Saturday, July 12, 2014

Locked Again

It's been a long time since there were panties put out on the counter for me. Katie was up early and told me the night before I could sleep in.  How nice that was.  After giving her a nice massage I fell asleep cuddled tight against her back. It was after a nice ten-hour rest that I climbed out of bed and saw the baby blue panties folded nicely on the counter. Katie was thinking about my well being!  Panties on the counter is the unspoken indicator for me to 'lock up'.  I haven't been locked for almost a month and it's been both a nice break as well as something I've actually missed.

Have you ever had those feelings? I mean, have you ever missed having some significant symbol that the two of you are not equal and want that symbolic part of your relationship back again?  Now, I never ever believed for a moment that Katie let me gain equal footing with her. That isn’t ever happening. She loves my submission and thrives as the head of our home. The freedom she enjoys without me hindering her decisions has brought her much pleasure and satisfaction.  We haven't lived as equals for several years nor will we ever, but I did feel more her equal during these weeks when the chastity appliance was stowed away (if you know what I mean). I mean I can try to encourage things more than when under lockdown.  

Personally I deeply desire to see those overt signs that I am owned and here to love and serve Katie. Mentally I have long since made the change as to who I am and that 'new' me is one I sincerely enjoy. Because of this there were times when I wished she’d have me lock but the day before we left for vacation she told me to “put the Bird in a secure place and out of sight”. We left for a fifteen day adventure with the Jailbird at home. It was a good feeling – mostly.  

But this morning after I saw the panties on the counter and obediently locked I asked Katie the 'why' question regarding the panties. All I got was 'it's been awhile,' as a response.  It has indeed. What was interesting was that the following evening she kept me locked. I thought for certain she’d permit me to sleep free but instead I was told to massage her and no mention of unlocking came into her conversation. That night I found myself wanting out.  I think I was mostly asleep but the feeling I had, and later related to Katie the following morning, was that I did not like her doing this to me.  It was an odd emotion and one that most certainly came from being free for so long. 

The following evening I was told to unlock and massage her once again. The next day I was free. The following day I was free as well but ended up asking if I could lock.  She agreed and so I sit once more restrained and unable to access the goods.  I love being a submissive.

I’m Hers

PS: since writing this post some two weeks ago I have been in and out of chastity.  Any day that I'd spend even an hour apart from her I would wake to find the panties on the counter. She takes no chances that I will ever be free while out of her sight.  Today was one such day and so it was another day in lockdown.


  1. Congratulations on being locked up again, IH.

    How wonderful of Katie to exert her control over you like that. I like the signal that she uses to advise you that it's time to lock up! How did that come about?

    I'm also curious; when Katie does those things that lovingly demonstrate ownership over you, do you say or do anything to express gratitude to her? Just wondering how that element works in your relationship.

    Whenever I tell Donna, "Thank you for that little gift. Those signs of control inspire me to be serve you and love you even more." She'll respond with a simple, "Uh huh." and a dismissive wave of her hand. I love that about Donna. I know she's listening and storing the information away, but I never really know what she's thinking as she assumes power.

    I've worked extra hard in the past week to keep the house clean and organized, and keep the place stocked with healthy meals and fresh flowers. That helped put Donna in relaxed mood enough to discuss sex and our Female Led Relationship a tiny bit over the weekend. When I told her, "It's an incredible feeling to be owned by the one I love!". She responded, "Please repeat that." and flashed a wicked smile. That was the first time my beautiful Queen so expressly acknowledged our power imbalance.

    Later that day, she gave me the go-ahead to buy myself a chastity device. I've seen that topic discussed here, and explained to my wife that many Female Led Marriages make use of chastity devices for the guy. I certainly never thought I would be among the Locked, and I'm shocked that my Donna is willing to pursue it. I am looking forward to that significant signal that she is in charge!


    1. Scott,
      How cool it is that Donna is agreeing to ‘go there’. I’ve recently been in a brief conversation with another younger husband who is also purchasing a chastity appliance for the purpose of curbing a habit of masturbation. For you, that may not be Donna’s reason as it seems it’s more about exerting a bit more control. The question that I’m wondering is (drum roll) What brand are you going to purchase?

      As to how I express my gratitude when Katie lets out the undies for me on the counter, I usually don’t say much other than ask, “why today” or “what’s your reason” or similar. And she, like Donna usually gives me curt responses like, “Because” or “I wanted to” or some other phrase that could mean a million things depending on how I interpret it at the time.
      Thanks for stopping by and I hope you will soon come to appreciate the power of the tube. It is indeed a powerful reminder of who we are – servants to our wives.

    2. Thanks for the encouragement, IH.

      We were discussing that it's been 40 days since my last orgasm, and Donna teased me and said, "That might be your last one for the year ... or maybe ever." I told her that I might need a little help in being good while she is away visiting her Mom next month. She looked at me quizzically, so it was my chance to request that we get a chastity device to lock me up. I was stunned when she said, " I do not want to shop for it, but you may go ahead and buy one."

      Donna teased me throughout the rest of weekend, and we ended up in the shower together where she graciously and energetically permitted release. It was mind-blowing and very intimate for both of us. On Monday morning, I thanked her for that wonderful time in the shower, and her response was typical Donna, "If you ever want that to happen again, then shut up about it!" I love that woman. I have a feeling that my Queen is going to enjoy that extra level of control.

