Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Creeping out of the Dark Ages

Katie and I are taking the plunge. As of today we have lived our lives without the use of a smart phone.  We call one another all the time and text as well. We've lived for years with the 'dumb phones'. When we needed to access the web we simply found a laptop or desktop and did our business. Right now we are sitting side by side with laptops on each of our thighs. I'm writing a post and Katie is shopping for outdoor cushions for patio furniture.  But Katie's flip phone is being held together with electrical tape. I have no idea how old it is but it is older than our relationship so we're talking several years old. But the time has come and we are going to bite the financial bullet and upgrade.

Katie decided on an Iphone so an Iphone it is.  I was leaning toward an LG G2 but got the veto and will live with what I get.  In reality I have no idea what phone is better but will live with Katie's decision.  It was funny cause I'd tell Katie, "are you sure you want the iphone when the G2 camera is better and the screen of the G2 is larger?"

"Yep," was about all I'd get when I asked such questions.

I think she likes it cause her friends have the Iphone and cause it fits in her pocket easier than the larger screen phones.  To seal the deal she got a pink and green Otterbox protector so she's a happy camper. It will be Christmas in June for the two of us when they finally arrive.

So my question to all you techies is...... "can we use this hi tech device (that we got for free) to help our D/s lifestyle and do so in a way that is seamless with our lives?  I'd love to hear your thoughts as to how others use apps and smartphones within a femdom lifestyle.

All comments welcome.

I'm Hers


  1. You can install a cell phone tracker on your phone so that she can always see where you are, have access to all your call records and text messages and be able to do other fun things to your phone :)


  2. Congrats I'm Hers, what's next, Facebook, Twitter or dare I say an iPad? Just kidding, I like iPhones just because the work, had droids for a few years but after time it just had issues. iPhone just seems to work without problems. We really don't use the phone for any femdom related things except Mistress might send me a text with a order while she sits on the porch or in the back yard but you don't need a smart phone for that.

  3. There are a lot of different apps you can get for housekeeping, chores etc...My wife has me wake her in the morning so I use the alarm on my phone to make sure I'm reminded when to call. I'm sure once you get use to your phone you will be wondering how you ever managed with out it. R R

  4. SOS KK...... are you dreaming? An ipad..... now you've gone too far! I'm still trying to figure out this bit of technology. My favorite is 'talk to text'. I love it!

    Anonymous, I've looked into a phone tracker. Also realize she can just do 'facetime' and see if I am where I said I'm at. RR, we downloaded chorma but haven't given it a whirl yet. Still need to get the basics.

    As for me, yes alarm clocks, and using a calendar is quite helpful. The goal of course is to use it to make things easier and not harder for Katie and myself. Otherwise having technology for the sake of having it won't do us any good. Thanks guys!

  5. I felt pretty much the same way you did I'm Hers when I got my new Iphone. The sales girl, I say girl because she couldn't have been more then 20-21 if that, she actually laughed as I showed her the old antique phone I had--kids. :-) They have grown up with technology so it comes so easily. But I love mine now that I'm getting used to all the fun things it can do. The gps has saved my butt more then a few times. I never had one in my car, so it has been great when I'm in a new city. Just this weekend, the Starbucks app took us to a nearby store when my wife needed an espresso fix. Have fun!!

    1. Penney, Thanks for the encouragement. All this is pretty new and Katie and I only want to use the phone if it helps us and does so with out a ton of hassle.

  6. Hello IH,

    My wife and I both have iPhones and employ a few tools to keep us closely bonded. I'm not sure how she managed this, but all of my Text conversations go through her phone, no matter who they are from. Any time I send or receive a text message from a family member, friend, etc, my beautiful queen will get copied on it. We didn't purposely set it up that way, but it has become a fun way for her to keep an eye my communications.

    Same with emails. Donna has added my email account to her phone's email program, so she sees all of my incoming messages when I do. We are bound together by love, so I don't mind one bit that she has that access; and even if I did mind, it doesn't matter! She does trust me very much, and I'm not interested in any woman but Donna, but that monitoring does put a hedge around any kind of flirting that I might be tempted to engage in.

