Sunday, September 22, 2013

A Future Possibility?

Kathy made a comment about the value of a world in which chastity was the norm and it got me thinking.  I decided to 'play' a bit and wrote the following.  It's all in fun of course but it does appeal to me very much in many ways.  Enjoy.
Thirteen year old Jimmy Rogers felt the rhythmic click, click, click of the lock against the steel bars inside his underwear with each step he took. It was a tap so natural now that he didn’t even hear it anymore.  He arrived to the sight and sound of a hundred or more 12-14 year old classmates gathering outside in the school yard. Some were laughing with friends, others standing quietly, some wide awake, while others looked as if they had just dragged their sleepy body out of bed moments before. 
At the sound of the bell, the boys and girls attending Granite Middle School entered the front doors. Girls passed freely and quickly through the large double doors to the right while boys passed through a series of single doors – one at a time. Behind each door were seated two girls who scanned the video making sure that each boy entering was securely and properly attired. The monitors into which they stared were like those used at airport security to ensure each of their male counterparts were securely locked. Just minutes earlier, Ms. Stevenson, the school principal, made her daily walk to the end of the hallway where the male employees were gathered. There she performed a similar scan using only a ruler to check each man to note the presence of steel hidden beneath. 
Serving as Front Door Security Scanners was a privilege granted to six eighth-grade girls each week. They reveled in serving this role and when a new group of girls were announced each Friday afternoon, just before school let out for the weekend, one could see how pleased each was because of the obvious smile on their face. Although the scans did reveal a silhouette of a boys genitals, it was the hope in finding a boy trying to enter illegally that appealed to these young ladies.
So much had changed in recent years since the passage of Rachel’s Law, after the brutal beating and gang rape of Rachel Garzinzki. Rachel was the fifteenth in a series of well publicized rapes that had occurred over a two-week period in Washington DC. Congresswoman Celeste Smith made her mark in government with the passage of Rachel’s Law that made its way out of committee and through both the House and Senate because of the unanimous support of female congresswoman that backed the bill. The series rapes, culminating with the Garzinski tragedy mobilized women throughout the country and practically forced legislative changes to curb its frequency. Once the bill caught momentum nothing stopped it and when finally signed into law it forever changed post-pubescent male’s ability to repeat such horrific crimes. The law required all males to wear a chastity cage to ensure that tragedies like those experienced by Rachel and the thousands of others women that endured similar atrocities would never again occur. It was a bit of an over-reaction, but one, like many laws in society where the 99% had to pay the price for the 1% who made women their victims.
Steven Majors squirmed in his seat as he sat in his sixth grade math class. He was still getting use to the bulk between his legs - as were the other 14 boys listening to Ms. Williams introduce the concept of square roots.  It had been only six weeks since he and every other rising sixth grader attended the required ‘fitting’ as it was now referred. Fittings were paid in full as part of the Affordable Care Act adopted years before and required that all boys be fitted with a custom chastity appliance prior to entering the sixth grade. Any male could return at anytime to outpatient clinics for size adjustments as needed. Clinics were bombarded with activity during the initial year when fittings began and still remain quite active, but nothing to the degree of the nearly 70 million males that came and left an hour later with the steel harness forever attached to their genitals.
July 15, was a big day for twelve year old boys throughout the States and one that was celebrated by the feminine gender now for the past three years since fittings began. Since the Rachel Law took effect and chastity appliances became the mandatory, sexual assaults, rapes and other violent crimes against women had dropped precipitously. Rapes were down almost 78% and sexual assaults by 82%. Sexual harassment complaints continued to drop, job production among male employees rose, and the pornography industry reported a 12% decrease in earnings during each of the last three years. Even the divorce rate showed signs of decreasing.
Although there was a thriving black market industry evolving to maintain male freedom, that temptation was being strongly thwarted by a radical amendment recently added to the bill by
