Friday, March 7, 2014

Failure to Launch

 As my body ages, things change. Things slow down. Muscles wither, power diminishes, age spots appear, wounds take longer to heal, and my hands, feet, ears, nose and prostate continue to grow.  Look at what you ‘youngins’ have to look forward to. 

I made a call to a nearby urologist several months ago because my flow was losing some of its ‘oomph’.  He prescribed Tamsolusin, a generic of Flomax that he promised would rectify the problem. It did.  As an aside he mentioned that I might experience something called retrograde ejaculations and explained that the drug causes the muscles that normally constrict during ejaculation to remain relax and allow semen to travel into the bladder rather than out the penis. He told me that should this occur, the orgasm feelings would still be there but just without the accompanying semen flow.

The next time I was permitted a release guess what happened? Nothing! Oh I felt the sensation associated with an orgasm but nothing came out.  It was so weird.  Most all of the associated feelings remained but I couldn’t feel the stream traveling outward as it has always done before.  I was so bummed.  It was as if I was losing part of my manhood.  “Geeze, this sucks,” I thought.  Katie thought nothing of it but quickly decided to refer to me as ‘Backfire’.  I’m so glad she can enjoy a moment of humor at my expense :).

That was several months ago

Last week we were watching the Oscar Award Ceremony and Matthew McConaughey won ‘Best Actor’ for his role in the movie, Dallas Buyers Club. Something at the time made me ask Katie if she had seen him play in the movie Failure to Launch.  She replied, “Is that about a guy that can’t ejaculate normally?”  She grabbed my groin as she spoke and I got the connection.  I just grinned with delight.

I’m Hers


  1. Back fire is good, how about some other ideas..."Dry Fire" "Shootin Blanks", "Toothless Snake" hmm maybe I will stop, having fun at your expense just might make a Friday even better. LOL.

    1. SOS, you keep thinking of all you can while your out freezing your butt, your tush, your a^&, your posterior, your bottom dollar, your..... while you shovel that white stuff and thinking of other nicknames for me to be known by. Me, I'm going to relax and look forward to a 60 degree day tomorrow :) Glad I could cheer you up a bit up there in the Vortex. LOL

      Have a wonderful weekend..... pool, darts, cards, snow angels, painting a room, quinzee (now there is a fun thing to make).... so much to do inside or out this time of the year in your neck of the woods.

    2. If I thought of nicknames for you the whole time I shoveled snow I could probably write a book of them.

      As far as indoor activities, how about a nice game of parcheesi to get us through until June when the snow finally leaves?

    3. Parcheesi it is. A much better choice than Risk or Monopoly where everyone hates the slow turturous outcome to having nothing left in which to play and hating the one that is getting it all.

  2. Haha how great! What a lovely sense of humor!

    I've found that my hubby, with age & post vasectomy, seems to "empty" very quickly! He used to be able to ejaculate something at least 3 or 4 times a day. Now I'm lucky if the second time has any output. But come the third time and it's an orgasm, like your experience, with nada!

    Thanks for sharing! :)

    1. Ms monkey in a cage..... you seem to enjoy our growing impotency with regard to remaining as virile as we once were. Age seems to have a way of playing jokes with us all as the years grow. I still don't like this ironic twist of fate but what am I to do. I've asked Katie if she'd take me off my meds for a week before she lets me orgasm again, just so I can return to the younger me way. Ah, I'm still vane. :)