Wednesday, May 29, 2013

A Visit From the Kids

My children are on their way back home having visited Katie and I for the first time at our home since we married. They’ve met her previously but did so on ‘their turf’ when we traveled to see them several months ago.  We had a great visit and when they left I cried.  It’s hard to have them go and my love for them runs deep.
Prior to their arrival I asked Katie if I was to be locked and of course her answer was ‘yes’ for the duration of their stay. Nothing changed with respect to my life in chastity. The other question I asked was if I’d still do all I normally do as her submissive. Once more the answer was what I expected, ‘yes-’.  And so it was. I cooked, served, cleaned, and waited on them as I do with Katie. I wondered if they would notice and I’m certain they did. I did all the cooking and cleaning, and on one day I took a nice walk with my daughter where we had a lengthy talk about a myriad of topics.
Earlier in the day we passed a house being built that Katie is interested in walking through, once it’s built and her friend moves in. I asked Katie if she wanted to take a look inside since it was the weekend and there were no construction workers there to intrude upon.  She told me no and so we went on home.  My daughter listened to that conversation from the back seat of the car.
On our walk, our conversation moved to Katie and I. She asked if I was happy. She asked if she felt Katie and I are a good match. I told her about our many similarities and interests in life and conveyed as best I could that I and she were completely content, happy and in love as a couple.  Having been a child that has had to work through seeing her mom and dad part ways and then grapple with me falling in love with another woman, I was glad that she could both ask those questions and I could talk freely about my life as it stands now.
I talked, not about my submission to her but I did tell her that one of the chores that Katie wished not to do was working in the Kitchen. I shared my story of being a single dad and having had to cook for myself during those single years. Having had to do all of life’s’ chores I told Katie that I would be happy to cook for her.  My daughter didn’t pursue that thought further other than ask if I liked to cook.  I told her I did but wished I had more time with my job schedule to cook and not arrive home late on so many evenings. 
She changed the subject stating, “I think it’s good that Katie tells you ‘no’.”  Her comment surprised me and I asked what she meant.  She referred back to our drive past the house under construction.  She told me that she thought it was good that Katie felt free to express her opinion and not do things she had no interest in doing.  I smiled inside when she said that as I knew she was observing not just the big things but also the little things as to how we relate and interact.  She went on to tell me that she wished her brothers’ fiancée would be more free to tell him ‘no’ as well. I asked, “Are you wishing that she would be in charge?”
“No, I just wish she’d feel free to express herself as much as my brother speaks his mind.”
From there we went on to other topics not germane to femdom and I didn’t try to weave the discussion back to that topic.  I wanted to talk to her more about what was on her mind than to try and teach and explain our FLR further. 
After they left, I commented to Katie how I wish I was a fly in that car so I could hear their conversation.  I don’t know if they talked about us but I do wonder.  I wonder as well if my son and his fiancée noticed our respective roles and had further discussion.
As Kathy mentioned in a recent post, I too wish that more women would explore the benefits to BOTH partners by incorporating some form of a femdom (meaning the wife calls the shots) relationship.  I am so content serving her as is my Mistress Wife Katie.  Well I sat for a second to write this after preparing dinner and cleaning up. I have wash being done and a load of clothes that need folding and put away before I rest for the night – that is, if I won’t be told to give my wife a massage until she falls asleep.  Ladies, any takers to this life?
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  1. “I think it’s good that Katie tells you ‘no’.” What a lovely observation and a potential marker on a journey to being a (dominant) woman. I can understand how pleased that comment made you - I suspect you are even proud of your daughters awareness.

    And after your last post reflecting on the lack of feedback, may I say that I really appreciate that you posted on such a intimate issue; a refreshing reminder that our submission touches all and every aspect of our life. Thank you for being such an inspiration.

  2. MHD, Thanks for commenting. You know, your sentence referring to my daughter being on a potential journey to that of a (dominant) woman struck me. I have never thought of her as a dominant woman. Beautiful inside and out yes. One who is not needy for a guys love at this point in her life, but is quite picky and not quick to open her heart to just any guy... but a Domme? I never pictured her as that. Yet it is my desire that she find a man that will love, value, serve, and hold her dear to his heart and never stray from her. Yes, I hope that she finds a service-submissive more so than she becomes a strong Domme.

  3. Interesting post, wow.
    CD Sara