      I'm not sure if I'll purchase a device this week or not. I overspent my grocery, fuel and household money starting with the 4th of July weekend, so I may have to conserve funds for the rest of the month. I am leaning toward the CB-6000, but certainly welcome any advice on what to get. Never thought I'd be shopping for a chastity device. What a crazy adventure of intimacy and love we are on!


    3. Scott,
      I have an app on my iphone called 'days lite' that I use to keep track of my days since the last time. Today reads "39 days". I'm glad you got to experience 40!

      When I first started shopping for chastity devices I couldn't believe I had to spend almost $200 for a plastic tube - e.g., the CB6000 and that is what I ended up getting. It was a nice device but I didn't like that there was no ventilation, I didn't like that it was 3.5" long when I could shrink myself down to 2" (I have a 2" steel cage now) and still be comfortable. I didn't like that if I wasn't 3/5" at the time I had to pee the urine stream did't flow outwardly smoothly from the tube and it made it kind of messy. I didn't like getting pinched with the small ventilation slits along the side that would rub the skin of my penis and irritate it and I really didn't like it when it broke a year after getting it. All that to say I spend another $350 for a Jailbird by Mature Metal. It's guarenteed for life, they will send you sizing rings, they will adjust or replace anything (except a cage that is custom made for you) with a minimal shipping fee of $10. And it is soooo comfortable. As they say, you get what you pay for - kind of like getting a DeWalt tool vs a entry level Black n Decker. The performance just can't be compared. So that's my two scents. You do what you want and whatever you get I'm sure Donna will be pleased.

      Have fun and save you pennies!

    4. Thank you for the detailed review, IH. You brought up some elements of the hardware that I hadn't considered. I WAS worried about length issues with the CB-6000 for those times when I have a little shrinkage going on. I might not like the challenge of peeing out of the little slot at the end of the plastic tube if I'm not quite there!

      With your input, and some of the on-line reviews I just read, I think the Jailbird would be a better choice for me, especially if my sweet Donna keeps me locked up for long durations. Seems like the metal cage of the Jailbird offers better ventilation and is easier to keep clean. I think I'll save up the extra money and get the DeWalt!

      This may be a coincidence, but Donna has been having a lot more fun exerting her leadership over me since she told me to start looking for a chastity device. She's been playfully calling me names, swatting me, and ordering me to do goofy things around the house. Can becoming a keyholder provide a woman with comfort and joy in her journey to Loving Female Authority?

      IH, thank you very much for sharing your experiences with the chastity devices. Your blog is a blessing, and I really appreciate what I've learned from men and women who contribute here!


    5. If you indeed go with the Jailbird, I'd suggest two things. Spend the 10-$20 and get the plastic sizing rings. You can try them out, and measure yourself so you order the right size retaining ring and chastity tube. If you guess incorrectly with the retaining ring that can be easily exchanged. It's getting the chastity tube right that is important. Make sure it's not too small in diameter. I struggled with that because my frame of reference was the 6000 and it was much narrower in circumference than what I ended up with. I went back and found my old order. I ordered an oval retaining ring (vs a round one) that was 1 7/8" Ring. The Cage Diameter was 1 1/2" and the length of the cage was 2". I'm between 6-7 full but at 2" I am plenty comfortable and the shorter tube length makes it easier to be discrete in dress clothes and tight jeans.

      And it feels good too!

      I hope you have a fun time figuring all this out..... and see if Donna is interested in you saving up and getting some 'spikes' to add some spice to her life. I have never tried them but have a friend whose wife uses them on him whenever he gives her lip - which my guess is could be fairly often - he's a spunky guy :)

      Stay well friend!

  2. Wow how cool that you have such a specific procedure that you must follow, and that it's triggered not by a verbal order but a visual one!

    That seems very fitting for a FemDom relationship. It's more submissive when your mistress doesn't have to do more than make a gesture or leave a sign to put you in chastity. Locking up our "manhood" and "freedom" aren't worth words from our mistresses :-)

    We have a chastity device but we haven't used it in a while. She's into other forms of Domination these days. We had talked about me getting a PA piercing so she could lock it up in a way that I could never slip out of it.

    Sounds like you're having fun!

    1. JS, Ouch! A PA piercing? Everything about that conjures up feelings of pain whenever I think about having that done. Can you tell I'm a wimp when it comes to pain? :)

      As much as I love Katie taking the initiative in putting a pair of undies out for me I always love the direct method - "Lock up today" or similar is always a welcome comment I never tired of hearing. Glad to have you stop by again!

    2. LOL! I don't like pain but I like being obedient!

      I love being told what to do verbally too - "it's all good" :-D

  3. Im Hers ....... I absolutely love following your blog. Mistress K and I have a few similar things, and i just love them. My Mistress (like yours) will sometimes decide what panties i will wear that day, and just set them out. The instant i recognize them, my heart sings. Another thing she will do is to let me know that I have earned a punishment spanking for an infraction by simply uttering the words "48 hours". it means that within 48 hours, i will have made accomodation for me to receive my punishment spanking with very minimal planning effort on Mistress' part. If, for any reason, the punishment does not happen within 48 hours, it will be my fault and that additional failure will come with additional, harsher punishment.

    i love her!

  4. Sub Hub, you know what I like about you? You are 'real'. You don't pull punches, you speak straight and you have a great marriage - that is really easy to tell.

    I didn't realize that if more than 48 hours goes by that it is 'your fault' LOL. Only a Mistress can make that happen. They are right - always, and if something is wrong, we, the submissive is - Always. What a life!

  5. Awww....such a sweet post. Yes, we crave things, and love when our Wives think of us lovingly like that, caring enough to lay some panties out. cd sara