make sure you let the dog out and let the cats down."

It was a mouthful but I got it all.  I found myself organizing how to get this all done, knowing I only had a few minutes before she arrived. As I pulled in to the drive, I noticed the trash cans that needed to be brought back to the house.  I got it done. I was there when she arrived, ready to great and kiss her.

I love working for her. I love it more when she speaks her mind and tells me what she wants. All of those little things were constant reminders of her control. Never once did she ask if I wanted to do something. Each time she spoke her mind, she told me what she wanted. It wasn't mean. It wasn't demeaning. It was just a stated fact of "I want you to do this for me." I love being told. I love being dependent on her. We function so well as a team. No arguing, no griping. Just an understanding that she's my Mistress and I her sub.

It's not quite 11pm now so there may be more coming before finally falling asleep. Another massage maybe?  I hope so.

I'm hers

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  1. Sounds like a wonderful start to the day.

    And pets. They are not all comfort and joy.