Saturday, January 4, 2014

Gifts from Katie

To My Husband with Love
In case you were wondering…..
I notice how hard you work to make things the best they can be.
I notice how much you give, never expecting anything in return.
I notice that you never forget to play or laugh or love or make me feel important…..
And in case you were wondering, I notice how incredible you are at being a husband and still finding time to be my friend.

The above words are from a card Katie got for me. Interesting how cards, cards from our local Target department store, can contain words that mean different things to different men.  I’m sure many a wife has purchased that card as a way to express their appreciation to their husband for the things he does around the home – all while they maintain a vanilla relationship (50/50 relationship). For me (and for Katie) that simple card meant quite a bit more than saying, ‘hey thanks for being a good guy’. It spoke to Katie, when she discovered it, because she wanted to find a card for her submissive husband. She found words that expressed that and did so in a way that reflected her – being a gentle domme.  When I opened and read that card, I smiled. Actually I laughed and gave her a big kiss for thinking of me in the way she did. I LOVE being her submissive husband. I LOVE that she is my Mistress. It fills me in ways I cannot completely describe.

For Christmas she had more surprises for me. Three pair of panties, a couple of kitchen ‘flippers’ – the kind use to flip a fried egg, and a pair of knee pads (nice ones a carpet layer would wear) so I can clean the tile floor in comfort (isn’t she thoughtful? :). 

I love her surprises. They make me happy. They fill me in some way with contentment. And of course, they serve as reminders – and will do so for many months to come – of who she is to me and who I am to her. We don’t live as equals and I would not want it any other way.

What did you get/give for Christmas that reminded you that the two of you aren’t equal? Love to hear from others.

I’m Hers


  1. My wife and I just purchased some property with a new house thanks to her we could buy. It heats with wood so my wife bought me a side by side Kawasaki mule. It great to take in the woods cut wood and bring back to the house. My wife handles all our finances so I didn't even ask her how much. She makes all final decisions on big purchases. But what a nice surprise it was. R R...

    1. RR, I'm sure it wasn't just a great surprise that expressed both her love and concern for you but doesnt' also give you an immense peace in knowing she is taking care of you? I love the security of knowing Katie is competently in control of our home. Thanks for sharing. PS... just checked out what a side by side Kawasaki mule was. Nice piece of equipment! A man could have some real fun with that in the woods!

    2. Yes there is great peace in knowing she is taking care of me. I told her just the other day that she is my security . It is hard to explain the feeling of love you get when you are submissive to your wife and the joy it brings to both of us. So nice to have a place to come and share our experiences with other couples.. RR

  2. One thing that I will never understand is why guys have such a thrill from wearing panties. In a way though if such a simple little purchase will make a man so happy-than why not. Kathy

    1. Kind of like why you don't understand why guys like football? LOL You know, the reason why I enjoy Katie setting out a pair of panties for me each morning is because it is a sign that she is taking part in making me do something that is not the norm - She doesn't put a collar around me like you do with John at times. She doesn't ever make me snap into a command position the way you have John. The only thing she does do outwardly is keep me locked but even that is not something she actually does - she tells me to lock and she will tell me to unlock. We don't use a key so it's not like she is actively locking or unlocking me. Setting panties out is a conscious act. I don't know if that makes sense but it really isnt' about the panties per se but about her being actively involved as my dominant wife. She tells me she is. She expects me to obey but there aren't many tangible acts she does that really makes a statement that 'I'm in charge so you will do this my way". Make sense?

    2. Now I understand. Like Kathy I not understood the attraction of wearing female panties and the fact that Katie selecting a pair for you to wear is a sign of her active domination makes sense.

      I think we all look for evidence of our partners active participation in the FLR. My Queen will collar me on occasions and have me bow to her when I leave the room. I've wondered about being kept locked and always understood that to be about chastity. What I am coming to appreciate is that being locked (for me at least) is more about a sign of her ownership (and her control) than anything else. So a custom device with a padlock is on order - I look forward to the reassuring click as she closes it. With luck the device may be here by Valentine's Day.


    3. This is a question that I placed on a different blog some time last fall. It still seems to have some relevance now.
      "Panties? I know most guys in any walk of life will find a myriad of curious things to do with a pair of female panties if left alone long enough. No question there. But women? Your wife put you in panties? I really am curious. Did she do this all on her own the first time? Did you subtly suggest it to her? Was this part of a plan of her own or something she read somewhere and the path to where you are now developed all on its own? I would love to hear your thoughts. That would be interesting. (PS - i am a happy and contented wlm participant)"
      Just a little bit of reading and paying attention over the last few months has really filled me in on some of the dynamics going on with all sorts of situations on this subject. Some I understand, some still just baffle me, not that it really matters to anyone else. At IH's post a while ago on this topic I was somewhat confused on what I thought, but now it all seems to make more sense. I can relate to that aspect. It is almost the same unspoken control statement as when my wife and I walk out to our truck to go somewhere; she either goes to the drivers or the passengers side; I go to where she is not. Nothing is said and it is subtle, but it is understood.
      Oh yes, Christmas? Free weights and a bench. She said it was great I lost all the weight, now it is time to tone up.

    4. I think I've written a bit on why Katie agreed to put me into panties. It is really more about another lay of security that keeps me away from others - due to the embarrassment that I'm sure I'd feel if others discovered I wore them just as I'd feel quite awkward should others know I am kept chaste.

      But primarily it is Katie's involvement that is most important. I think that for women like her where the whole feeling and being a dominant woman is not the most natural position to be in that actively partaking of both keeping me locked and keeping choosing my underwear for the day is but one way that consciously reinforces her as one that is 'making' me do something.

      Now she does ensure that I do other things like keep the house somewhat in order (she does some cleaning herself) but I share some of that responsibility. I cook, I clean, the kitchen is mine. But she is still of the mindset of wanting to be 'normally considerate' if that phrase makes sense. For example, she is quite tired today and I won't return from work til after 10 she feels guilty going to bed before I get home - even though she is the domme - the Mistress wife. For me that is an indication partly of her love for me but partly that she is still a vanilla girl inside as well.

      Hope that helps.

    5. Tony,
      We men need 'signs' of ownership. I believe it is good for us as we tend to be very visual creatures. As to your locking, I hope that you enjoy the custom device. Keep us all posted on how it goes with you. Thanks for sharing.

    6. IH, My apologies. I did not mean to press you for more by repasting an old question from somewhere else, but rather express that a lot of the questions I'd had have previously been answered by you and others who have been so helpful in explaining that aspect of their relationship, which now makes sense to me.
      The last two lines in the reply you just entered say a lot as well to me, which I think is an important part of the help you give to others by your blog; showing more ways that these relationships have a very loving, caring, side as well with some of the vanilla that is still there. I appreciate that because that is probably more where we are at. There are so many ways to enjoy a wlm.

  3. When it comes to driving my wife always drives . This was something that she had put into place long before our WLR.I have an excellent driving record but she likes being in control which is fine by me.As far as wearing panties I'm not sure if she will buy them for me. She has told me that she wants me to sit anytime I use the bathroom at our house so I mentioned the idea of underwear with no hole in the front. I'm not sure if she was to keen on the idea but she did buy me nylon mens underwear still had the hole in the front but who knows maybe next time. R R