We got snow at home last week - lots of it for this area of the country. So much so that my employer decided that there was too and told us employees to stay home. I love my boss!  I enjoyed the better part of a five-day weekend and it was fabulous.  What did Katie and I do? Almost nothing productive but we had the best time nevertheless. We made soup together, we shoveled the driveway together (more accurately, I shoveled the drive and she cleaned the snow off the car – but we were together most of the time – I just got the better workout). We watched the Olympics we slept in, we sorted through some of those ‘boxes’ that had been sitting for far too long that needed attending to and we got through a few of them.  We went out and celebrated a Valentine's dinner together. Katie referred to me twice as 'her sub' - once via email and the other when she signed the Valentine card she gave me. I was in Heaven! We went out with friends and enjoyed
listening to a guitarist for three hours while we socialized and enjoyed a beverage (I had coffee :).  Each night we cuddled and slept spooning one against the other. We made love.

Then came last night – Sunday evening.

After running our Sunday afternoon errands I sent Katie a ‘suggestion text’. It read something like this:
7:00 pm Dinner
8:00 pm Bubblebath with candles and music
9:00 pm massage
10:00 pm snuggle time

Katie liked the idea and we shut the TV off and went upstairs and enjoyed a wonderful evening together. I had the tub filled with warm water and lots of bubbles; had her robe and towel set out; had candles lit; had wine and wineglasses at hand near the tub; had the electric blanket turned on high so the bed would be comfi warm afterward and had the massage oil out and ready for when I’d need it later. I was all set.

We spent the better part of an hour in the tub, and talked. I felt so close to the woman sitting on the other side talking with me. We sipped our wine, reheated the tub once when the water cooled too much and simply enjoyed time together in the soft flicker of two lit candles.  Afterward we climbed in bed and snuggled for a few minutes and then I took to slathering Katie’s body with my favorite massage oil and treated her to a luxurious (yes, I’m pretty good at massage) time of touch. Afterward, we made love and Katie left to use the bathroom. For some reason I had a feeling she’d want more of me and lubricated myself. She climbed back in and she found me, brought me inside and enjoyed me for another few minutes. She turned over, I cuddled behind with my arms wrapped around her, kissed her back and neck a hundred times in thankfulness to the person she is and we drifted off to sleep.

It was the perfect end to a wonderful weekend.  What did I learn? I learned (again) that the making of a memorable weekend doesn’t necessarily depend on where one goes but absolutely depends on the company with whom one spends it with.  My company was the best and I came to end my time with her feeling as if she is worthy of my worship. She is that beautiful to me.