Thursday, November 7, 2013

Making Love

There is nothing like it in all the world. Nothing. I mean absolutely nothing.  It doesn’t matter what position Katie desires to be, it is always fantastic. But why?  I am a ‘why guy’. I am always asking questions – mostly to myself. I want to know the reasons, the motives, and the rationale behind why things are done or why a person feels or acts as they do. I’m just a curious guy.  In the situation with me overstepping my bounds as I wrote in my last post I have asked myself the question many times, “what need is being filled by me going online to talk with others, whether they be men or women?”  Why do I desire that interaction?  I don’t have the answers to that yet but I am still mulling it around in my cerebral cortex in the hopes of finding an answer.  But I digress. I was discussing the good stuff – love making. Why are those few minutes so delicious?

 I do believe I have some answers to that question.  The act of two becoming one is the most intimate, the most tender and the most vulnerable of all expressions of love. When Katie tells me in one of many ways that she wants to be intimate, she expresses all of those attitudes. When she cuddles in close, presses or grinds her hips against the side of my leg, pulls me in close with more force and vigor, runs her hands over my body or squeezes my cock saying ‘Mmmm!" as she does; when she kisses me passionately while crawling on top of my body, or takes her top off revealing those voluptuous breasts. Yes, all of those actions convey her desire to take me. They communicate her appreciation, desire and love for me. It conveys her pleasure with the body she is with, but more importantly all of this attention conveys her desire, her love, of me the person inside the body so much more than enjoying my body alone.  She acknowledges the connection of two souls and the desire she expresses is simply and extension of that connection. As her sub, I find it incredibly sexy and seducing to have a woman become the aggressor. To be taken by her is incredible. To be told that she wants me is like nothing else. To have her come to me because she wants me; she desires me; she intends to enjoy me; she intends to use and tease and toy with my mind is mind-blowing.  Add on top of that the fact that she is drop-dead gorgeous makes her all the more intoxicating and powerful as my Domme. So before we have ever united she has already seduced me. I would – and do – anything she desires.  Her power; the power of that moment is so strong.

But, have you ever had sex with a person you could care less for?  Have you ever pushed yourself onto another and forced intimacy when there was no reciprocation on your partner? I have. Only once and it made for some of the worse sex I have ever had. Why? (ahh, the why question creeps once more to the forefront of the issue :).  Sex stinks in that situation because there is no melding of the minds with the body, with the act. To have great sex takes so much more than getting down and doing it the way it’s done on the big screen. It takes for two people to become one before they ever hop into bed. It takes two people to be in love. Only then, only after there is an established connection, an unbreakable bond, can love be fully and totally expressed via intercourse.

When Katie and I had our confrontation (see previous blog) we went to bed. We talked for quite some time in the dark of the room. I reassured her that I loved her and she said the same.  We held. We cuddled, but we did not make love. There was a wall of hurt invisibly barring our ability to ‘go there’. I had hurt Katie by my action. She loved me dearly. She wanted me cuddled tight behind her. She wanted to feel my hand against her breast and have me kiss the nape of her neck. She wanted to hear me breathe as I lay so close behind, but she was not open to deeper expressions of the love we shared.  If I had pushed a desire to make love with her it would have felt empty. I am so glad we just fell asleep in one another’s arms.  Uniting in love can only be shared when the minds have melded.  The woman I spoke with online was looking for that love. She so badly wants to experience that passionate connection with another man.  As we conversed I told her that the feelings she desires can never be fully met with a man that is not completely hers.  If they are not committed relationally, the times of love can be great, but the feelings afterward…… ?  I’ve been there and done that. It’s empty. One wants more. One knows that there should be more. And in the end those feelings o closeness, the fact of knowing deep within that one is loved unconditionally and with all of their faults, can never be fully experienced until there is a complete uniting of the minds through trust and commitment.  

I have never experienced the closeness I have with Katie with another woman. Part of that has to do with her desire to be with me – as a man, as two committed people, as her sub, but also as two that physically desire the other. It’s the total package that makes sex so meaningful and wonderful to experience. She really does complete me. When our naked bodies intertwine, when our lips meet, when she takes me within, it is the absolute best. And when it happens again and again and again, it is beyond compare.

Thank goodness she wants me out of my steel cage at night!!

I’m Hers.


  1. You do set the bar high for achievement, don't you! I can still hope my Gail and I may get to that level of consistency one day.
    Reading these blogs has allowed me see an angle of selflessness and dedication that I had not understood before. When we were married in the 70's, we both made the traditional vows to each other. They did work for us up to a point, but they did have their limitations, or possibly I just plain didn't understand them. Love, honor and serve. I don't really think one really gives oneself totally to those words until you have a broader understanding of what they mean. Allowing me to think of her first, to put her needs first are things I vowed to do, but they never seemed to quite happen.
    Intimacy is something I am working on now, but I do need to repair quite a few years of neglect. One thing that moves me again is the ability for us to be able look in each others eyes and feel what is inside of her thoughts. While embracing after one of her daily morning back massages I asked her who I belonged to and she said, "me". What a reward. Now "me" means a lot more than it used to.

    1. J, Earlier today I randomly opened several old posts and noticed all the spelling errors I failed to catch before posting. I must have opened this one and for whatever reason, I told the blog to post it as a current post. I have no idea when I actually wrote this - must have been at least a year or so ago.

      Anyway, I'm glad you enjoyed the 're-airing' of an older post.

  2. So often women have the feeling that by becoming a husband's mistress they will louse some of their femininity. They feel that in long run they will become less desirable to their husbands. They fear that the excess bagage that sometimes comes along with femdom will cause them to louse that feeling of intimacy. For me and John the femdom experience has resulted in a hightened awareness of each other's needs and feelings. Yes, when John and I look into each other eyes we know what the other person is thinking. It is intimate. It is romantic. Femdom is about love and caring. John is no less a man because he submits to my authority. The femdom experience has made me a stonger woman, but a woman still. A woman who loves her man no less.


  3. My wife and I both agree that the intimacy and the feelings we have for each other are greater now than before are FLR . We can openly talk about my submission to her and I feel that has a lot to do with how we express our feelings to each other.She is very comfortable talking about her role as the leader in our marriage as well as the head of our house hold. R R