Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Gentle ler men vs. Feminization of men

An interesting comment was written on the previous post in which I suggested if we put all men into chastity, it would curb the sexual "misconduct" so common among the male population.  The comment suggested that in addition to a chastity appliance men should also be feminized. Feminized according to the commenter meant all men should also wear women's clothing and makeup (and I assume heels as well).

I disagree.  The issue with so many men abusing women, becoming sex addicts, etc is a problem with the mind and how they perceive their right to use them regardless of what the woman wants.  Now I do agree that putting a man into chastity changes a man's mind - somewhat, but only in a limited way. It doesn't really change who he is.  I am not so sure that putting a man into a skirt, hose, heels and make-up will somehow prevent a man from spending hours looking at porn on the web, feeling like he has the right to stare at a woman's ass or breasts as she passes him in the mall shopping or feeling like he can go squeeze any woman he wants in a crowded bar.  I also don't think cross dressing would curb his desire to commit violent crimes either. If a man feels that he has the right to treat a woman as a piece of meat, then he is more likely to reveal that attitude in his life.

Personally I think there is something special about the male spirit - that wild rough grizzled side.  That side of him can do so much good. That side of him  takes chances, pushes limits, is adventurous, stands his ground, sweats and toils, protects others, goes into combat in service to one's country, is aggressive and passionate in bed, etc. The issue with any personality trait is that when taken to an extreme it can create problems.

I wish I had an answer to curbing sexual misconduct but don't. I know that the previous post on universal chastity is simply a wish of mine and not one that I would ever fathom coming true - and maybe it's best if it doesn't. Somehow the penalty for crossing that societal line, when it comes to men disrespecting women, needs to be so harsh that even the impulsive ones are afraid to cross it.  For example what if the penalty was immediate penectomy and castration if proven guilty - no questions asked. You are found guilty, you leave the courtroom and enter a back office where a simple whack and chop is performed followed by cauterization after which you either pay a fine or head to the penetentary to serve your sentence. I don't know too many macho men that would be willing to assume that risk and I also doubt there are any victimized women that would have one ounce of sympathy for that type of consequence.  But if we simply slap wrists nothing will change.  The fear of a consequence is a powerful deterrent.  As I said, I don't have the solution to the problem but it seems quite evident our judicial system, at least in the US, doesn't have one either.

I'm Hers


  1. I like the idea of chastity for men. Some kind of thing that that prevents them from orgasm and that is controlled by women.

    But it in its self will not stop all assaults on women. One could even put GPS tracking on all men and that maybe a reality one day I suspect.

    Putting a men in womens clothing seems to devalue women. You know often times we get the idea that dressing a man as a woman is to make him weak or something and that implies women are weak. Weird. Now I think women look great in skirts and dresses. Sexy. Why not. Show off. be feminine. But to me that does not mean weak. Certainly does not give a man the right to force himself on her.

  2. Not sure how well putting men into chastity would work. As a sub I am given releases based on when my Mistress decides. But that means I still get them from time to time. How would chastity work with men who were single or at least not in a serious relationship? Who would hold the key?

    If we put men into chastity who are in a relationship where there is a woman to control his chastity then I believe you will miss a large portion of the population that causes many of these abuses.

    I know the idea was simply a wish but since it was brought up I figured I would give my two cents.

    I do think that chastity for men in a relationship would certainly help with those particular relationships but not for society as a whole.

  3. My wife has said very often what she would like added to the marriage ceremony. Right after the vows are exchanged, the couple should go into a private room where the new wife puts a chastity device on her new husband and locks it. The key is then worn around her neck throughout the reception. She says it would set the tone for what a marriage should be, with a wife in charge of everything including her husbands penis. Bad behavior, it stays on for an extra 2 weeks. Poor housework, maybe a month. She says that would stop most cheating and the horniness will add to the new husbands submissive behavior.

    1. All Hers, I think your wife is a wise woman. However, most young women probably have no idea that these devices exist and if they do, I would assume they would look at the use of them as a negative rather than a positive contributor to their marriage.

  4. If the women are already feminine, and then we proceed to feminize all the men, that's everybody. If everybody is feminine, then NOBODY is feminine, for the designation no longer makes a difference. Let's save femininity for those that are truly good at it- the women. And let's serve them in our masculinity.

    1. Antwerp,..... I like that thought!!! You know, there is truth to the saying that opposites attract - that food tastes better with spices on it - in other words that we like it when we see something different - everyone that lives in farm country wants to travel to the mountains, those that live inland want to go to the beach, those that live in the south want to go skiing up north, etc. I couldn't agree with you more.