Saturday, March 9, 2013

Katie's Vow to Me

Katie and I recently married. It was her decision on the actual date although both of us tossed ideas back and forth with regard to when. We thought about a spring or summer wedding but my mother questioned why we were waiting. That thought resonated with Katie and so she chose for us to marry during the Christmas holiday season.
Katie wanted something simple and decided that our marriage would be conducted by a local magistrate. She didn't want to bother with dresses, flowers, invitations, caterers, music and a slew of other things that had nothing to do with what her goal was - to marry me and have us be ‘legal’ according to the law. She made the arrangements, setting up the date and time. She learned that even a simple marriage by a magistrate required witnesses so she asked a girlfriend friend who agreed, and who offered her husband to serve as our witnesses.
The day started like most other days. I made her breakfast and we later met our friends and took them out to lunch. Having nothing to do for an hour we just drove around town and window shopped to kill time. We arrived at the courthouse, made our way to the magistrate's office, our witnesses completed required paperwork, and we were married. The ceremony was short and simple, lasting less than two minutes. It's amazing how easy it is to tie the knot of matrimony - and how inexpensive a wedding can be. We left and went back to the house where we shared a glass of wine and readied ourselves for a dinner with several friends and a night of celebration at a New Years Eve function.
The ceremony with the magistrate was as generic as you could imagine. The magistrate asked if we'd 'have' and 'hold' one another; if we'd love and cherish. I know that sounds pretty boring but we really didn't want to get into all of the D/s vows with her and our witnesses. Yet we wanted to make promises to one another that were both binding as well as express those promises from a Mistress/submissive perspective that we both wanted. Katie decided that we would make those promises just after midnight on New Year’s Eve (actually the night of the 30th. Alone, at home we read our vows. Katie went first as the dominant partner and I followed. Katie promised to lead, guide, love, keep and forever maintain me as her submissive and enjoy her life as the dominant partner while promised to follow, obey, love, adore and commit to Katie forever as her submissive husband. Katie stood while I kneeled. I looked up while she looked down.  It was a beautiful time. Our vows were long and we stated again and again the same key points – leading vs following; being served and obeyed vs serving and obeying; etc.
Typical of how Katie thinks, she told me to write the vows that we would both read and present them to her as a draft. She critiqued what I wrote and I made the necessary changes. Once they were written as she wanted we printed them off and saved them until the day they were to be read. As I labored over the wording, I knew that I was writing my own fate. I was writing those things that I knew she wanted, and at the same time, writing of the life I also wanted. I wrote the vows in kind of a parallel format. The wording was such as those promises Katie would make as my Mistress would be the same promises I would make as her submissive husband but came from the opposite perspective.  For me, writing them was almost as enjoyable as our private ceremony when I had the opportunity to kneel and listen to those words coming directly from the woman that would forever be my Mistress wife.
Some have asked for me to post these vows. Below is Katie’s vow to me. In the next post, I will include my vow to her. I welcome your comments, criticisms and opinions.
I’m Hers
This is the time I’ve been waiting for. You and I will finally be together. Married. It’s what I’ve always wanted. I love you. I love being with you. I love talking to you. I love everything about you and it is so right that we marry. You are the man for me. You are the one that I want to spend the rest of my life with. You make me so happy. Kneel before me as we express our marriage vows.
Having you looking up to me as you are now represents how we will live. I will forever be the dominant partner and you will forever be my submissive husband. This will never change. You will never have the power or freedoms that I have. I will always live this life. I will forever be in charge but I will always love you. Just know that I will never relinquish my role as the head of our home. I will control every aspect of our lives; our finances, our sex life, what friends we associate with, and how we live each and every day. By insisting that you kneel while we exchange our vows you will remember the significance of the power I have and the power you will never have. I want you to never forget this moment. It’s important that it this becomes seared in your mind. You are marrying me on your knees and it makes me happy seeing you this way. Standing over you while I look down on the man I love excites me. It’s how I love seeing you. Having you look up to me no is what I’ve been waiting for. I love this. This symbolism will serve us both of what we are formally creating – a marriage in which I am in charge.
I am the dominant one and today I take you as my legal husband and sub. I am assuming the role as head of our home. I want you to understand that although I desire your thoughts and input I will be the one making final decisions that will affect you personally and us together as a married couple. I am taking ownership of you today. My ownership will be all encompassing. I will take possession of every part of you and will do so until death separates us. I will own you forever.
Tonight I take ownership of your body and because I do, it will only be used for my pleasure. I will enjoy it as I wish. I will enjoy it whenever I wish. Your body’s purpose is to please me, to please only me and please me it will.
Tonight I am taking ownership of your thought life. You will never keep a secret from me. Should I ever want to know what you are thinking or feeling, you will completely disclose any thoughts regardless of how those thoughts will make me feel or react.
As of this moment, I am taking ownership of your money. Any income you earn immediately becomes mine. I will use it to take care of us but understand that you will have nothing unless I give money to you. When I do, I expect you to use it wisely. However, I will have free discretion to use my money however I wish. I promise to also use it wisely.
I now own your time. I will determine how you spend it. Anytime you want to do something you will first ask me for permission.
By taking ownership of you, your life becomes completely mine. Its focus will be devoted to serving my needs, my wants, my desires, and my wishes. Your purpose is pleasing me and by doing so I know that it will fulfill you as a submissive man. I expect complete obedience in all facets of your life. There are no exceptions. You will comply. Our marriage will be wife-led. It is something I know we both want.
I love that you desire to submit to me and have me take you as my own. I love knowing that I am the dominant one. I enjoy you reminding me often that I am. I love your submission and the effort and time you put into making me feel loved and cherished. I love that you encourage me to do as I wish and enjoy life with you and with my girlfriends. I love the support you show me. It’s like nothing I’ve ever before experienced. I don’t want you to ever think your submission to me as your Mistress Wife implies that you are weak. You are not weak. I see strength in your submission. I love knowing that by submitting your mind dwells only on me. Your submission makes me feel very secure. I know that as my submissive husband you will always be at my side ready to please, protect, serve and obey.
I promise today, in the presence of God to take you as my lawfully wedded submissive husband. I promise to love you unconditionally and make it known to you just how deep my love is for you. I give myself fully as your faithful, loving and dominant wife. I promise to stand with you in sickness and in health, in good times and in bad, in joy as well as in sorrow. I promise to love you faithfully and unconditionally, to trust you and support you in your goals, to correct you when you err, to honor and respect you, to keep you and comfort you, to laugh with you and cry with you, to share my deepest thoughts. I promise to be affectionate as I want you to know without a doubt just how deep my love is for you. Because I trust you completely, I promise to keep no thought hidden from you that you should know and expect you to never hide anything from me. My desire is that our marriage is characterized by openness, love, and intimacy and I will do what is necessary to maintain that. I will forsake all others, but will love you faithfully regardless of the obstacles we may face together. I will lovingly lead us to the best of my ability knowing you will fully embrace my decisions.
I promise to lead the two of us in a wife led marriage. As the dominate I understand there is much responsibility in this position. Yet it is one that I desire and promise to always keep. I promise to be responsible for you. I promise to take care of you. I promise to teach you how to best serve me and love me and I expect compliance. I love that you want to obey and follow me. I promise to take leadership of you as my sub. Because I own you I will do what is necessary to cultivate your submissive qualities. I will teach you how you can best serve me. I will do my best to help you with struggles you have as my submissive. I will remind you that I am dominant because I know you enjoy the security of knowing I am in charge.
It pleases me that you want me to lead a Wife Led Marriage and I promise to remind you often that we indeed live as such. I love so much that you have a desire to submit to me and obey me and I promise to honor your submission. I treasure you. I love you. I desire you. I promise to never stop reminding you just how much I care about you.
My heart is open to only you. Only with you will I share my deepest desires. Only with you will I give my body to love. I want you to enjoy our physical closeness. I love that my body pleases you. I promise to let you enjoy my body by pleasing me sexually and affectionately. In turn, I promise to enjoy your body. I promise to use it for my pleasure as it brings me great joy and fulfillment to know it is mine. I will enjoy you as I wish and expect you to fully yield to me when we are sexually intimate.
At this point Katie read a short statement as she gave me a ring to seal the promise she made with me.


