Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Women in my Part-time Life

Some bloggers like to boast how women are making their way into the work force in increasing numbers.  That may indeed be true. Now whether or not that is good or bad is for another topic. The assumption that more women in the workforce equates with 'good' is an assumption of  what good means but really that is up to each individual woman to decide as they may be increasing in numbers out of necessity rather than out of choice in this wonderful economy lead by our wonderful leader who is so budget conscious and bent on taxing our fledgling business community to death. But I digress.

I picked up a part-time job this year teaching at a local university.  Prior to the start of the semester my new boss (a young woman) sent me an email encouraging me to attend a department meeting.  There were 14 of us sitting around a table. Ten were women. Four were men.  I couldn't help but notice their positions as I sat listening to the conversation but also thinking to myself, "this will make a good blog post."  (I'm always thinking about possible blog posts :)  There was my boss, a young, intelligent and very attractive woman with a PhD, another who served as the Academic Dean, another who coordinated the experiential learning placements and oversight of the program, and seven other faculty members - all females.  The men included myself and another part-timer, a resource person (whatever that means) and another Dean. 

The conversation was great. We all got along. We all listened to one another's ideas and thoughts but the meeting was lead by my boss and the discussion followed her itinerary.  No, the men didn't say 'yes ma'am' or 'excuse me ma'am' we didn't prostrate ourselves before the women but it was quite evident that in this department, the representation of the female gender is strong and vibrant - and as an aside, I love working for this group of people.

I'm Hers


  1. I think this is a great subject. My Doctor is female as well as my dentist .I have been with both of them for years. I feel much more comfortable with females in professional positions . Has always worked great for me and will continue to do so. RR

  2. RR,
    Though I am not a believer in the intellectual/maturational superiority of women, I personally believe that it's best for me to submit voluntarily to the wisdom and guidance of one woman my wife. I am also quite thankful that women are now getting their fair shake when it comes to jobs, respect, equal rights, etc and I hope this trend continues. There is something quite 'consoling', if that is the right word to use, when it comes to working in a company in which the boss is a woman. The woman that is my direct superior is younger, quite attractive, and very professional. I have enjoyed working with her and know that I am being treated fairly wiht respect to my role within her department, albiet a small one.

    Thanks for writing!

  3. "Good" & "Bad" are rather subjective terms.

    Regardless, it is just factual that women are advancing.

    In my humble subjective opinion, it is "Good".

    The good/bad can be debated. I do not think that it is happening can any more. There is just too much raw objective statistics to hang a hat on.