I’m coming to the conclusion that most, if not all men need to be locked in chastity.  Before you pass judgment on that statement consider the following. Most, if not all crimes are committed by men. Most if not all molestations, rapes, and other sexual crimes are instigated by men rather than women. It’s not that women don’t do wrongs but they sure seem to do a whole lot less than their male counterparts.

The other day I heard of a high school teacher that resigned.  What I later learned was that this man typed out a text, called up a female student, showed the written (but not sent text) to her, waited for her reaction and then deleted it.  That act, led to him being confronted by his boss – the principal, and either resigning or being let go. 

What did he write? We will never know for certain but the female student told the principal that he offered her a good grade in return for sexual favors.  What blew me away was the fact that I once met this man. I met his wife. He is young (meaning in his 20’s). His wife is beautiful. I mean stunningly attractive.  Yet he wanted more. He wanted something that he should have never asked for, something he should have never even thought of considering. Yet he did. And now he is unemployed.

I wonder what goes through the mind of a man sometimes.  I think too that if he had been locked, he would have never even thought of asking what he did because it would have been impossible for her to pleasure him.  

If you have read blogs in the past, you know that my security is on the honor system.  I could unlock at any time simply by unscrewing a screw that keeps me secure.  After hearing the above story I realized I am not as secure as I’d like to be.  The incident at that school bothered me lots.  It really disturbed me.  I want Katie to know without a doubt that her man and her property (my genitals) will only be enjoyed by her.  I addressed this several days afterward, asking if she would prefer me to attach a numbered security tag that couldn’t be removed unless the lock chastity appliance was removed.  She didn’t deem it necessary but I told her that I wanted the walls and protective measures strong and secure around our relationship that I feel is exceptionally special.  It would be my privilege to have a security tag that she knows the number of and is only removed when she wants me to unlock for her enjoyment. Furthermore, I think society in general would benefit by all men keeping similarly locked.

I’m Hers