Sunday, June 8, 2014

My Gimpy Wife

On Sunday afternoon Katie and I ran a few errands and got a bite to eat at our favorite restaurant. We had just parked the car and were walking into a big box store when I noticed a mother and daughter walking briskly nearby.

“I think she might give you a challenge,” I said to Katie motioning to the woman.

“I think I can take her,” Katie said.

She picked up her cadence, leaving me behind, and discretely passed the woman while I sauntered in several yards behind.  Katie walking quickly is nothing new. It’s who she is.  Several months ago she was walking to the restroom in a Lowes Hardware store when a gentleman saw her and called out, “You know the speed limit is 5mph in here,” he said jokingly.  That’s my Katie.

Fast forward to today at the restaurant. Katie had just told the host our seating would be for a party of two.  Behind us entered a couple about our age along with an elderly woman using a walker. I assume she was the mother to one of them.  The older woman entered, bent over, barely moving and looking very old.  She caught up to her kids, paused long enough to hear the host mention that he would seat their party and then continued into the restaurant not realizing she had no idea where she was going.  The guy looked at his wife then walked up to his mother to halt her.  Katie noticed what was going on and told the host that we would wait and he could seat this party before he sat us. That was the last I saw of them and we enjoyed a wonderful late lunch. It wouldn’t be the last encounter Katie had with them.

On our way out Katie told me to wait as she needed to use the ladies room.  I did and we left together a few minutes later.  In the car she told me, “There were four stalls on the left and a handicapped one on the right.  I went in one of the four but there was no toilet tissue so I went in the handicapped one. I like using that one anyway because the seat is higher.  When I opened the door to leave I saw the older woman and her daughter standing by my door waiting for me to finish.  I felt bad and so I left walking with a noticeable limp!”

I laughed. I could imagine my speedster wife seeing a woman thirty years her senior, waiting all hunkered over with her perturbed daughter knowing there were empty stalls on the other side that Katie could have chosen. Then thinking that Katie needed to justify her decision and did so, not by apologizing, but by putting on the fa├žade that she too was a woman in need, and limped past them and out the door. She cracks me up.

I’m Hers


  1. If the roles were reversed and you told Ms Katie what you did, woukd her reaction had been, " he cracks me up". Somehow I doubt it. My mistress would have had me wait till they came out and apologize to them.

  2. Anonymous, you might be right - maybe. But then again, there is no 'rule' that states that a nonhandicapped person cant use the handicapped stall. I think you comment implies that Katie made a bad choice. I disagree. She did go into a 'normal' stall. It had no tissue paper. So she crossed the hall and used the handicapped stall, used it, and left. I beg to disagree and I understand your point all the same. Thanks for voicing your opinion.Stop by again

  3. Hello IH,

    Cute story about a couple of goofy moments shared by you and Katie, illustrating that a 24/7 FLR couple can have a good time with the little things in life. From personal experience, sometimes in non-FLR marriages, those little things can be fun but could also evolve into heated arguments. Maybe one spouse got defensive, or impatient or said something the wrong way...

    It seems that when one person is a loving boss and other is happily submissive, almost all the bickering is eliminated. Those little idiosyncrasies can then be enjoyed together; and that is Bliss. IH, thanks for sharing the snapshots of tiny moments worth remembering.


    1. Thanks Scott, yes the story really had nothing to do with a FLR but rather was just a humorous moment we shared after eating out. But you are correct, the fact that one is in charge and the other obeys eliminates a myriad of issues.

      Have a great day serving your Mistress!

  4. "yes the story really had nothing to do with a FLR but rather was just a humorous moment we shared after eating out. But you are correct, the fact that one is in charge and the other obeys eliminates a myriad of issues"

    Thanks for the story. What happened to Katie is not related to FLR, but many husbands wearing a chastity device can understand, from their own experience, what a woman goes through with the need to sit when using a restroom. I wear a cage and have to sit, but you can get used to it. I do think sitting in a closed stall is probably safer for a man wearing a chastity device due to added privacy.

    1. Yes it is, and when I am set free, as I am now, and have been for the past week, I still sit. I sit not because I have to but because it has become a habit and it is actually relaxing to take a break for a minute and sit. Stop by again!