Thursday, March 14, 2013

My Promise to Katie

Katie, you are my best friend, my life partner, and the one I am giving myself today in marriage. I am kneeling here for a reason. Kneeling is symbolic. Kneeling shows respect and honor and acknowledges my desire to serve. I want to do more than serve. I want to obey you as you take me as your husband. I have longed for this day as I knew almost instantly that you were the woman that I have always dreamed of spending my life with. You are so beautiful; beautiful in every way. I love everything about you. Katie, you complete me. You bring out the best in me, so much so that I can’t ever imagine living apart from you. You have shown me unwavering and unconditional love on a daily basis ever since we first met and now it’s time for me to make promises I intend to keep as we formally tie this knot of marriage. Today I am giving myself to be yours forever. 
Today I give you my heart, my soul and my body. I ask that you take me now as your lawfully wedded husband. In the presence of God, I offer you my solemn vow to be your faithful husband. I promise to stand with you in sickness and in health, in good times and in bad, in joy as well as in sorrow; to love you faithfully and unconditionally, to trust you and support you in your goals, to honor and respect you, to laugh with you and cry with you, to share my deepest thoughts. I promise to be affectionate as I want you to know without a doubt just how deep my love is for you. I promise to hide nothing from you, to forsake all others, but to love you faithfully regardless of the obstacles we may face together.
I will stand beside you and walk with you daily, I promise to stand behind you and let you lead me personally, and us as a couple, knowing that you want the freedom and power to lead. Katie, I love that you have such confidence. I admire it. I’m attracted to it. I love seeing you so confident and secure and promise to submit to your leadership of our home. I see myself as a husband whose role it is to assist you, to stand by you and aid you in all you do. I promise to protect, support, affirm, adore, and revere you. I promise to help you become even more confident and self assured. As the head of our home you will need these attributes and I will support you in every way as you assume this responsibility. 
I promise to wait on you, care for you, and look after you. I desire only life’s best for you and want you to never feel alone. I will never challenge your authority but rather support your decisions always. I want you to feel secure as my dominant, knowing that I will always have your back. I want you to wake up each day knowing I will always be there. I hope you live each day knowing you are loved and adored, and I hope you end each day falling asleep in my arms feeling warm and secure.
I kneel before you as a symbol of my submission and your dominance. I promise to always submit to your authority. I will never challenge you. I will never betray you. I will do whatever you decide or tell me to do.
I promise to obey you. I will obey you. I want to obey you. I understand that by submitting to you now in obedience that I am giving myself completely to you. This is what I desire – to be taken by you as your submissive husband. 
In that light I promise to accept your correction for poor behavior knowing your desire is to keep my heart close to yours. 
I promise to please you sexually. I give you the freedom to deny me for as long as you wish, knowing denial makes me more loving, affectionate, and attentive to you. I promise to save my body for only you. Only you will ever touch me intimately. Only you will enjoy me sexually. Only with you will I give myself in totality to be enjoyed and to fulfill you sexually. 
I promise complete openness with respect to my thought life. I will reveal any and everything to you whenever you wish to examine my thoughts. I want you to know me and will share any and everything with you that you wish to know. 
I promise to give you ownership of my finances and do so willingly. All I own is yours to use as you wish. 
I promise to give you complete ownership of my time. My time is to be used as you wish me to use it. I will ask permission when opportunities arise for me to do something I wish to do but understand that you have final say with regard to how that time is used.  
I want to devote myself to fulfilling your needs, wants, desires and wishes. I want to be known as a man whose desire it is to please and serve you. I want others to see the love and attentiveness that I have for you. I want to be known as your sub but I wish others to see my submissiveness as positive because they can see how devoted I am to you. I hope others see my submissiveness and your dominance as contributing to the special love we share.  I want to live under your rule because I know you love me and because it’s the best way for me to love you. Katie, you now own me. I am completely yours. 
As your submissive husband and one living in a Wife Led Marriage I promise to never challenge your authority unless you ask me to speak my mind. I will embrace your decisions regardless of my personal views. I will follow your lead as you guide us as a couple through life’s many challenges. I promise to fulfill my role as your submissive, understanding that my obligation is to serve you by doing those things you wish not to do; to make your life more enjoyable; to present you to others in a positive light; to cater to your needs; to satisfy your desires; and allow you to live your life as you see fit. I promise to honor your dominance by obeying you and embracing my submissive life knowing that you will have freedoms that I will not. It is the life that I want. It is the life I want you to have. I promise to learn your ways so that I may better serve you. I promise to never stop being the man that you fell in love with; the man who challenges you, who makes you laugh and giggle, who stimulates your thinking, who makes you feel proud by embracing your dominance, submitting to you obediently and acknowledging you as the head of our home.
 I want you to know just how much I love you as the Katie I first met; the one that swept me off my feet the moment our eyes and hearts touched that first day; the one who I fell in love with, the one I kept coming back to again and again, the one I committed to, and the one who promised to become my dominant partner and accept my submission. I ask that you accept my submission not as a sign of weakness but as one of strength. My submission is my gift to you. Take me now as your lawful husband who promises to love, serve and obey you until death separates us from one another. 
Take this ring as a symbol of the promises I am making now. This ring is a reminder of my promises to obey you, submit to you, serve you, honor you, love you, protect you, and forsake all others. This ring is your property just as I too become your property. I belong to you. I am now owned by you. I am now completely yours. I hope this ring will serve as a reminder of how much you are loved but also of the man that is yours forever. We share a love and bond that only death will separate. This is a wonderful day. This moment is a wonderful moment. May we never lose the love for one another we feel now as we begin our life together anew.


  1. This is really beautiful. I can just imagine with how long both of you vows were how nice it was to have the moment of exchanging them longer too. I think everything was said that could be said. And you could even recite these each year on your anniversary too if you wanted.

    Thank you for sharing them with us.

  2. Mistress Marie, You are correct. We wanted to take our time and not worry about length of time or try to say things quickly in just a minute or two. We could only do this comfortably alone and that was what we chose to do. Katie hasn't told me her wishes about reciting our vows annually but I would love it if she did. That night was a special night for both of us and one I'd like to recreate again in the future. Thanks so much for stopping by.