Wednesday, May 29, 2013

A Visit From the Kids

My children are on their way back home having visited Katie and I for the first time at our home since we married. They’ve met her previously but did so on ‘their turf’ when we traveled to see them several months ago.  We had a great visit and when they left I cried.  It’s hard to have them go and my love for them runs deep.
Prior to their arrival I asked Katie if I was to be locked and of course her answer was ‘yes’ for the duration of their stay. Nothing changed with respect to my life in chastity. The other question I asked was if I’d still do all I normally do as her submissive. Once more the answer was what I expected, ‘yes-’.  And so it was. I cooked, served, cleaned, and waited on them as I do with Katie. I wondered if they would notice and I’m certain they did. I did all the cooking and cleaning, and on one day I took a nice walk with my daughter where we had a lengthy talk about a myriad of topics.
Earlier in the day we passed a house being built that Katie is interested in walking through, once it’s built and her friend moves in. I asked Katie if she wanted to take a look inside since it was the weekend and there were no construction workers there to intrude upon.  She told me no and so we went on home.  My daughter listened to that conversation from the back seat of the car.
On our walk, our conversation moved to Katie and I. She asked if I was happy. She asked if she felt Katie and I are a good match. I told her about our many similarities and interests in life and conveyed as best I could that I and she were completely content, happy and in love as a couple.  Having been a child that has had to work through seeing her mom and dad part ways and then grapple with me falling in love with another woman, I was glad that she could both ask those questions and I could talk freely about my life as it stands now.
I talked, not about my submission to her but I did tell her that one of the chores that Katie wished not to do was working in the Kitchen. I shared my story of being a single dad and having had to cook for myself during those single years. Having had to do all of life’s’ chores I told Katie that I would be happy to cook for her.  My daughter didn’t pursue that thought further other than ask if I liked to cook.  I told her I did but wished I had more time with my job schedule to cook and not arrive home late on so many evenings. 
She changed the subject stating, “I think it’s good that Katie tells you ‘no’.”  Her comment surprised me and I asked what she meant.  She referred back to our drive past the house under construction.  She told me that she thought it was good that Katie felt free to express her opinion and not do things she had no interest in doing.  I smiled inside when she said that as I knew she was observing not just the big things but also the little things as to how we relate and interact.  She went on to tell me that she wished her brothers’ fiancée would be more free to tell him ‘no’ as well. I asked, “Are you wishing that she would be in charge?”
“No, I just wish she’d feel free to express herself as much as my brother speaks his mind.”
From there we went on to other topics not germane to femdom and I didn’t try to weave the discussion back to that topic.  I wanted to talk to her more about what was on her mind than to try and teach and explain our FLR further. 
After they left, I commented to Katie how I wish I was a fly in that car so I could hear their conversation.  I don’t know if they talked about us but I do wonder.  I wonder as well if my son and his fiancée noticed our respective roles and had further discussion.
As Kathy mentioned in a recent post, I too wish that more women would explore the benefits to BOTH partners by incorporating some form of a femdom (meaning the wife calls the shots) relationship.  I am so content serving her as is my Mistress Wife Katie.  Well I sat for a second to write this after preparing dinner and cleaning up. I have wash being done and a load of clothes that need folding and put away before I rest for the night – that is, if I won’t be told to give my wife a massage until she falls asleep.  Ladies, any takers to this life?
I'm Hers

Friday, May 24, 2013

Food for Thought

Kathy wrote a post on her Femdom 101 blog that caught my attention. I believe she was writing on the topic of religion and femdom.  What caught my interest were some of the comments she made about the role of a Mistress Wife.  I boiled her post down to the statements that were at the heart of her writing and shared them with Katie but changed each of her post statements into a question. Here is what I asked Katie:

1  Do you believe that a husband needs to be bossed around – meaning, that it’s perfectly fine to tell him what to do?

2  Do you believe that you are not superior to me but that you are above me in rank, that you are my Mistress, and that I am your sub?

