Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Conforming to a Woman’s Desire

 Listen to any love song. Most speak of a man's desire to please and be with that special woman.  Watch TV commercials. A woman's body is and has always been the lure to catch a man.  Watch too the hygiene commercials, the ones selling razors, aftershave, cologne.  They are filled with men conforming to the wants of a woman. Those commercials depict a clean shaven, freshly showered and nice smelling man.  That's what women want, according to the commercial, and that is what men do.  And to a large extent it is.

The other day I watched a Gillette commercial that advertized a body hair removal product.  An excerpt from an online article stated the following:

The new commercial is set at a poolside cocktail party, where contrasting preferences in men’s body hair are expressed by three comely women: the model Kate Upton (some chest hair, but never on the back), the actresses Hannah Simone (hairless stomachs to emphasize abs) and Genesis Rodriguez (no hair at all). The spot closes with footage of a man using the product, as a voice-over says, “The ProGlide Styler. Trim, shave and edge. The one tool you need to get the look she wants.”

The commercial is part of a broader campaign called “What women want.”  A print ad features Ms. Upton in a come-hither pose and the text, “How Does Kate Upton like Her Man’s Body Styled? Read her Mind.”  A thought bubble contains a QR code, and scanning it with a Smartphone opens a short video in which Ms. Upton is asked more questions, including “How important is it for a guy to groom ‘down there.’ ” (With a wink, she responds, “Very important.”)

I find the commercial as well as the underlying message significant.  Gillette will be spending mega-bucks to promote the concept of men conforming to women. The idea of this is 'what women want', is really the message they want to convey, and this as well as other commercials to come down the pike are written to convey that message. Gillette wants men to conform.  I wonder who is making that decision within that company?

As a man that has been told to shave 'down there' to conform to the wants of his wife, I am quite attune to media as well as personal conversations that speak to shaving one's genital region.  I do believe that a fair number of women prefer the shaved look. I'm not saying that women don't adore a natural look as well, but I do believe significantly more women are telling their partner to shave - "just because that's how I want you".

I was flicking channels and stumbled on a BBC TV show. I believe it was called Doc Martin, but I'm not certain.  In one scene a guy asks a girl out. They were standing outside. She asks him if he is a good kisser and his response was that he didn't know. She immediately put him against a nearby wall and began making out. She concluded he "wasn’t too bad" and decided to go out with him.

Its small indicators like the razor commercial, the BBC TV show and many other similar messages that depict women in roles far different than that of the traditional house wife, or dependent woman who needs her husband.  The question that I wonder is what came first, the chicken or the egg? Did women change as a whole, or has media decided that women need to verbalize and live out who they really are, and so promoted that image to promote what we are seeing worldwide?  Hopefully it was the former that happened, but regardless of the underlying engine of change, women have taken charge.  I know that the Katie I first met is quite different than the Katie I know now.  She's the same woman inside with respect to values, likes and opinions. The change occurred when I offered her my submission. As a result, she felt free to open her wings and take charge and now is much more confident and expressive of her thoughts, desires and views about life and men specifically.

Getting off track a bit, but to make a point of the change I’m witnessing, she told me the other day that while at work a husband of a female VP arrived to pick up his wife.  There were two boxes to be taken out.  The female VP had some items of her own already in hand. Her husband picked up one box, carried it out to the car and returned telling his wife, Katie, and another woman exec there that he's all about equal rights and wasn't going to carry the other box out.  His wife flew off the handle with words not printable here but he stood his ground.  She carried out the other box.  Katie told me the tale of this incident.  It caught her attention, probably in the same way that it caught yours. That man was out of line.  His wife let him know it.  However she did what he refused to do. I'm sure he embarrassed her. I'm sure there was a heated conversation in the car on the way home.

My comment to Katie: "I bet he's not going to get to enjoy sex for quite some time."
Katie's response: 'Probably not."

I'm Hers

Link of the three girls talking about body hair.
One more link.
PS. Tell me you aren’t intrigued by the power of these three women, if you are a male reading this post. Need I say more about the power and control they hold over you, based on your reaction to what they have to say?


  1. I do wonder though if this male grooming thing isn't just a little driven by 'the companies' (there ain't no profits in anyone sporting the natural look), I mean it's fair enough, women shave their legs etc etc because that's how 'we' want them so a bit of tit-for-tat is fair game. But really, if Brad Pitt had a hairy back would all the women in the room be running screaming? Perhaps a completely hairfree Ron Jeremy would be more to their liking, he's got a big cock after all...
    What I'm trying to say is that okay, so if asked (by a razor company no less!) these women are going to state that in an ideal world their 6ft 2", sculpted adonis would shave his entire body including his balls, but I very much doubt it's a major priority.
    I am pretty well trimmed, but I do have a bit of a hairy back.. my wife would far rather I lost weight than had my back waxed. That said if she was bothered I would wax it for her.

  2. RA,
    I do agree with most all that you are pointing out. However, would you not agree that we would not see commercials like this when you and I were both younger? I couldn't imagine a woman 30-40 years ago publicly stating she loves a man to shave 'down there'. I couldn't imagine three models sitting around telling all just how they prefer to have their man groomed. I don't know, maybe 'Love American Style', that program from the 70's may have touched on topics such as this, but they are much more common now than ever before. Thanks for stopping by and sharing.