    I can be a little dense at times, so a great iPhone tool for me is the Reminders app. I make use of three categories of lists:
    1) Shopping - to maintain a groceries and supplies list.
    2) ILH (I Love Her) Tasks - to help me track the important jobs and little tasks I need to get done. We've got the Chorma app now, but haven't gotten very far with that yet.
    3) TIPS - my personal list of reminders on being a better submissive husband and make this wonderful FLR work and thrive. I need all the help I can get to remember to do things the right way, so I used the TIPS list quite a bit in the early months of our FLR, and review it on my phone at least once a week.

    Here's my current list of TIPS to remind me to do things the right way:

    - Serve her unselfishly with love, joy and gratitude
    - Bring the energy!
    - Don't ask for things (like teasing, torment or touching that I crave)
    - It's all about HER
    - Surprise her
    - Get the hard jobs done, not just the pampering
    - Keep the house beautiful
    - Get less sleep, get more done. She Deserves it!
    - Don't ask her to read stuff. (She gets ticked off when I show her blogs and books, etc.)
    - Show gratitude
    - Accept her Leadership without reservation
    - Honor God
    - Be very patient

    The list changes month-to-month, but those are key reminders that I need to help me become a better husband to Donna.

    Good luck with your new phones, IH I hope you and Katie enjoy the journey together of deepening your relationship!


    1. Scott I like you ideas - reminders, self motivation, etc. There is that old saying that one should never ass-u-me as you know what happens when you do :) Your Donna is a lucky woman and you seem like a really good guy. I"m sure both of you would tell friends that each of you are lucky to have found one another.

  7. I have an Android phone, but there might be similar programs for iphone (or this might convince her to get you an Android).
    Qustodio... Installed on my phone and all my computers... gives her complete visibility from a single website to everything I do. She can block whole categories of websites or individual sites, or set them to "warn", which sends her an email every time I visit the site.
    Airdroid... she can log onto my droid at any time from the web without me even knowing it... look at all my messages, phone calls, and even turn on the camera and watch me.

    BTW. the email thing above works regardless of iphone or android... just set up the account to access the mail server as an IMAP server, and then anything you do from one email client (like your phone) is visible on another client (like your laptop).

    1. Just looked at the Qusodio app for the first time. If that thing can't knock out 'pockets of resistance', nothing can. There is not much left to the imagination after that is implemented. Ouch.

    2. I just checked out the app as well. I can see that it's designed for parents to monitor their kids activities. I'll need to read more about it on the web to better understand it. Thanks sub guy in Atl. Stay cool. It's getting hot!

  8. Enjoyed reading both the post and the comments. What would surprise most women the most is that men actually want the lady in their life to have unlimited access to their phone, to their computer, and there whereabouts. Who would think?

    Love, Kathy

    1. Maybe starting out with an open relationship and not finding oneself in the act of having secrets or hidden closets is what prompts these kinds of responses. I agree. They are indeed positive aspects of a femdom relationship and is one more reason why they should be considered.

  9. Whatever you do, ImHers, don't send each other nude shots - the NSA will be watching. :)

    1. How true your statement is. I don't think I have a body worthy enough to send via text. Should that text be viewed by some guy sitting in a DC cubicle and working for the NSA I'm sure he'd spit his morning coffee all over the computer screen! "What the......!" would be his most likely response.

  10. " All this is pretty new and Katie and I only want to use the phone if it helps us and does so with out a ton of hassle."

    I'm not sure I can add much about apps. We use GPS features when needed. We don't believe in use of our phones' ability to send pictures that are not tasteful. I've sent pictures mostly to show her work that has been done on our home by contractors or a workman. Our text messages are harmless. My wife may send me a "hello" message at lunch, or reminder messages, or even messages to pick something up from the store. I mostly know by the tone of her messages whether she is upset or angry about something; my standard answers in those situations would fall into the "Yes dear," or "I'm sorry dear" categories. Any explanations I have to give are face to face. But still, we both keep phone use pretty safe. So, unless your old phones had text features, you might find texting submissive responses to your wife fun. I email my work schedule to my wife each day, and she knows what I'm up to. She expects a text or call her if I am going to be late or going somewhere.

  11. Anonymous, we don't send distasteful pics to one another either. I think the previous commenter was only kidding when they suggested I don't. Like you Katie likes to keep tabs on me. She wants to know that I arrived at work safe. She wants to know when I leave. She wants me to text her while away to forward reminders that I keep on my calendar. So far she has enjoyed knowing exactly where I am via a GPS tracking app. Thanks for sharing a bit about your life and how you and your wife stay in touch and use technology to help further your femdom relationship. Please stop by again and add to future conversations.