3  Do you believe that you are my moral authority – meaning, that when issues of morality arise you determine what my moral value should be in each specific instance?

4  Do you believe you are the arbiter that determines right from wrong?

5  Do you believe that you should be the one that chooses if we go to church, where we go to church, and what my core religious beliefs should be?

6  Do you believe that your rule is law and must be obeyed without question?

7  Do you believe you have the right to choose to do whatever you wish, while I do not have that same right?

8  Do you believe that by serving you, I also serve God?

9  Do you believe  that to disobey you is to sin before God?

10  Do you believe that you are God’s earthly representative to me?

11  Do you believe that you have the duty, as well as the right, as my mistress wife, to have complete ownership of me?

12  Do you believe that society would be well served if more men learned proper obedience from the hand of a wife?

Katie, in classic Katie style, answered my questions directly. Most all were yes responses.  We discussed the comment of her being my moral authority. I gave her some examples, like if it would be OK to walk up and introduce myself to a woman I didn’t know if she wasn’t around, if it was ok to view blogs that contained porn, etc.  After discussing this she told me with no hesitancy that she is my moral compass and all such issues will ultimately be decided by her and must meet her standards.

Where she disagreed had to do with the latter part of question 5 and question 10.  Katie will decide where we worship but feels that one’s core religious beliefs is a personal decision.  She also doesn’t believe that she is God’s earthly representative to me.  To say she was would be to equate her as being appointed specifically by God to serve as his emissary.  I agreed with her.  Now, I understand that people enter and leave our lives and when they are a part of our life, they may have opportunities to tempt us, influence us, guide us, etc.  That may be a God-thing, but who are we to decide or know what God is thinking?

We did discuss the other religious based questions, numbers 8 and 9 above. The answer to those really goes back to my vow to Katie.  I promised to serve her. I made that promise before her and before God (in my mind).  I promised to love Katie and I promised to love her BY submitting to her authority.  In the vow I pledged specifically how I would live that promise out by giving myself entirely to her – my time, my earnings, my effort, my love, my body.  For me to break my vow of service would be to not love her as I promised and that is sin.  To disobey her is a sin in the same way.  It’s not that Katie is a spiritual extension of God, but she is one who I made promises to and to break those promises is to do a wrong.  Wrongs, at least in my mind, is to sin.

Not to make this post heavy in theology, but there is a fantastic verse in the book of James.  It’s the last one in Chapter 4 and says this (paraphrased): if you know what the right thing to do is and you don’t do it, you have sinned.  I love that verse because it personalizes life to where each person is.  For me, that verse means that if I ever refuse to submit to Katie; if I ever disobey her; if I ever hold a grudge against her because of what she has told me to do or not do, I’ve done wrong before God and therefore sinned.

It’s an interesting topic for any couple to discuss, regardless of religious views. One doesn’t need to believe in God to ask oneself, if I believe X and don’t do X, is that wrong?  Food for thought.

I’m Hers

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

New York Anyone?

Brooklyn New York is known for many things,
the Brookyn Bridge
the Brooklyn Dodgers
The Brooklyn Nets (I think they are on vacation now tho)
Cooney Island
Nathan's 4th of July hot dog eating contest
great Bagels
a diverse ethnic population
Lots of culture
incredible pizza
The birthplace of Vince Lombardi, Mike (let me eat your ear) Tyson, Michael Jordon and Joe Torre
and now..... well, I'll let you take a look.

Any of you readers heading up there now that you 'know'?  I couldn't resist.

Have a wonderful weekend!

