Sunday, March 17, 2013

Just a Fun Day

Earlier this week Katie told me that she had made plans for us on Sunday. She told me that we were going birding with a group, something we have never done before. Both of us enjoy birds. We have a few feeders in the yard. We enjoy looking at them but have never gone with others that actually know what tons about birds.  As soon as she told me, “I made plans for us on Sunday,” I could feel myself getting hard inside my chastity cage.  I didn’t think about it. It just happened. It was an instantaneous response.  Then she filled in the details and I felt pleased that she decided this would be a fun event for the two of us to do.
And it was. We met 10-15 other middle-age and older adults at a park and returned almost four hours later having seen over thirty different species of birds including a Bald Eagle and a couple of Owls. We just had a nice time. We walked 2-3 miles. We met some new people and enjoyed the walk, the sharing of information, and the time outside on a nice Sunday morning.
In a post on Femdom 101 Kathy addressed Katie and shared some words of wisdom. She reminded Katie to never take me for granted. I can assure you that she takes great care of me.  In her post she advised Katie to remind me daily that she is the Mistress and I the submissive. I mention that because when Katie told me the plans she made for us, I had an instant physiological response to the very words, “I made plans for us….” In essence she told me that she was in charge and the reminder of that excited me and met some deep need when she verbalized that fact.  Just as the Mistress enjoys being in charge, the submissive slave enjoys knowing, and being reminded that she is.
We left the birding event knowing we had to stop by two stores before returning home. Katie was hungry and told me that she wanted to stop by her favorite restaurant before doing anything else. We did. When finished, and the waitress handed me the check, I immediately passed it on to Katie. She signed it and added the tip; something I don’t do much anymore unless she asks me to.
While shopping now, she gets what she wants in the quantities she deems necessary. I push the cart and do as I’m told. We work as a team and our D/s relationship works perfectly for us.
Just as the dominant woman loves the feeling of being waited on and having the freedom to choose as she wishes, the submissive receives the gift of knowing they are dependent on the woman they serve. As much as it would appear to the outside world that Katie is being obnoxious and demeaning when she tells me to do something she’s being far from that. Her insistence and expectant attitude are gifts. They are acts of love. Being told what we will be doing for the day. Having me push the shopping cart, unload the car when home, work in the yard while she does what she wants inside on a hot day are gifts. They are reminders that she is not taking me for granted.  And I love her for it.
I’m Hers

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