Friday, April 5, 2013

Jailbird vs CB6000 Chastity Devices

I am sitting while locked in a CB6000. I decided to send my Mature Metal Jailbird back for a modification as I wanted a larger retaining ring. I forgot just how comfortable the 6000 can be and wanted to write a bit and compare the two for any that are thinking about wearing any of these devices.

As a bit of preface, I am wearing the standard size 6000. I believe the tube itself is 3.5" long. It is shipped with five ring sizes. It also comes with a variety of spacers that allow one to adjust the distance between the retaining ring and the tube. The variety of retaining rings and spacers allows the wearer to find a combination that fits him comfortably.

With that thought in mind, let me say that the key to keeping your self chaste - meaning, that you can't get yourself out of the device is to limit the distance between the retaining ring and the tube. The size of the retaining ring is irrelevant to keeping the balls trapped, as long as the larger size of the ring doesn't increase the open space between the two parts.

With regard to my jailbird, I chose to follow the advice of one poster -'pansy tart' who talked about how to minimize the size of the tube and still retain comfortableness. If interested, read the 11.28.11 post. He describes measuring ones' penis when it is in its smallest state and then subtract a 1/2". I did that and use a Jailbird cage that is only 2.5" long but much larger in girth than the 6000 tube. The problem I am having with the Jailbird is fluid retention in my scrotum because the retaining ring is too small. I'm going to try a 1/4" larger ring. One might not think that a 1/4" increase will do much but after figuring out the area of a circle, I learned that I am increasing the area within the ring from 2.5 square inches to 3.5 square inches - a pretty significant relative increase in area. I'm hoping it solves the problem.
When purchasing the Jailbird, you can opt for a round or oval retaining ring.

The differences between the two devices are not great. One significant difference is weight. The first time you fasten yourself into a steel cage after having lived inn a plastic one, you can't help but notice the weight of the steel. It's significantly more. It's not uncomfortable but it is definitely heavier.

Second, I've found the thinner steel ring to be more comfortable than the thicker plastic retaining ring of the 6000.

Third, I love that I can let my penis breathe in the jailbird. I was hesitant to increase the tube diameter to one larger than the 6000, but I selected a tube ring size that will slip over by cock with ease. As a result it's not squished inside and up against the plastic tube the way I fit into the 6000. For me, the only way I can get myself fully in the 6000 tube is to either apply a lubricant to my appendage to decrease friction and try to push it fully inside. It never makes it quite all the way in but will settle in eventually. My preferred method is the 'panty hose' method in which I slip the open end over my penis and push the other end in the tube and out the pee hole. If I push the head of my penis (that is now covered with the panty hose) in the tube and pull the other end, the stocking will pull the penis completely in. I just keep pulling on the panty hose until it eventually pulls free and out through the pee hole. I fit inside all nice and cozy this way without any feeling of confinement or crampage of skin that sometimes happens when I use the lubricant method.

For me another advantage to the steel Jailbird is the ability to be resized. Now granted, the 6000 comes with resizing ability right from the get-go. You have a variety of retaining rings and spacers to choose from. Before purchasing a Jailbird, I recommend purchasing the plastic rings. You can choose a cage size, as well as a retaining ring size. Don't be afraid to go larger with either. The key is comfort as you may end up spending many weeks if not months trapped inside the cage you so dearly want to have your wife agree for you to purchase. Choose your fate wisely and think comfort. That is what I'm trying to resolve fully, even after having lived in the jailbird for over a year.

One of the positions that sometimes cause me discomfort is sitting. The 6000 is made to keep the device a low profile one by pointing the penis tube almost directly downward. The problem comes when sitting as the tube touches the seat and is pushed up - really the stress is an outward (erection direction) motion that can cause the skin underneath to stretch and become irritated. I rectify this when driving long distances by sitting on a backpacking pillow to add just an inch of lift so I can sit comfortably. My Jailbird doesn't have this issue because the 'tube' is so small. At 2.5" it stays out of the way and I can sit comfortably without the need for a booster pillow.

Looks is another consideration. Katie likes the look of steel and for her, she prefers me locked in steel than in plastic.

Durability: I have broken two retaining rings that have required replacing. If parts do break, you can order others through the company but the initial cost you pay for the 6000 may not be your last expense.
Cost: The 6000 is about half the cost of the Jailbird. I believe the 6000's run in the $160 range while the Jailbird ran me close to $300.

Guarantee: If some part of the 6000 breaks, and it will with time, you are on the hook for replacement parts. The Jailbird is guaranteed for life. I like that.