I'm Hers

Friday, May 17, 2013


I am one that is a proponent of texting and emails.  I like it for various reasons although it has it’s disadvantages as well.  Sometimes a good conversation is best but not always.  For example, I wrote my mother the other day to see if Katie and I could travel and visit my parents for a few days this summer.  I asked her via email because I wanted her to be able to think this through and not feel the pressure of responding spontaneously with me on the other end of the line. 
I will often do the same with Katie. She can read my ‘suggestion’ and then respond to me if and when she likes with regard to her decision. There is no hurry.  Once the text or email is sent, I’ve transferred power to the recipient.  I like that.  I don’t like it if I need an answer and often when at work, I avoid electronic communication for that very reason.  I don’t want to lose power. If I ask a question I want an answer. However, I don’t work that way when relating to my Domme, nor to my mother.
I also love texting and emailing Katie as I believe it is a great way to encourage her and reinforce who we both are relationally.  A simple, “I love my Domme”, or “You are the best Mistress Wife”, or, “Can I ask Miss Katie a question?” are all simple ways that remind her that she is the one in charge. Using those phrases – Domme, Mistress, sub, Miss Katie, Ma’am, have become commonplace in my language over the past few years.  I think Katie enjoys it. These are respectful ways of addressing her and acknowledging who she is. We are not equals and the use of these descriptive terms help to maintain that standard and to be perfectly frank, they just seem to be the proper wording to use many times when addressing her.
Texting can just be plain fun.  The other day we sent the following texts to one another while I was at work. As a preface, I posted recently about a Gillette razor TV add and sited an article that used the word ‘comely’.  That word caught Katie’s attention as one that she wasn’t sure of its meaning.  And so I texted a day or so later…..
Me: You are so very comely.
Katie” You are so cumfree.
Me: Its been 99 days. I just checked.
Katie: Wow HARD times.
Me: You thinking about doubling that HARD time number?
Katie You never know
Me: You leaning that way?
Katie: Yep.
Me: I miss u letting me cum the pushing me down to lick you. I miss that alot.
Katie It could happen when u least expect it. Im heading to the gym.
Me: OK its HARD times here my Domme especially since we started texting :)
Katie:   :)

Katie returned my lighthearted text on the word comely with her own version.  She also playfully reminded me of the constant erections that are now a part of my prolonged period of denial.  She also hinted of my immediate future – the possibility that I may be denied another three of four months still. In the end, she also changed the subject when she was through having fun and ended with the :) that I associate as meaning, ‘I’m busy and don’t want to write much anymore’.
I don’t know if you find electronic communication both fun and helpful as you interact with your significant other.  For us it works and I’m sure it will continue to work.  I have several texts permanently locked. I lock them because they are the ones I sometimes read again and again when we are apart.  They are the ones that Katie has sent in which she has expressed her real dominance.  I love those texts.  What is interesting is that Katie has many of my texts locked as well. They are the ones in which I have professed my desire to submit and remain submissive always.  What a coincidence.  They serve as markers. Time stamps. Reminders. Promises.
I’m Hers

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Life isn't always perfect.

I think it’s easy as a blog writer to write in such a way, regarding life as a submissive man, that life is all peachy and perfect. It’s not. I’m human. Katie is human. We both make mistakes. We are both still learning. Issues arise and often decisions need to be made quickly with little thought. Sometimes there is regret about those decisions.

This post is about life that isn’t perfect. Today I wrote Katie an email because I was away at work overnight and I sometimes think that giving others time to think and process thoughts is better than responding spontaneously. My email was in response to a question Katie asked me. It caught me off guard and I found the question as one that surprised me in the fact that she’d even have to ask it. Her question got me thinking and I decided to write her about it as well as about other thoughts that I’ve kept inside over the past few months.

My issues go back to the promises made when we married. I posted those vows and in those vows we made promises to both dominate and submit. I didn't believe that Katie was expressing her dominance as much as she should. She’s asked me things that I didn't feel like I should be deciding. She’s allowed me to do some things that I didn't think I should have been permitted to do. I think I crossed the line between obeying and disobeying without a consequence.

