Saturday, July 20, 2013

New WLM Blog

I came across the following blog. I enjoyed the read. I like where these two are headed. Their priorities seem to be purposeful as they both desire to live with Ms Ellie at the helm. I thought others might find the reading interesting as well. Enjoy.

I'm Hers


  1. Thanks so much. I appreciate your reading!

    1. Hmmmmm....I'm a bit skeptical about that new blog. I'm Hers I'm an avid reader of your blog and have read every post. Your path is long and continues at a slow pace (as does my FLR marriage), as do almost all FLR marriages. I've also read every post of that new blog of Dan's and I have to say that I'm a bit skeptical of it for a few reasons.

      1) FLR relationships in general don't usually move along at that pace. 2) Very traditional marriages like Dan's certainly don't usually change that quickly.
      3) Dan's description of the night his wife told him she was going to control his cock (as well as many other situations he's described so far) is almost verbatim from Elise Sutton's book Female Domination: An exploration of the male desire for Loving Female Authority.

      Of course the blog could be completely legit, I have no way of knowing. My apologies to Dan if I'm wrong.

  2. Anonymous. Dan here...One of the things I wanted to do when writing a blog was to tell the truth. To be honest I started reading a bunch of blogs a few weeks ago as Ellie and I started down this path and one of the things I wondered about was, how much of what I was reading was true. No way to know, some of them just seem a bit far fetched. I really wanted to write something that looked at a FLM from a true / realistic perspective of a couple exploring their relationship. I have never read any books on FLM or female domination so I assure you any resemblance to any book is coincidental. As to the rate at which our transformation is occurring I can only say, I am amazed myself. I never even thought Ellie would go along with this let alone change the way she has in the past few weeks. I've been thinking about this for a long time, Ellie has not had that opportunity, so the fact that she's been willing to move at the pace we have is quite frankly astonishing to me. Amazingly I haven't even written about what's happened in the last few days which takes things even a step further.

  3. For Dan, Anonymous and of course I'm Hers.

    It's wonderful to hear that Dan's experience is 'for real'. I too have read almost all of I'm Hers postings and have a high regard for you. Having recently started down this route (with some welcome support from you) I experienced some early successes though not on a par with Dan's.

    Mistress Ivey posed the question a couple of days ago - how many of us would enter an FLR without 'kink'. Now it depends what we call 'kink' but I for one would (and have) - and it seems I'm Hers, that you have a 'kink' free FLR. You and I might like our wives to put us across their knee but it's not a 'condition' of the FLR. Even in a 'kink' free FLR it seems it can take a long time for our wives to come round to feeling comfortable with leading and with 'giving orders' - even for asking for what they want. Now some of that slowness might be to do with a belief that we're not serious , despite our protestations that we will never refuse a command. But I suspect most comes down to how girls are raised in our western societies (I am in the UK).

    Dan, it will be great to hear the latest. I hope that Ms Ellie continues to enjoy the changes in your relationship. All of us have to accept that our wives will move at their own pace, however frustrating that may be for us. I for one, can't help thinking that having a partner who cleans house, serves me well, does everything I require and treats me like his Queen, is a blessing to be cultivated - and if the price of 'cultivating his submission' is to be putting him across my knee and spanking him once a week - that 'kink' is a tiny price for such service.

  4. Dan, Glad I could give your story some publicity. Thanks to My Hearts desire and you chatting and getting any misconceptions cleared up. I look forward to reading more in the weeks ahead.

  5. I always enjoy this blog. It is amazing to me to see my wife's confidence grow since our FLR has begun. So it does not surprise me when I read about other relationships and how much they can change over time in a FLR.. I do not talk about sex when I make comments on here but I never would have dreamed how it has changed in the last two years .We both agree that a FLR has been the best decision for are marriage and would never go back the way is was before.. R R

  6. RR, Love it!!! Thanks for sharing. I think there are 1000's of us out there whose wives have recently discovered the joy of leading a marriage. My hope is tha there will be 1000's and ten's of 1000's more that make this change in the near future. To talk about sex is not a bad thing as sex is good. It's not a bad thing. It's a wonderful part of life. I hope you would feel free to share, but do so without feeling the need to do so with explicit details that are really only there to rev up the engine of readers and not to express the point you are trying to make. Thanks for sharing.

  7. Hello Gentlemen,

    Thanks for hosting this conversation, I'm Her's. My beautiful Mistress D and I have slowly developed a WLM over the last 8 months. I was motivated by the kink but as we get in deeper, it is all about the loving obedience and service to a woman who now takes my breath away. There is not a lot of kink, but we went from having sex once every four months to ten times per month and sometimes more! She does a lot teasing and fun mental and verbal domination of me, and we are having a blast. She proudly bought me a cookbook while out shopping with her sister last weekend, threw in an apron and said, "These are gifts for Scott!" That excites me as much as any bedroom games would. She knows she is loved by a man who will do anything for her, and do it joyfully. I give thanks to God for giving me a beautiful woman whose confidence is growing weekly. I appreciate the stories and advice by guys like Eric M and I'm Hers so that I can stay focused on pleasing my superior wife and advancing at HER pace.


  8. I read it. Dan's experience with washing the dishes in front of Ms. Ellie's Woman friends reminds me of what it is like for me to do the wash. S usually orders me to do the wash two or three times a week and we live in a complex with a communal laundry. It has become known to the Women of the complex that I serve S as a laundry slave. They will often comment when they see me in the laundry room and they have complimented S on how well trained I am. S has gained respect from these other Women because they see me as well trained.

  9. And indeed S has trained you well. Doing laundry is but one way of many that she has trained you from what you have shared periodically with me. What I love is the fact that other women have commented to S of that very fact. I'm sure you stand out as an atypical man in their eyes because of the way she has trained you to serve.

  10. WE actually live in a complex of beautiful Women. I try to be respectful to all of them, hold doors, elevators, etc. If they ask me what I am doing for the weekend I usually tell them "She hasn't told me yet."