One night each week is a 'girls night out' that Katie shares with two of her girlfriends. It is a relatively recent outing having started only a month or so ago.  As my work schedule would permit I would be getting home within a half hour of when the women met at a local restaurant. Katie asked me if I wanted to join them when I arrived. I told her that I'd love to but didn't' want to interrupt their 'girl' conversation by coming.  I suggested that I text her a few minutes before I got close to home with a text "HOME???" and let her respond by either a 'yes' or 'no'. As I neared the house I texted and waited. Within a minute a return text arrived. "Yes" was the response and so I turned for home rather for the establishment where Katie was with her friends.

Now I hadn't seen Katie for a day or so due to travel away from home so I really wanted to see her sooner rather than later but that was not to be.  I arrived, made a quick walk through of the home and did a few chores to make sure the house was tidied and that 'my' usual daily chores where done.  I then relaxed with a glass of wine and checked the blog and responded to a blog or two that I enjoy reading.

The instruction to wait for Katie is a small one. It's not a big deal in the scope of things and yet it is. It is an indication that my role is to obey her will rather than respond to my desire.  The fact that Katie is comfortable telling me honestly what she wishes is profound. I love that she can spend time with her friends and I love even more that she feels free to tell me what to do even if it means time apart.  It is this expression of her dominance - the fact that she can be free to do as she pleases - that drives me to want to please and serve her all the more.

Our evening ended in bed. She cuddled up to me for a bit then said, "I want a massage."  I obeyed and spread oil from knees to neck and massaged her until she fell asleep and for a long time after. It was as much a joy for me as it was for her. What better way to spend then end of my day than in obedience to her.

I'm Hers