I expressed all this with the hope that when I arrived home we would talk about my concerns. You see, to me there is a difference between being a man that does ‘stuff’ around the home, (e.g. chores), and being a man that knows that he is dependent on the woman who is his Mistress. I feel that I am too equal to Katie. I feel loved, which I hope never changes; I feel as if I am her best friend, which I hope to forever remain; but I don’t feel dominated. I don’t fear her as much as I think I should – something that I believe a submissive man should feel. I don’t feel that she tells me to do things she wants done because I know that she hesitates if she feels I am tired or busy. I don’t feel like she does little things like getting inside my head and asking me direct questions regarding my use of time, where my thought life has been or whether or not I’ve done anything I now regret. I have never been checked up on. She’s never gone through my wallet, my computer, its internet history or my address book, although she does monitor my emails. I'm not saying I'm hiding anything - I'm not, but I don't feel her watchful eye as much as I believe I should . Knowing she is in complete control is an effective deterrent to me slipping and doing something I, and she, will later regret.

I may be asking too much but when certain things have happened in the recent weeks, I thought there would be words spoken to address these things and there wasn't. As a man that doesn’t enjoy conflict, I am glad on one hand that she didn't confront me, yet on the other, I know that if she is to keep me tightly in her grasp as one in absolute control, then I believe things need to change.


Two days later, we did talk. I feel better. I asked her specific questions that I needed to have her answer to put my mind at ease.  The end result brought out that she indeed does presume that she has complete ownership of me. She views me as her sub and not as one that is equal with her although she does love and respect me.

One of the issues we talked about were the times when she asked me to be a part of financial decisions. When she asked me on previous occasions I balked. I I didn’t want to be a part of that because I didn’t think it was my place since she receives all of our income into her account and pays all of our bills. She knows where we stand financially. I don’t. For that reason I hesitate to say ‘yes’ to spending money, or ‘no’, don’t spend your money on ‘that’.  Her response: “It’s no fun, and it’s even frustrating at times, to make those decisions on my own without your input. I’m asking because I want your input. If I don’t want to do what you suggest I won’t, but when I ask, I want to hear your thoughts.”

Looking back I think I erred by not expressing my hesitancy to speak my mind when she wanted my input and opinions. I now understand her and will comply in the future. We chatted about other issues and they were resolved as well. She put my mind at ease. I could feel her ‘quiet dominance’ and once again that dominance drew me to her.  I told her just how comforting it is to know she is in control of me. Although it doesn’t make sense, the more demanding she becomes, the more I feel her love and the more I desire to please her by my submission.  Now we just need to live life as it comes and see how we do. When those same frustrating issues come around again I hope to respond as she would like and trust her guidance. After all, I did pledge to embrace her decisions and step aside so she could lead us as a couple.

I’m Hers

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Conforming to a Woman’s Desire

 Listen to any love song. Most speak of a man's desire to please and be with that special woman.  Watch TV commercials. A woman's body is and has always been the lure to catch a man.  Watch too the hygiene commercials, the ones selling razors, aftershave, cologne.  They are filled with men conforming to the wants of a woman. Those commercials depict a clean shaven, freshly showered and nice smelling man.  That's what women want, according to the commercial, and that is what men do.  And to a large extent it is.

The other day I watched a Gillette commercial that advertized a body hair removal product.  An excerpt from an online article stated the following:

The new commercial is set at a poolside cocktail party, where contrasting preferences in men’s body hair are expressed by three comely women: the model Kate Upton (some chest hair, but never on the back), the actresses Hannah Simone (hairless stomachs to emphasize abs) and Genesis Rodriguez (no hair at all). The spot closes with footage of a man using the product, as a voice-over says, “The ProGlide Styler. Trim, shave and edge. The one tool you need to get the look she wants.”

The commercial is part of a broader campaign called “What women want.”  A print ad features Ms. Upton in a come-hither pose and the text, “How Does Kate Upton like Her Man’s Body Styled? Read her Mind.”  A thought bubble contains a QR code, and scanning it with a Smartphone opens a short video in which Ms. Upton is asked more questions, including “How important is it for a guy to groom ‘down there.’ ” (With a wink, she responds, “Very important.”)

