Thursday, January 30, 2014

Single White Submissive Man seeks Dominant Woman

Ladies, here is an ad I'm posting as a favor to a submissive man for those of you who visit my blog:

A few months ago a man wrote me via the Imhersblog email that I posted to the right of the blog page.  From the time I read his first email I knew this man had his head on straight. He was sensible, intelligent, accomplished both professionally and athletically, very stable financially and generally a man that made me, the reader, feel at ease from the first email he sent.  During the past few months we corresponded discussing a number of topics.  At some point he spoke of his desire to find a Christian woman 'like Katie'. He spoke of the difficulty of finding such a woman even though he lives in a metropolitan area.  I suggested he try online avenues and even offered to post an ad on his behalf here on the blog.  He accepted the offer and wrote the ad below.
If you are interested in talking with him, write the imhersblog email and I will forward your email on to him. From then on I will be out of the equation.  Before I sign off, ladies, if you have not read the femdom101 blog comments from Kathy's post on 1/25/14 written by Sandra, I ask you to do so.  She stated so clearly the issue she has regarding the hang ups women have and their uncomfortableness in being part of a non-traditional 'female dominant' relationship and marriage.  Here is a genuinely fine man who is looking. He has much to offer. He's the kind of man I'd hope my daughters might bring home some day. 
If interested, email me and see what life might hold for you. Here is his ad:
Capable, Good Hearted Man Seeks Warm, Sensual, Somewhat Dominant Woman - 53 - Chicago, IL
It feels good to be at a place in life where I finally feel comfortable just being honest with myself about who I am and what I can offer in a relationship. I'm a capable, masculine and successful guy who has enjoyed many rich experiences in life.
I've been fortunate to have a few quality women in my life. But over time what I've learned is that I need to be with a woman who understands that I have a submissive side, and that this doesn't make me any less of a man. I'm now seeking a certain kind of special woman who is open minded and adventurous enough to be willing to explore my submissive side. If she does she will discover a man with a good heart and a genuine desire to serve her. Could this be you? If so, I would work hard in my service to you to make sure you remain the most cherished, secure and satisfied woman you know. My hope would be that in time you would come to relish the benefits of having a devoted submissive man, who would be your knight to the outside world and would lovingly serve you in private.  

I'm not into anything extreme but I would love things like tease & denial, orgasm control, CFNM, body massages, body worship, oral service and even chores. I would love it if you could genuinely enjoy and embrace being in control and allowing your man to serve you. This dynamic is very much a win-win with the right woman. You love being in control and being served...and I love submitting and serving. Perfectly complimentary desires!

I'm a SWM, successful in life, leader in my work and social circles, accomplished, good conversationalist, lots of love to give, athletic/fit and well rounded. For the right woman distance is not an issue.

Please be a SWF who is in tune with herself, open minded, preferably Christian, good values, independent, healthy lifestyle, somewhat fit, slender, non-smoker, firm, intelligent, sensual, attractive and clean (ddf). Early 30's to early 50's.
I'm looking forward to hearing from you!
Much thanks and appreciation to I'm Hers for his kind words on my behalf, and for being willing to post my ad here on his wonderful blog!


  1. Here's why he is NOT a great catch:

    "somewhat dominant" (he's scared, lol!)
    SWF (he won't even consider a non-white woman!?)
    Early 30s to early 50s (surprise, surprise: another man who wants a woman younger than himself)
    Christian (Jesus was a Jew so how about a Jewish lady. Who cares? This is 2014!?)
    Slender (again, he limits himself. His dream woman may not be the petite type and he'll miss out.)


  2. Oh, by the way: I happen to fit the profile he describes as his dream woman, but I am angry on behalf on the wonderful women out there who do NOT fit his dream woman profile.

    Dominant women do the picking. We do not APPLY for the job, we HIRE for the job. So please post ads by dominant women seeking sub men, not the other way around.

    1. Dominant woman, I'm all about helping you out. Just send me a email with your request and I"ll post a blog just for you.

      In defense of this man, and all men in general, you may choose whom you want, but for any relationship to work, it takes two to tango, so in a sense, he must choose to submit to you as well. I understand your point but no relationship works in the longterm if two people aren't enthralled with one another.

      My offer for you stands, if you'd like to accept it.

  3. Well, I'm a dominant woman, but I'm a woman first and foremost, I loved being pursued by my guy even though he is submissive. This submissive guy who's posting seems like quite a well spoken gentleman. It's a free country, he is entitled to his parameters and preferences, and his age range is not limited to a younger woman. Anonymous, I hate to say it but you sound like an angry woman. It's too bad because it may be you who's missing out.

  4. Great post, I'm Her's.  It sounds like the man is speaking to a general audience of women, including those who may not yet know they are dominant. I'm praying to God that the gentleman will find his Dominant partner.  That will be a joy, whether he finds a Mistress who has already discovered her power and authority or finds a woman who has not yet done so, but would perhaps thrive in her role of Queen. 

    It's a love letter to the woman he has not yet met. The way he describes the relationship and his desire to serve, love and obey sounds like a man trying to woo his Mistress and to serve her with passion.  Would that all of us men strive to be a devoted partner like that!  

    Thanks for helping the guy out, IH.  In addition to praying that the gentleman will find his dominant partner, I am keeping a lookout for a lady who might enjoy meeting him.  I'm just a couple hours away from Chicago.