Congress requiring mandatory surgical removal of one testicle for all men found guilty of a sexual crime against women.  It didn't take long before the physical repercussions of continued offenders’ fate to reach the streets from Fifth Avenue to Harlem. It appeared, when looking at the statistical drop in violent crimes against women that men were much less likely to indulge themselves knowing they could forever be physically altered. One offense might be ok but to be convicted twice would result in them becoming a eunuch and apparently even those wanting to maul a woman weren’t willing to risk that outcome. Women everywhere rejoiced and those men holding positions in government that voiced opposition to either Rachel’s Law or the criminal amendment added later were specifically targeted by women seeking their seats in both political parties. Washington politics was indeed a dog-eat-dog world and women wanting powerful public seats realized the power they possessed by holding men accountable for voting to maintain the status quo at the expense of valuing the safety and respect of women everywhere.
The process of making sure men remained chaste took time but it was obvious to everyone that men had to venture out and become part of society. In that vein, it was decided the most efficient way to target males on a large scale was to monitor public establishments and have them serve as check-points.  Currently most public buildings were now equipped with sensing devices that detected the presence or absence of the required chastity device since all came equipped with a small computer chip. Men entering shopping malls, restaurants, food markets, banks, big box stores and all state and federal facilities were monitored. If a male entered unlawfully, the sensing devices alerted security officials who would detain them until they could be transported to local law enforcement facilities. Fines ranged anywhere from $500 to $5000 with imprisonment an option for those men of wealth that were repeated offenders.
Unexpectedly, Rachel’s Law succeeded in changing female behavior as well. Women everywhere began checking the males in their hold making sure that their husband, son or significant other abided by the law of the land.  Women were permitted to check any boy or man without embarrassment or risk of retaliation since checking only was done to see if a steel fence-like cage could be detected. No longer was such an action considered a sexual assault but the norm. In fact, magazines, TV, radio and street-side billboards by various feminist and conservative women's groups alike all advocated women to empower themselves and take charge.  It was not uncommon to find a couple sitting on a bench, or even at a religious gathering with the wife or girls’ hand 'caging' her man. Caging became the norm for women of all ages being at first performed by wives and mothers but more recently added as an educational component to high school community health courses required by all as a prerequisite to graduation.
When a boy or man was initially fitted, the lock that secured him came without a key, for none was needed at that time.  However any woman over the age of eighteen could claim a key for a male of her choosing. Keyholders, however were responsible for a male in their Hold. Keys allowed the Holder access which could be as frequent or sparse as she desired. But, any male found roaming free that had a Keyholder would result in legal ramifications, not for him, but for his Holder for failing to properly maintain her property.  Even mother’s were not permitted to own a key for her sons as a key in her hands served no purpose. The intent of Rachel's Law was in part, to train boys before the hormones of puberty took hold that their genital was to be used for procreation as well as the recreation of a woman should she decide to take ownership.  Although not uncommon for a college girl to possess more than one key, typically fewer keys were found among women of older age.
The passing of Rachel’s’ Law had indeed changed the personality of men with respect to the rights and privileges they now had with their own sexual freedom. Some men, and most all boys between the age of 12 -18 had never been unlocked since the law went into effect. The hope of Congresswoman Celeste Smith was that all boys would soon associate the age of twelve as a time when caging was the expected norm and be looked upon no differently than the normalcy of marriage, having children, and other such life events. Furthermore, she envisioned a society in which males came to view their genitals, not as a means for self-pleasure but rather as a way to please the Keyholder that would be responsible for them for as long as she chose. The world was indeed a place of change – at least in the United States of America.
Probably not to be continued…… 


  1. Great story! It's fun to imagine such.

  2. Thanks OH, I'm glad you enjoyed it. And it may not be a bad idea come to think of it :)

  3. IH,

    Great story. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Enjoyed the fantasy story very much. It really gives food for thought how wonderful reality could be with assistance from fantasy. MH

  5. I agree MH. Just one little device attached the the right place is all is needed. Pretty incredible when you come to think of it

  6. Great story, IH.

    I wonder if all the caged young men harbor a desire to passionately and lovingly serve a superior woman. Imagine what life would be like?


  7. HerSubScott,
    I think you should write that chapter. Personally I think some young men would forever harbor animosity but that's a story I'll let you write. ...... and you're welcome to post it here if you ever do write :)

  8. Thank you, IH. I will see what I can do, time permitting. I am blessed with a woman to romance, to serve and to obey.


  9. It is indeed a great story and I think it would truly produce a greater society -- especially if all punishment was inflicted by a woman.