Sunday, July 28, 2013

Soliciting Guest Female Writers

In response to the last post, "Women Wanted" one comment asked if I might host other women that have comments they'd like to share. I would love to do that!  Ladies, would you like to post one, two, or several posts periodically expressing your thoughts, concerns, apprehensions, etc?  If so, please email me and let's talk. As long as the content of your writing is more pragmatic and relationship oriented and not focused on kink, humiliation, degredation, etc my offer stands for you to write and post your thoughts for others to read, comment and contemplate.

To be honest, I'd prefer to have more vanilla women write because you make up the majority of women in society. I don't mind a lady that's been a dominant woman for years and years, but if you are even thinking about this but never taken that first step, the door is being held open for you to share. To have thoughts shared that express how uneasy you are about venturing into a FLR, or how uncertain you are of making chastity a part of your relationship, or if you are feeling guilty about having your husband or boyfriend do more while you do less, or if you'd like to share positive thoughts that you've experienced or desire that are/might be possible through a FLR , or if you just need to vent and express your frustrations, these and other topics are possible ones for you to write and share.

So ladies, if you have the interest in sharing, just write me an email. The address is on the upper right of this page.

I'm Hers


  1. This past week I was reviewing some of the Femdom 101 postings from a few year back. The post reminded me of a topic I wanted to explore on the blog, but never did.

    As women we will go out with one another to dinner, to bars, etc.; but there is always a very different feeling being with a man as opposed to girlfriends.

    A few years back John and I found ourselves late at night walking through a very dark, deserted part of the quarter. From almost out of no where we were approached by two young men.
    John took me my the hand and gave them a look that suggested we were people whom they should not foul around with. As the result of that look they passed us by.

    I have always thought of John as lover, as well as my protector. This is true even after he became my slave. At the time of the posting I was criticized by other women for needing a man as a protector.

    My answer is yes. Most women, even the ones who rule their men, like Katie, still tend to see their guy a protector? We want men who obey and serve, yet who are there for us when we need protection from the world?

    Am I wrong? I would love to hear from Katie as well as other women on this subject.

    Love, Kathy

  2. IH,

    I think it's wonderful that you are inviting women to contribute to your blog. It will only make a good blog even better. I thought your previous post "women wanted" was one of the best you have ever written. I want to respond to it, but want to take some time doing it. I have read and re-read it several times.

    Mistress Kathy, it's always nice to see you comment on this blog. I respect your reasons for taking your blog down, but I miss it so much. I hope we'll continue to hear from you and that you and your family are doing well.

  3. For Wishful

    Thank you sweetheart for the nice comment.

    The taking down of Femdom 101 was a matter of family privacy, yet in a way the blog had more or less ran it's natural course. One of my gripes with some of the blogs is the ever present idea that men are to be treated as children. In real femdom relationships nothing is further from the truth.
    First, it takes a mature man to truly understand his need for female authority. Second, it takes even more maturity for a man to live as the servant of a women. Living as a subservient husband is in no way kin to being a child without family responsibilities.

    For whatever reason some men have the gene that creates the desire to be servants of the women in their life. I have often expressed the opinion that this is the same gene that causes men to be protectors of women, and of those who are physically weaker. I am proud to be a mistress to my man.
    Yet, I am not too proud to admit that the need for a strong male protector when walking down a dark street. And yes, I see John as that protector. He is a real man. He is not some type of adolescent male of the type often described in the WYW blog.

    This is my thought for the day. As with I'm Hers, I would love to hear how other women respond to this comment.

    Love, Kathy

  4. Kathy,

    We are just a few months in from establishing our FLR and still 'feeling the way'. It has been a challenge to impress on my wife that I don't want to be treated as some 'inferior' creature as most 'fem-dom blogs seem to view men, but simply to serve her and accept her leadership. Like your John, I am strong and mature; I willingly choose to serve and to obey and yes, to protect and defend my wife.

    I don't imagine she will ever 'self-identify' as my Mistress or describe me as 'her slave' - so I am a little jealous of John :-)

    I really enjoyed your blog and together with I'm Hers' it helped to educate us.

    I hope more women will answer I'm Hers invitation. Everything that helps 'normalise'female led relationships has to be good.

    With heartfelt thanks


  5. Kathy and I'm Her's,

    Thank you so much for posting about the non-kink elements of a Female Led Relationship. I feel comfortable presenting this blog to my wife this weekend now in order to help deepen our relationship. I love her dearly; and adore the strong, confident and beautiful feminine leader she is becoming. Being her protector, advisor, housekeeper and obedient, supportive husband are roles that I cherish.

    Ladies, please keep dropping in and posting so that we men can stay on course!


    1. HSScott, I would hope that the tone of this blog is 'female friendly' and that she would feel comfortable reading the posts here. It's not that sex and intimacy is not mentioned because that is a part of our relationship but hopefully my mention of that most precious part of us is done tastefully.