I find the commercial as well as the underlying message significant.  Gillette will be spending mega-bucks to promote the concept of men conforming to women. The idea of this is 'what women want', is really the message they want to convey, and this as well as other commercials to come down the pike are written to convey that message. Gillette wants men to conform.  I wonder who is making that decision within that company?

As a man that has been told to shave 'down there' to conform to the wants of his wife, I am quite attune to media as well as personal conversations that speak to shaving one's genital region.  I do believe that a fair number of women prefer the shaved look. I'm not saying that women don't adore a natural look as well, but I do believe significantly more women are telling their partner to shave - "just because that's how I want you".

I was flicking channels and stumbled on a BBC TV show. I believe it was called Doc Martin, but I'm not certain.  In one scene a guy asks a girl out. They were standing outside. She asks him if he is a good kisser and his response was that he didn't know. She immediately put him against a nearby wall and began making out. She concluded he "wasn’t too bad" and decided to go out with him.

Its small indicators like the razor commercial, the BBC TV show and many other similar messages that depict women in roles far different than that of the traditional house wife, or dependent woman who needs her husband.  The question that I wonder is what came first, the chicken or the egg? Did women change as a whole, or has media decided that women need to verbalize and live out who they really are, and so promoted that image to promote what we are seeing worldwide?  Hopefully it was the former that happened, but regardless of the underlying engine of change, women have taken charge.  I know that the Katie I first met is quite different than the Katie I know now.  She's the same woman inside with respect to values, likes and opinions. The change occurred when I offered her my submission. As a result, she felt free to open her wings and take charge and now is much more confident and expressive of her thoughts, desires and views about life and men specifically.

Getting off track a bit, but to make a point of the change I’m witnessing, she told me the other day that while at work a husband of a female VP arrived to pick up his wife.  There were two boxes to be taken out.  The female VP had some items of her own already in hand. Her husband picked up one box, carried it out to the car and returned telling his wife, Katie, and another woman exec there that he's all about equal rights and wasn't going to carry the other box out.  His wife flew off the handle with words not printable here but he stood his ground.  She carried out the other box.  Katie told me the tale of this incident.  It caught her attention, probably in the same way that it caught yours. That man was out of line.  His wife let him know it.  However she did what he refused to do. I'm sure he embarrassed her. I'm sure there was a heated conversation in the car on the way home.

My comment to Katie: "I bet he's not going to get to enjoy sex for quite some time."
Katie's response: 'Probably not."

I'm Hers

Link of the three girls talking about body hair.
One more link.
PS. Tell me you aren’t intrigued by the power of these three women, if you are a male reading this post. Need I say more about the power and control they hold over you, based on your reaction to what they have to say?

Monday, May 6, 2013

Moron Drivers

Mr SH made a comment on my last post that he was from the south.  So am I. But I wasn't always a southerner. I grew up in the north, that is, north of the Mason-Dixon line.  When I moved south I noticed something.  People down here are friendlier. People who don't even know you wave 'hi' when you drive past them.  People take more time to talk. They aren't is as much of a hurry. Women at check-out counters will call you "dear" "sugar" "darlin' " "honey" or other similar affectionate terms of endearment, that if used up north would cause one not use to these words to look at  you as if you were a bit odd. Up north we say things like "hurry up", "get out of my way idiot", what the H*ll is taking him so long?" and other such kind expressions.

But there is one thing down here that drives me nuts. It's this! 
Do you see anything wrong with this picture?  I do.  It screams 'MORON'. And these people are all over the place down here. I don't know what the bleepity, bleep they teach kids in driver's ed class in southern schools but somewhere, the fact that the law states that the right lane is the traveling lane and the left lane is to be used for PASSING only got lost in the south.  I am so tempted to put a sign on the side window of the driver's side of my car that states "If I'm passing you and you can read this, YOU ARE A MORON."

