Saturday, May 4, 2013

Switching - when away from Home

This year I returned to teaching after taking a hiatus for a year.  Although it's a part-time job, it is  a job that I love, as I thrive in a classroom setting.  One of the classes I'm teaching is an upper-level course that students within the major are required to take.  With two weeks before the final I told the class that I would be giving them an optional quiz that they could take if they wanted. They didn't have to. It was completely up to them.  I did tempt them by telling them that if they did better on that quiz than any previous one, I'd replace a higher grade for a lower one.  I knew they'd all take it. 

Enter Becky.  Becky is one of those cute natural blondes that took me some time to figure out.  I wasn't sure for if she was arrogant and snotty and using her pretty face to get what she wanted, or if she was just a bit awkward in the way she asked questions in class.  She came across as one that acted entitled.  When I gave in-class assignments she wanted me to give her the answer and got a bit huffy when I redirected her question, with a question of my own - something I just love to do. I had my suspiscions about her but didn't want to judge her having never had her before and knowing I'd never see her again come the end of the semester.

When we reconvened a week later, the last class before finals, Becky and two other students had arrived before me. 

"I'm Hers," Becky spoke, not even saying hello or good morning, "What is our paper on, that's due next week?"

I told her the topic.

"I need you to write out a rubric for me so I can do my paper," she said as easy as licking ice cream from a cone. 

I couldn't believe what I just heard. Some twentish kid was telling me what I should be doing for her.

"No," I replied.

With arrogance oozing from her voice she blurted out, "Did you just tell me no?"

"No, I am not going to help you write you paper. It's a four page paper. Write an intro, write a summary, and pick three or four points to elaborate on in between and write a paper," I responded a bit more firmly.

Becky huffed and proceeded to tell me that she isn't good at writing papers. I wondered to myself, "and you are a college junior?" I wonder how she made it this far without knowing how to write a simple paper.

A few mintues later most of the students arrived., I noticed that a few seats were empty and decided to wait and lecture for an hour before giving the quiz, something that I hadn't done all semester.  I know that a simple quiz, even though all of them were only worth 5% of their final grade was enough to get them here on time and forced them to review their notes before class.  It amazes me how easy it is to manipulate even the brightest college mind to make them conform to my will.  Ahh, I love it!  But I digress.

At 9am I told them that we'd take a 15 minute break while I went to fetch the quizzes from the secretaries office. Before I left, I told them that the quiz would be on subject 'x'.  I told them partly because I wanted to see if they'd spend the next 15 minutes studying and partly because I wanted them to do well. 

A few days before class I graded their quiz from the previous week.  They didn't do as well as I wanted and so I decided to give them the exact same quiz once more. I wanted them to understand the content of that material and knew that if they saw this identical quiz again they'd  realize just how important that topic was and hopefully study it prior to their final exam.

As I handed out the quiz I commented, "This should look familiar to you."

When Becky previewed it, it did indeed.  "Is this the same quiz as last week?"

"It sure is," I said with a smile.

"This isn't fair! You never gave us last weeks quiz backso we could see how we did."

"Becky, it's very fair," I said looking directly at her, "In fact, it's incredibly fair. You don't have to take it if you don't want to. It's totally up to you."

An older woman sitting behind her chimed in, "Yes it is very fair."

Becky took her quiz. How she did isn't important.  What struck me was her attitude. No, she isn't a cute little blond that is just awkward with how she interacts with others.  She is a snot indeed and her attitude is going to get her absolutely nowhere in life.  She is going to turn others off. She's going to not gain the respect of her employer when she gets a job.  She isn't going to be the one that surrounds herself with quality friendships as anyone with the brains of a peanut will see through her cute little smile sooner or later.  I will never see this girl again.  If I have one regret it is not taking her aside to talk with her, but since I am only on campus once weekly I just don't see these kids with the frequency of a full-time faculty member and I've learned long ago to not respond to these situations without giving it some thought first.

Now, Becky might make a nice Domme some day.  She has the personality type for it.  She is expectent. She is self-seeking.  I just hope my son never meets up with her as she has a bit to be desired, at least after knowing her for the short time since we first met.

Although a sub to Katie, I refuse to be a sub to my students.  They need leadership. They need an adult that can challenge them in the classroom. They need a teacher that is both demanding yet fair.  They need people to talk to them about life issues and weave some of that wisdom into their class discussion, even if the class is a math or science class.  Kids need mentors. I'm a sub at home but I do find time to switch and do so with Katie's approval.

I'm Hers


  1. Mr. IH,

    me too. However, I live south of the mason/dixon line. For me calling women "ma'am" does not elicit notice. I do it all the time now.

    I have to admit, in my hyper sexual state of prolonged enforced chastity, my imagination went way into the gutter concerning teaching a class with Becky in it.

    However, the better angles of my nature gave me a moment of clarity. You are of course right. FemDom in a relationship is fine. Bringing it into your work life is likely to lead to a devastating end.



  2. Yes, some comments and thoughts are best left unsaid, however, I do bring up the expectation that men should honor and respect women both in class and in life in general. It's pretty easy to bring up those kinds of topics as students often talk about dating, dates, boy/girlfriends, etc freely without concern for who is hearing. Makes for fun and interesting conversations. Thanks for stopping by.

  3. During the period of the twentieth century when Patriarchy was basically unchallenged, 1901-1966 sounds about rigt--Women were still charged with exercising authority over young males. Most elementary and good many high school teachers were Women who at least in theory were supposed to defer to their husbands at home but nevertheless exercised authority in school. It seems you are in a similar position. (S's slave)

  4. S's slave, I always enjoy hearing from you. Thanks for writing. I agree that I'm living two lives, so to speak, one in a position of authority at work, and the other in a position of dependence while at home. I love the dichotomy and enjoy home so much more than work. I actually have thoughts of retirement now that I'm getting up there in age. That will be awhile but at least the end is in sight.
    Take care.