Saturday, June 22, 2013

Free for Awhile Now

Katie and I left home almost three weeks ago. I of course was locked as I always am. We traveled to see my folks and while there Katie debated on letting me be free for a few days. It just so happened that I mentioned to my mom that I forgot toothpaste. The next morning there was a tube of toothpaste in my toiletry bag – the very bag where I put the Jailbird when not wearing it. I told Katie. She was horrified that she almost exposed her mother-in-law to our way of living. I too was relieved that Mom didn’t make that discovery for I am certain that she would have told Dad, who would have confronted me, and totally not understood anything that I would have said in response.
But be that as it may, we left to go camping, something we love to do. This time it was deep in the mountains of New England for a few days. The morning that we were to leave I asked Katie if she wanted me locked as she told me no. I raised my eyebrows in surprise but obeyed. That was June 6th and I have not worn the Jailbird since. At first it was nice, then I began to wonder, and now I can honestly say that I almost miss it and wish she’d have me locked.
Why? Because the symbolism of being locked is powerful for me. I think it is analogous to a slave not having a steel ring around his neck or ankle after being locked for so long. At first it’s nice, but after awhile, one misses feeling the power the steel possesses. I love Katie. I love living my life as her sub. I love feeling her dominance. I love hearing her tell me to lock. I love being told what to do. I love statements so much more than questions that allow me an ‘out’ to what she is requesting.
I am writing this feeling free as a bird, and yet I miss the imprisonment. Maybe someday soon I will be told once more, “Lock up my sub”.
Until then I will wait and live as she would want me to live – as one that is locked even if I am not.
I’m Hers 
PS. I wrote Katie to have her approve this post, something I always do. Her response was a follows:  
Post approved, but I told you to lock up when you asked after I left. Not while working just in case
someone bumps up against you, but other than that, yes.
So, I guess I'm back in the cage. And to be honest, I need it. Last night was a tempting night for me. I came quite close to doing what I would have later regret. I need to be locked. She needs to keep me locked.


  1. I, too, find it far too tempting on occasion, when I'm not locked up, so I rarely ask to be free. CH is always happy to let me out for short teases. That's one of the many things that make me want to be locked for her. The other biggie is when she tells me it makes her pussy wet when she thinks about my cock bieng locked in a stainless steel cage.

    1. Harry, knowing that locking is a turn on and that thought she verbalizes it is a definite motivator to comply with your dominant wifes' wishes. I love 'words' of dominance as well as visual teases and touches. I'm sure you do as well. Thanks for writing..... Maybe your wife will want to read and respond to the post I just uploaded. :(

  2. Hi IH,

    We are so much alike. After I have been locked for a while, I tend to be somewhat confused when I am allowed some free time for reasons other than teasing or lovemaking. I have never been very successful at the honor system for much more than a week or two tops after being granted an orgasm. Her MO tends to be to try and keep me locked at all times when we are home and to unlock me sometimes when we are going to be on the go. This generally works, but often she forgets to lock me up when we return home and I conveniently forget to remind her. Shortly after we started this lifestyle, I made the comment to her that I would probably be better if she kept me locked at all times except when she wanted to have some playtime. That is still my feeling today. Like you, I do need it and it serves to remind me to put her needs first. Usually when I am unlocked, I am mostly thinking of myself and how much I want to self-pleasure. I am going to talk to her today about sending my CD back to MM to have the gap reduced to tweak the fit and to work on a small rough spot. Wonder what she will say to that?

    1. Wishful 4, I too am locked most all the time (except for nights with her) When away it's a 24/7 expectation. That's what was so different from the 'usual' protocol. However, as I acknowledged in the post just put up, I should have done what she said and locked when she told me to do so. She said it so nonchalantly that I just blew it off. Big mistake. I may be instore for a big punishment when I do get home next week.

  3. GF here.

    If your Mom discovered the Jailbird in your toiletry bag, you could say that it was a new toothpaste holder/squeezer that you just bought, but you didn't know how to use it yet.

    If your Mom knew what it was, then that's another story. Big time.


  4. GF, you crack me up!!!! thanks for making me laugh.