Thursday, April 18, 2013

She's Got it Made

I love knowing that others see our relationship as not being the typical husband/wife bond.  Times when others reveal their feelings of what they see going on with us are not often spoken but when they are, it brings a smile to my face.  Here is one such example:
A few days ago Katie went out with a few of her girlfriends to celebrate one of their birthdays.  They were out for a few hours and arrived home around after having dinner and socializing.  I asked Katie how her evening went and she shared some of the highlights of her conversations and topics of discussion.  One such comment made us both smile and made Katie in particular smile with a sense of pride and satisfaction.
One of the women she met up with was one she hadn’t seen since before the holidays. During the course of their conversation Leslie asked, “Katie, now that you’ve been married, are you spending more time in the kitchen cooking?”
“No,” she replied, “but He is.” She said with a smile.
Immediately Katie’s best friend chimed in, “Yea Leslie, He cooks for her and gives her massages." Then she added, "She’s got it made.”
 It is my hope that Katie feels that she indeed has it made.  I hope she feels like she has me firmly under her control and in her grasp. I hope that she knows that I will obey her without question when it comes to serving and pleasing. I hope that she is willing to test my obedience to ensure that it has not slackened in its intensity to obey as I promised I would do “until death do us part.”
I’m Hers


  1. What a nice story .It's always great for others to see how wonderful a Wife led Relationship can be. Thanks for sharing . My wife isn't afraid to let others know about our WLR .She took me shopping the other day for our future daughters wedding present. A young girl greeted us at the entrance and ask my wife if she needed s cart. She looked at me and said no that's what he's for. We all smiled and it made me feel great that she would show people that she is in control of the relationship. There is a feeling a security knowing my wife is in control.

    1. Anonymous, your comment made me smile. I read it to Katie and she giggled - I'm sure, knowing exactly how your wife felt when she made that comment.

      Indeed it is a wonderful feeling to be led. I love it as I know you do as well. Thanks so much for sharing YOUR story as well.