  1. Thank you sharing this beautiful vows, I'm Hers. It must be great for both of you. I am looking forward to your vows.


  2. That was very beautiful. It is my hope that many years from now the vows you and Katie exchanged are as fresh and beautiful as they are at this moment.
    Never miss a day to kneel before Katie and repeat those magic words that women never tire of hearing, 'I love you'. And yes, a submissve husband who makes me feel loved and secure is a gift from God. And yes, living the lfie of a submissive husband in modern culture requries strength. It also requires a wife who has the inner strength to dicipline and punish when necessary. A good submissve husband tries never to give his wife a reason to punish. When punishment is necessary, and there will those times, a good submissve husband understands the importance of acccepting punishment without complaint. Love, Kathy

  3. OMG! So much text.
    Personally, I prefer vows I can remember...
    And, of course, my own vow was much more vanilla. I couldn't have said many of the things Katie said, because I would not have meant them. - Fortunately, most of them are things René wouldn't have wanted me to say anyway.
    So, again, this goes to show how we are all different. - Just keep on doing what feels right for the two of you.

  4. It sounds wonderful.
    Good on you.
    I wish you all the best for the future.

  5. IH,

    Ms Katie's vows are very eloquent. It's obvious she spent a lot of time to say exactly what she wanted to say. The thing that stands out the most is the determination those vows reflect. She sees very clearly what her role is and she intends to give you the love and guidance you need so dearly. I wish you both the very best.

  6. Are you still taking your husband's name or reversal?

  7. To all that posted:
    thanks so much for the kind words and congrats. I do appreciate all that you have each written and take your thoughts and wishes to heart. Thank you again.
    Anonymous, that topic was something we discussed. Katie did not want me to take her name as she thought it would cause/create too many questions. I asked if she wanted to keep her maiden name but she declined that as well. So we went the traditional way - she using my name.
    As an aside, it's just a name and doesn't make her any less of a Domme or me any less her sub. In the end, it is what she wanted so that's what we did.