And then, to top it off, not only do they drive in the left lane when no one is around, and not only do they refuse to pull over when a car, meaning me, appears behind them in their mirror, what they just love to do is to settle in next to a car that is on their right and drive the exact same speed and thus piss off every one that is behind them because now, no one can pass anybody!

If you are from the south, know that I'm not alone in my thinking. I typed in 'traveling lane passing lane' and did a google image search and found this post.  I could not have said it any better than this person from Michigan. It's a fantastic post and even if you are guilty of driving irresponsibly in the left lane, it should make you laugh.

If you are guilty of this, please do not travel north.  If you do, do so at your own peril.  Driving this way in Philly, NYC, Chicago, or other progressive upstanding northern metropolitan area will get you an earful of blowing horns, middle fingers, angry looks and possibly someone getting out of their car and walking up to your driver's window to give you a piece of their mind.  Should you decide to spend a month their, just know that when you return to your southern plantation and sip once more on sweet tea and walk slowly down the sidewalk amidst the oppressive summer heat and humidity, that when you decide to hit the road and have a choice of driving in the right or wrong lane, you will make the right choice. Being embarrassed by rude, calloused northerners will change you and in this instance, all of society will benefit.

Don't be this guy.  He's driving a sweet car, but he's a moron, nevertheless. 

Oh, this is a blog about submission, denial and chastity.  I did digress a bit. But to keep it true to it's theme..... I'm on day 95. I asked if I could orgasm when we made love last night but was told 'no'.  I have no clue when Katie will next permit me release. And she, drives in the right lane except to pass.

Not only that, we were out plant shopping yesterday and Katie backed the car up so I could load some items into the trunk.  The owner commented, "A woman that can back a vehicle up, now that is hot!"  Indeed she is.

I'm Hers

Saturday, May 4, 2013

Switching - when away from Home

This year I returned to teaching after taking a hiatus for a year.  Although it's a part-time job, it is  a job that I love, as I thrive in a classroom setting.  One of the classes I'm teaching is an upper-level course that students within the major are required to take.  With two weeks before the final I told the class that I would be giving them an optional quiz that they could take if they wanted. They didn't have to. It was completely up to them.  I did tempt them by telling them that if they did better on that quiz than any previous one, I'd replace a higher grade for a lower one.  I knew they'd all take it. 

Enter Becky.  Becky is one of those cute natural blondes that took me some time to figure out.  I wasn't sure for if she was arrogant and snotty and using her pretty face to get what she wanted, or if she was just a bit awkward in the way she asked questions in class.  She came across as one that acted entitled.  When I gave in-class assignments she wanted me to give her the answer and got a bit huffy when I redirected her question, with a question of my own - something I just love to do. I had my suspiscions about her but didn't want to judge her having never had her before and knowing I'd never see her again come the end of the semester.

When we reconvened a week later, the last class before finals, Becky and two other students had arrived before me. 

"I'm Hers," Becky spoke, not even saying hello or good morning, "What is our paper on, that's due next week?"

I told her the topic.

"I need you to write out a rubric for me so I can do my paper," she said as easy as licking ice cream from a cone. 

I couldn't believe what I just heard. Some twentish kid was telling me what I should be doing for her.

"No," I replied.

With arrogance oozing from her voice she blurted out, "Did you just tell me no?"

"No, I am not going to help you write you paper. It's a four page paper. Write an intro, write a summary, and pick three or four points to elaborate on in between and write a paper," I responded a bit more firmly.

Becky huffed and proceeded to tell me that she isn't good at writing papers. I wondered to myself, "and you are a college junior?" I wonder how she made it this far without knowing how to write a simple paper.

