Tuesday, December 31, 2013

A Perfect Day

Today couldn’t get much better. Our postponed trip to the beach finally came to be and began with lunch on the ocean after the noon rush came and went. To sit and watch the waves, the gulls, and enjoy fresh fish was a real treat. We made our way to the hotel, a place that Katie has frequented often and taken me to but once before. Our room overlooked the ocean, and from the deck outside we watched brown pelicans diving for fish and red throated loons floating everywhere. A bit further out from the breaking waves gulls flew overhead and a pod of buffleheads who summer in the arctic graced us with their appearance in the south.  Sitting on the small balcony sipping wine with the waves crashing in the background, the smell of salt water I couldn't imagine it getting any better?

But it did for while we were enjoying a glass of wine I was informed I’d be giving Katie a body massage later that evening.  Rika, in her book talks of men serving and then after having served their Mistress to say ‘thank you’.  I never understood why a man would want to say thank you after providing a service until sometime after I read the book.  An hour or so after massaging my wife to complete an utter relaxation in a warm bedroom with the sound of the ocean off in the distance, I couldn’t help but tell Katie, "thank you for letting me massage you".  Those words came so naturally and now quite frequently anymore when I serve her for it is indeed a treat to serve her in ways that both please and bring her joy.  After her massage we made love.  We made love the way she loves it most - long and slow and intimate – with me completely devoted to pleasing her. It was the best! Afterward we relaxed in bed, watched a little TV and slept soundly for many hours until morning

To add to my joy, I received an email from a friend. He informed me his Mistress wife got him an apron for Christmas. Another woman from California wrote and told me that she was about to assume control of a very masculine man – hopefully permanently. Last week Willow Fae, a woman I had some contact several months earlier via email, wrote letting me know she was once again going to take charge of her marriage.    Yesterday I read the blog from a Queen and her Knight. The take away point was that living in a 50/50 relationship wasn’t working and she needed to assume control – why? Because their marriage functioned better that way; he was a better father to his children when made to submit and their love life flourished when she assumed the role of Mistress.

One can only hope that even more women will see the value of assuming leadership. One can only hope that by reading blogs written by ordinary women such as you – blogs like such as Femdom 101, To be his Queen, a Queen and her Knight or Woman in Control,  that ordinary women can benefit so much personally, relationally, emotionally, and intimately by becoming their man’s Mistress. By the term mistress I mean – the one that holds the power and decision making for the family unit.  Ladies, Femdom works. It isn’t hard. It need not be kinky. It only needs you to assume your rightful role as head of your home. Men want and need your leadership. Men everywhere are coming to understand the benefits to submitting to a woman. There is security in that for him but there is security in that for you too for by assuming control you keep him close. You claim him as yours. You get to experience the very best of him. You protect him from his own vices. You get to enjoy the man you fell in love with the way you’ve always wanted. For him, there is more lure, more enticement when loved by ‘that’ kind of a woman than you could ever imagine.  What better New Year’s resolution than to consider taking charge of your man once and for all. Ladies, I do hope you will consider the possibilities.

I’m Hers


  1. Amen to new resolutions and new commitments to a submissive life. Have a safe and Happy New Year's eve.

  2. Thank you DP. I wish you and yours the same!

  3. Thank you sweetie for mentioning my name. Femdom is not for everyone, but for the few, it is truly a wonderful way of life. There is something very special about having a man who not only loves you, but lives to please you. It takes a very special man who is willing to give so much of him self to the lady in his life. An yes, these special men are treasurers. Kathy

    1. Kathy, you speak from experience - as one who is enjoying the effort and services of your husband John. I realize this life is not for all, but I think you and I would both agree that if women knew about this possibility just as much as they the common option more would choose this. There is not a doubt in my mind. Have a wonderful week.