The lock. The lock on the 6000 'clinks' when I walk quickly. I have to put a rubber band around it to keep it from making a methodical clunk, with every step. On the other hand the Jailbird lock sticks out to the side and doesn't sit nicely with a low profile on the top of the cage. My solution.... I purchased a tap and die set and threaded the cage and retaining ring holes so that I could put a screw in it. I use a 1/2" screw that fits perfectly. I love it and it's secure. You can purchase screws from the company with some odd shaped female head that only your keyholder's 'screwdriver' will work in it, but for me a simple Philips head with the promise that I won't unlock unless I ask, works fine for us.

That's my comparison of the two. Love to have others react and comment if you wish. I know this is a topic of interest among newbie's to chastity so feel free to share your thoughts and knowledge for the benefit of others. This post is but the opinion of one. Love to have others chime in.

I'm Hers.


  1. I agree with you about comfort. Having used the CB6000s for about a year and now the Jailbird for about a year I have to say the Jailbird is much better. One thing I do have to disagree with is going a bit larger with the jailbird for comfort. I made the mistake of going a bit larger and found I was constantly having to "adjust" myself. You can get away with this a little on the cage itself but the base ring needs to fit properly. If the base ring is too big the entire device slips down. This creates a less secure fit as well as discomfort. Too small on the base ring also is an issue. Too small leads to circulation problems, pain, and discomfort.

    My base ring was too large at first. I have ordered a smaller one and it made a huge difference. Much improved fit, even better fit in the cage, increased comfort, and much more secure.

    With the Jailbird it is possible to even forget that you are wearing anything. Where the CB6k always made itself known.

    I would still recommend a plastic device to a newcomer, only because of the expense. Start with plastic, if you like it after a responsible amount of time make the switch to steel.

  2. I've worn both devices, the CB6Ks for a year, and now the Jailbird for just over a year. I find the JB more comfortable. The additional weight was noticeable for all of five minutes before I felt at home in it.

    A huge difference for me is the ease of hygiene with the JB. I spent a lot of time out of the CB6Ks with moisture induced rashes. I found it almost impossible to dry myself sufficiently, and even with daily removal, had issues with recurrent soreness. With the Mature Metal device, a few minutes with a hair dryer, and I'm good to go. CH can keep me locked up as long as she wants, though she's pretty generous about letting me out so she can play with her toys...

    m is correct about the CB devices being the best to start out with. They are less costly and also can give you a good basis for getting the sizing of your custom metal device right from the word go.

    If I were to get another custom metal device, the only thing I would do differently is size the cage to be smaller, in both length and diameter. My JB is quite short, but could be shorter and tighter. The feeling of confinement is great.

  3. Thanks m and Harry, I hope others will comment as well for the benefit of others looking for a chastity device. I know when I was looking, the comments and opinions of others were very helpful.

  4. Thought I'd throw my 2 cents in. I remember the post by "pansy tart" but I don't necessarily agree with all of it. After two MM devices, this is my take on it.

    Base Ring : There will be two size base rings that will work for you. The one you most likely start out with, then the next small one that you migrate to when the original one gets too loose. You can't go any larger because it will tend to fall off at the top. Too small will restrict blood flow to the scrotum.

    Cage Diameter: The most critical measurement but not for the reasons you think. The correct distance between the bottom of the cage and the bottom of the base ring is what holds the device snugly in place. That's why a larger cage diameter can often result in a better fitting device. Smaller can result in a looser fit. It's really a crap shoot to get it right because there is no real way to measure this and it often takes more than one device purchase to get it right. Unfortunately, adjustments can't be made to the cage diameter and once you find the correct base ring for you, cage diameter is the only change remaining. You can change the gap, but I'm not sure that makes much difference in snugness or comfort.

    As a disclaimer, this is simply my opinion based on my wearing experience. It certain won't apply to everyone. As they say, result may vary.

  5. After playing with the CB-6000 we've ordered the Jailbird, and in terms of comfort it is a huge difference. I have just sent my Jailbird back for fitting my second, one size smaller base ring, as the current ring feels a little slack. This one will be the double base ring, because I suspect that it will suit me very well. I think all the measuring and experimenting is just part of the game.

    The CB-6000 is a good entry-level model. Cheap and good to experiment with. The Jailbird is jewellery, it just looks so nice and… real.

    1. Wishful4 and DutchAnon,
      Thanks for the comments and opinions. I find the findings of each of you as well as the comments of those above to be helpful. There is a definite theme of how others feel about the 6000 and the Jailbird. Neither is wrong but it appears that the view of the 6000 is for introductory use where as the steel cage is more permanent and more comfortable as well.

      Thanks again for taking the time to voice your thoughts.