Saturday, April 27, 2013

It's Only a Matter of Time

The other day Katie's adult daughter was over visiting, something does quite often. On this particular day, I was busy for quite some time working in the kitchen cleaning and then out in the garage on a project I needed to get done. late in the afternoon, Katie came out and told me that her daughter would be staying for dinner but wanted to ask me if we had food in the kitchen to cook for her since she won't eat everything most people eat. We discussed the possibilities and Katie chose one for me to make.

Before she left, I asked Katie, "You know, it's only a matter of time before she starts asking questions about how you and I live as a couple."

"I know," Katie responded with a tone that seemed to take all this in stride.

"What are you going to tell her when she does ask?"

With a smile on her face she answered, "I'm going to tell her you take care of me."

She left me to finish up on the garage project while she went back inside.

A few minutes later I came in, cleaned up, and found them hanging out in the other room. I asked her daughter if she would be joining us for dinner, not knowing if Katie had said anything.
She asked what we were having.

Katie interjected, "He's going to make his delicious salmon that I love so much."

Her daughter smiled and told me she'd be happy to stay. I spent the next 30-40 minutes putting dinner together and served them before joining them myself. After we all had finished, I took their plates and headed back to the kitchen where I remained for well over an hour cleaning up and also getting a cabinet organized, all while the two women watched TV and talked.

I know that questions are going to come. I'm curious to see how this all plays out since I knew that Katie’s former husband was nothing like me. He didn't 'do the kitchen'. He didn't 'do the laundry'. He didn't 'do house chores'. I know she's watching and noticing all of the differences between he and I but she tends to keep thoughts to herself so I wonder how long it will be, or what she will see, that will spawn the questions when curiosity finally gets the best of her.

In many respects I hope that the two of them can get into a good discussion. Not that the word submissive or dominant needs to come up in the conversation but that Katie is able to express honestly how our relationship has evolved over time to the point that I asked her if I could do those things for her that would make her the most happy, as well as our mutual desire that she be the primary decision maker. I don't know that Katie will tell her that she is the one who is the head of our home but I really hope, for her daughters' sake, that she does.

I will keep you posted to that conversation, should it ever come to be.

I'm Hers


  1. Mr. IH,

    it does sound like a delightful evening, cooking and cleaning in the kitchen while two women relax and enjoy your service to them.

    If this be overt or just softly spoken and implied, either way to me it sounds like an enjoyable way to spend an evening.

    Take care.


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  3. ...Perhaps one day, you will come into a room where your wife will be showing your step daughter your blog with the two of them having a woman to woman discussion about it.


    1. Mr SH, thanks for sharing. I don't know about the latter idea. I can't see Katie 'going there' as I've shared quite a bit about our personal 'intimate' life that I am certain she'd like to keep private, especially to her daughter.

      But maybe she will have a nice discussion about how a man can better care for her when she is the one that holds the purse-strings and assumes leadership in the home. I would welcome that conversation!

  4. I always enjoy your your post. I also have a step daughter and two step sons. We have been in our WLM going on two years so they have seen the transformation of our relationship and we both feel that this brought the family closer together .My wife and I are much happier than ever and the kids see this also. I'm sure your daughter will see how close you and wife are know and you will have a better relationship with her also. Keep us posted... Thanks. RR

    1. RR,
      Thanks for sharing. I like hearing about life in other homes. Has your wife ever spoken honestly about how you two live now - with her as the head of your home? Regardless, I see living in a WLM primarily as a means to a closer more loving relationship of two people. You've experienced that change, as have I and it is indeed been a wonderful choice that we've made.

  5. Yes , We both talk about how we could never go back to are old relationship.I always have known that she was natural leader it was just a matter of asking her to be the leader in our marriage which we have both adapted very well to our new roles. It all seems very natural now. We love it. RR...

  6. Mr IH,
    I have enjoyed reading all your post to date.
    First Ms. Katie seems to know what she is doing! from the way you wrote your post it seems to me that your daughter already knows about your service to Ms. Katie. and the way it played out for me is she is teaching her daughter how a male should serve her. and the only thing i can say is to keep a open mind on whats to come now. Pet Thom

  7. Pet Thom,
    I'm sure she is looking, watching, observing and taking note. Now whether or not that eventually transitions to a mom/daughter conversation, or to a different way to expect things from her own husband, I do not know. I do know however that I am Katie's sub and will continue to be that man she wants regardless of who is at our home or where we travel. I'm hers. I'ts the title of the blog but it is also a very true statement of how I feel toward her Hers.
    thanks for taking the time to write and express!