Sunday, December 1, 2013

Together Time

Today when we woke, Katie told me what we would be doing for the day. She wanted to work in the yard and so we did.  It was a beautiful cool day here and a great day to work outside.  While I raked leaves into piles, Katie ran the push mower over them, mulching them into tiny pieces which we then bagged and I piled bag after bag on the various flower gardens - partly to protect some of the more tender plants that we hope will survive the winter, but mostly so they will rot down and fertilize the soil for next years growth.

We cleaned out the pond, picked up sticks, ran the mower dry before putting it up for the winter, put the Christmas tree up while we listened to Christmas music(while I did laundry) and got the lights and bows up on the outside porch. We got a lot done in a fairly short amount of time.  At one point in the afternoon Katie told me to fix her a late lunch which I did.  Later I happened to turn on the Auburn Alabama football game  while I worked and later we watched the second half together.  Now Katie is not a football fan but she will watch a game with me because she knows I enjoy it.  If you missed that game, you missed a good, no, a great game with a fantastic ending.

I kept thinking about our day together.  Just an ordinary day yet it was one that I loved. I loved it because we could work together. We helped one another and shared experiences. We did pretty much all that she wanted to and we had fun doing it because we were together.  Spending a long weekend together is a real treat.  We had planned on going to the beach for the weekend but ended up staying home because Katie was feeling tired. She felt bad for not going but I wanted her to understand that I didn't mind the sudden change of plans. Whether at the beach or at home, what I most wanted was to spend uninterrupted time with my best friend. And we did just that.

Tomorrow there has been talk that she's going to take me to a local sports bar/restaurant where I can watch my favorite NFL team game. It won't be televised here but will be on the NFL network at the sports bar. Katie has taken me there twice before just so I can watch my old 'home' team play.  I can't believe she's doing this but I'm not going to complain - and if we don't we may take a nice walk at a nearby lake to do some birding as the ducks have since migrated south and are on the lake. Whatever she chooses to do, I will enjoy it all the same as it's not about the game or the ducks but about time together. 

I hope you can take some time to just enjoy your better half as well.  Have a relaxing rest of the weekend.

I'm Hers


  1. What a lovely post. You illustrate how wonderful a femdom relationship you have; doing ordinary stuff with the one you love, the one who owns you.


    1. Thanks MHD. Hope you had a wonderful weekend with Yours.

  2. I get your NFL situation. My Mistress is from another city (Pittsburgh) and we have the NFL ticket at home so she can watch them every week. For me my team is the home team so I get to see them every week, sometimes that isn't such a good thing.

    1. SOS KK, I agree that it hasn't been the greatest of years for the Steelers. Like all teams, they seem to cycle from good to bad and back again. I"m sure your time in the spotlight will return once more. Thanks for taking the time to comment