Thursday, June 6, 2013


The other day Katie was texting a close friend about something. The woman worked at a Veterinary Clinic, although their conversation was not related to animals.  The texting went back and forth for several hours, each texting every hour or two around their work and other responsibilities.  I was completely unaware of their conversation as I was away at work.

That evening we were lying in bed. The lights were out and we were snuggling and talking before going to sleep.  Katie was stroking my cock and fondling me, something she enjoys doing, not so much to excite me but because she just enjoys the feel of my body.  She had been fondling my balls when she broke the momentary silence asking, “I wonder if dog balls have wrinkles?”
At that very instant her cell rang. It was a text from her friend, responding once more to a question Katie had asked hours earlier. Katie read the text aloud, saying but one word,  “Yes
We both burst out laughing. It makes me giggle now, a week after the coincidental text from her ‘vet-friend’. I guess dog balls do have wrinkles after all.

I'm Hers

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