A week or so ago, My Heart’s Desire made the suggestion that I should approach Katie and see if my last orgasm – which was back in early June –  could be my last.  He commented that he’s been denied all year and has gone through the withdrawal symptoms and now can embrace his submission fully and even stated that ‘there is something freeing about knowing there will be no more orgasms'.
So my question to both men and women alike is: Is this something that you have considered?

My response to him was that I don’t want to go there.  Denial without stimulation is not a place I ever want to experience. I love the feeling of arousal, of being inside her, of feeling her touch, of being close.  When that is combined with the fact that I am not to orgasm when she touches me or when we make love, the hormonal concoction is pretty powerful.  For me it builds my desire for Katie. Yes it leaves me wanting, but it never leaves me with the post orgasm blues that all men experience after ejaculation.  Rather it makes me desire her even more and it is that emotional tension that I love feeling.

There have been times when I’ve been denied and not touched. When I was dealing with my back issues was one such time. I don’t particularly enjoy not feeling a desire for Katie. I enjoy looking at her and thinking 'I want you’. 

Yes, I know the decision to have her is ultimately up to her but I sure do love feeling that way and I have no trouble asking. The worse she can say is no and often she says yes. There is no better place to be than where a ‘yes’ takes us.

But obviously My Heart’s Desire feels differently.  And maybe he is on to something. I don’t know because I’ve never experienced the freedom to which he refers. Is there freedom when a man knows that he will never use his penis again sexually? Is there freedom when a man is permanently locked? Is there freedom with men that have ED who cannot have an arousal and choose to remain impotent?

How do the rest of you feel about this?  I had a comment from a woman who is somewhat new to femdom that asked me about this so I know that My Heart's Desire's comment probably caused others to think about this as well. 

What say you?

I’m Hers