A few mintues later most of the students arrived., I noticed that a few seats were empty and decided to wait and lecture for an hour before giving the quiz, something that I hadn't done all semester.  I know that a simple quiz, even though all of them were only worth 5% of their final grade was enough to get them here on time and forced them to review their notes before class.  It amazes me how easy it is to manipulate even the brightest college mind to make them conform to my will.  Ahh, I love it!  But I digress.

At 9am I told them that we'd take a 15 minute break while I went to fetch the quizzes from the secretaries office. Before I left, I told them that the quiz would be on subject 'x'.  I told them partly because I wanted to see if they'd spend the next 15 minutes studying and partly because I wanted them to do well. 

A few days before class I graded their quiz from the previous week.  They didn't do as well as I wanted and so I decided to give them the exact same quiz once more. I wanted them to understand the content of that material and knew that if they saw this identical quiz again they'd  realize just how important that topic was and hopefully study it prior to their final exam.

As I handed out the quiz I commented, "This should look familiar to you."

When Becky previewed it, it did indeed.  "Is this the same quiz as last week?"

"It sure is," I said with a smile.

"This isn't fair! You never gave us last weeks quiz backso we could see how we did."

"Becky, it's very fair," I said looking directly at her, "In fact, it's incredibly fair. You don't have to take it if you don't want to. It's totally up to you."

An older woman sitting behind her chimed in, "Yes it is very fair."

Becky took her quiz. How she did isn't important.  What struck me was her attitude. No, she isn't a cute little blond that is just awkward with how she interacts with others.  She is a snot indeed and her attitude is going to get her absolutely nowhere in life.  She is going to turn others off. She's going to not gain the respect of her employer when she gets a job.  She isn't going to be the one that surrounds herself with quality friendships as anyone with the brains of a peanut will see through her cute little smile sooner or later.  I will never see this girl again.  If I have one regret it is not taking her aside to talk with her, but since I am only on campus once weekly I just don't see these kids with the frequency of a full-time faculty member and I've learned long ago to not respond to these situations without giving it some thought first.

Now, Becky might make a nice Domme some day.  She has the personality type for it.  She is expectent. She is self-seeking.  I just hope my son never meets up with her as she has a bit to be desired, at least after knowing her for the short time since we first met.

Although a sub to Katie, I refuse to be a sub to my students.  They need leadership. They need an adult that can challenge them in the classroom. They need a teacher that is both demanding yet fair.  They need people to talk to them about life issues and weave some of that wisdom into their class discussion, even if the class is a math or science class.  Kids need mentors. I'm a sub at home but I do find time to switch and do so with Katie's approval.

I'm Hers

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Women in my Part-time Life

Some bloggers like to boast how women are making their way into the work force in increasing numbers.  That may indeed be true. Now whether or not that is good or bad is for another topic. The assumption that more women in the workforce equates with 'good' is an assumption of  what good means but really that is up to each individual woman to decide as they may be increasing in numbers out of necessity rather than out of choice in this wonderful economy lead by our wonderful leader who is so budget conscious and bent on taxing our fledgling business community to death. But I digress.

I picked up a part-time job this year teaching at a local university.  Prior to the start of the semester my new boss (a young woman) sent me an email encouraging me to attend a department meeting.  There were 14 of us sitting around a table. Ten were women. Four were men.  I couldn't help but notice their positions as I sat listening to the conversation but also thinking to myself, "this will make a good blog post."  (I'm always thinking about possible blog posts :)  There was my boss, a young, intelligent and very attractive woman with a PhD, another who served as the Academic Dean, another who coordinated the experiential learning placements and oversight of the program, and seven other faculty members - all females.  The men included myself and another part-timer, a resource person (whatever that means) and another Dean. 

The conversation was great. We all got along. We all listened to one another's ideas and thoughts but the meeting was lead by my boss and the discussion followed her itinerary.  No, the men didn't say 'yes ma'am' or 'excuse me ma'am' we didn't prostrate ourselves before the women but it was quite evident that in this department, the representation of the female gender is strong and vibrant - and as an aside, I love working for this group of people.

I'm Hers