Monday, April 15, 2013

Just another Day in Our Life

My cell phone died on me today so we went to the store that carried our phones to see if they could do anything to get it back up and running. They couldn’t. While Katie and I chatted with the woman who was taking care of us, she noticed the necklace I had given her when we married.
“I love your necklace. It looks handmade.”
“It is. He gave it to me when we got married?”
“I’m impressed,” said the woman to me.
I thanked her and she told me that now I have expectations that I’ll need to uphold and even surpass from now on.
I laughed and told her, “I’ve had expectations to uphold with Katie, ever since we met.”
She and Katie laughed and seemed to share a knowing glance with one another. We talked for a few more minutes and she conceded that the phone was under warrantee but it appeared to have some corrosion at the contact points where the charger connected. She feared that the repair people would conclude there was water damage and charge me some exorbitant price for the phone. She suggested I just get a new one.
We thanked her for her advice and left without a phone. We were pinched for time and went to Chic Filet for lunch. I told Katie I knew what she wanted; she repeated what I already knew and told me to charge it on the Discover Card since they were offering rebates on restaurants this month. She headed off to wash her hands and get a table while I waited in the noon-rush line for our meal. Over lunch we talked about the phone and Katie decided to shop for one for me later in the day when she was near a store where she has a membership and could get a better deal.
After lunch, I headed off to work and she to run her errands before going to work herself. She negotiated a deal for another phone which I now have and works wonderfully. So, now I have a new phone. We started the process together but Katie finished it. The transaction and decision making was both mutual yet finalized with her approval.
As an aside, we were talking on the phone yesterday while I drove home from work and she told me, “I got two new tires for my car.”
“Oh, “ I said a bit surprised that she had done that, but also knowing that a few weeks ago I had told her that the rubber on the back tires were getting really thin, so much so that I could see white ‘material’starting to show.
“I stopped by the tire store and they gave me a good price so I had them put new tires on.”
I smiled to myself as she told me what she went ahead and had done. I love that she feels so free to just do as she wants. I know she is on top of our finances and keeps track of what we spend so I have no worries about us overspending. Personally, I love the freedom of know that although I don’t have money to spend that all of her money is being spent wisely. It is a very freeing feeling. I have no issues with having my funds go to her account without first coming to me. I have no issues with only getting an allowance to manage twice monthly. Katie takes care of me. She takes care of us. She seeks my opinion, yet acts independently of me most of the time. Whenever she orders something online, or makes a purchase as she did with the tires or a refurbished cell phone for me, I do not question her. I told her that I would embrace her decisions and embrace them I will. It makes no sense for me to question her as that is not my role as her submissive husband. If she wants my opinion, I will give it to her but if she doesn’t I keep those thoughts to myself. For me, and for us, I think that has worked quite well in making her feel supported and loved.


  1. I always enjoy your blog so similar to our relationship. My wife also gives me an allowance big weekly and manages all our money. We did get a little refund from the IRS and she will decide how it will be spent. She also has made changes in our retirement account which has done well thanks to her decisions. I feel very comfortable with our arrangement as she does too.It has brought us much closer together and could never go back to to the traditional 50/50 type relationship. Always enjoy your post hope to hear from you soon.

  2. Thanks for your words of encouragement. I wish that folk like your wife and you lived nearby as I'm sure we'd enjoy one anothers' company. Your words are encouraging and just the fact that you took a few minutes to write your thoughts do not go unappreciated. Stop back again!