Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Taking a Break

I hope all of you are enjoying your summer as much as I am mine.  I'm on vacation and will be doing some traveling with Katie to see friends, family and taking some time just for the two of us.  Last night as we were lying in bed when Katie said, "I love you being here all the time," referring to me not having to be at work for the past few days.  It is for this reason that I wish I could figure a way to retire early or at least work from home but the nature of my job most likely prevents me from doing that. That is sad indeed.

On a different note, a few weeks ago Katie unlocked me. We were sitting side by side watching TV when one of us mentioned another 'use' for the Jailbird.  We laughed and then a few moments later the other thought of 'another' use for it, and then another.  So, having a bit more time to be goofy I took a few pictures.  I'm sure you could think of other uses for it besides the ones below. 

And besides, thinking "outside" the box is how great ideas have become reality - and the owners of those ideas often become rich!!!!  Should I come up with one, I'm retiring ASAP so I can stay at home and enjoy my beautiful wife.  Until then, enjoy the pics and put your appliance to good use when you are unlocked :)

Soft boiled eggs anyone?  Egg dying?

Do you need a small animal alfalfa or Timothy hay feeder?  It's a bit pricey but it works like a charm!

Yes the pansy's have about run their course with the hot weather arriving but this planter is so versatile. Verbena, petunias, begonias, pick your favorite and enjoy the beauty of their color all the while knowing that your choice of planter is 'one of a kind'.

Grapes are one of those fruits that are heavily sprayed.  Be sure you wash yours thoroughly. Not only does this strainer allow you to do that but also provides a way to measure the size of a 'serving' of this wonderful fruit.

Later in the day when you need to drain your pasta you can reuse 'the bird' once more.  It's use in the kitchen is limitless!

Have a great week!

I'm Hers


  1. I love the pics of your Jailbird in action. Hope you and Katie have a wonderful week together!


  2. I'm Hers...
    The pictures you took were very clever and funny. I'd ask my wife to unlock me so I could take some similar photos, but she already laughed at me once today. :-)
    Enjoy your trip.

  3. Awesome resourceful thinking LOL I love the picks. I hope you you both enjoy your time with one another. I may use some of these ideas just to tease my M when he's unlocked. He will get a chuckle out of it:)

  4. I'm Hers - love the ideas and pictures! Wishing you both a wonderful break.


  5. Very funny pictures! Enjoy your vacation!

  6. To all who commented, thank you!