Monday, November 10, 2014

A Busy Weekend With Only One Oops

Our Saturday was to be one in which we’d travel to a relative’s first birthday party some distance away. I knew it would occupy the majority of our day and so I wanted to get my chores done quickly and efficiently before we left. However, Katie elected to sleep in and that meant even less time to work.

One of the expectations Katie has is that I am to remain in bed until ‘it’s time to get up’. Usually Katie will roll my way, tell me to move and spoon behind, pulling me in close and wrapping me up securely. That little requirement has done lots to help me understand my focus is to be her pleasure and not my agenda. Sometimes she'll want to sleep in till late in the morning and even though I'm wide-awake much earlier I’ll remain in bed either being spooned or spooning depending on what she wants. It is a wonderful feeling and one in which I can’t help but feel owned.  And indeed I am.

In any event, after we rose I was able to cook us a hot breakfast while getting three loads of wash mostly done, strip and remake the bed, clean the bedroom and bath and wash dishes that Katie had left for me to do after making a mess of the kitchen the evening before.  I was hoping we’d make love too but it was not to be. It’s amazing how much I live to be unlocked even for a few minutes of stimulation knowing I’ll be able to please my beautiful wife sexually.  I also thought I’d be free of the chastity cage since our day was one shared but she informed me I’d be locked all day. While I was putting dishes away Katie mentioned, for me to be careful when I took out the wrapped presents since one was an oddly shaped box.

I cruised through my morning assignments, knocking them off one by one and now was about ready to go. Just before we left, I took the packages out, placed them in the back seat and promptly put my finger through the very package she told me to be careful when handling. Ugh!!!  I ripped it open royally! Katie was not happy but the damage was done.  Thank goodness for gift bags at Dollar stores!

After returning home from the party we spent a relaxing evening together although I still had an hour or so of work to finish.  The following morning I was told to “unlock for a few minutes”. It was a common with a qualifying time limit and one that I have not heard before. We made love for the second time this week. Like every time, it was wonderful. There is nothing like knowing it is me that brings her such pleasure. I couldn’t care less about ejaculating. I’ve really come full circle in this area knowing it's my duty to provide her with the sexual satisfaction she wants at the time. No longer is our lovemaking about my reaching climax. Rather it really has become the time of me focusing on how I can best please her.

After I was told to shower and lock as soon as I finished.  It was another implication that she wants me locked more often than less and it was a Sunday - another day that usually be free because I'd be spending it entirely with her.  She has been getting inside my head, partly because of a passing comment I made a few weeks ago about being increasingly horny. The additional time in chastity the past week or so has only made that desire heighten that as I can feel every expansion of my little soldier throughout the day.

We shopped for food later in the day after she agreed to the upcoming dinner options I presented. Monday morning I’ll be putting a roast in the Crockpot and baking a salmon fillet and side dishes that will get her through the week.

I thought work was done but after dinner Katie let me know that the dog needed washing.  Doing so is a two-person job. My job is to get her in the tub while we both wash her. It was this chore that stimulated this post. Here’s how it played out:

After getting the dog upstairs and in the bathroom with the door locked (she knows when it’s bath time and tends to avoid us), I stripped completely until wearing nothing but my Jailbird while Katie got the soap, conditioner, knee pad and towels out.  I got in the tub with the dog and then we worked together wetting, washing, trimming and drying her. When done, I lifted her out and Katie and the dog left – leaving me to clean the tub that is filled with dog hair and who knows what else, put everything away and returned the room to its previous state.  There is no eroticism in the chore but to the outsider, the power dynamic is evident; she’s dressed, I’m naked. I’m locked and made to be in the tub getting just as wet as the dog while Katie stays dry – and then I clean up the mess while she leaves me to my task.  But I love it and am so glad she has the confidence to walk away and leave the tidying up to me.

It’s who we are; who we’ve both become and the changes that have taken place within the two of us have been beyond wonderful.  We love one another passionately, deeply and openly. Katie knows she’s in charge and I know I am hers and an obligated to obey. It’s her dream come true and mine as well.

I’m Hers


  1. A very beautiful description of your submission to Katie. You are lucky to have a woman that understands submission and keeps you in your place.

    1. Thank you for your comment! I know that I am a lucky man in many, many ways. I hope that you too have found someone that you can love and who loves you in a way that meets both of your expectations and desires.

  2. I Love reading about your life with your beautiful Mistress IH. Of all my blogger buddies, you are the most that best captures the essence of what we do for our beautiful wives.

    And .... bonus .... your boys put a pretty sound thrashing on MNF!

    Have a great week my friend.

    1. Thank you sub hub for those kind words. I think there are several of us that live pretty similar lives to one another. You and I being two of those.

      Yes the boys came to play on Monday. Unfortunately there wasn't much drama after the kick off as the game was pretty one sided. Out there on the left-coast your boys came away with a victory against the Aints! Well done. I just heard that the drug addict has been reinstated after a nine game suspension. Hope he learns his lesson :-)

  3. Way to go, IH. I find your commitment to work as hard as you can for your beautiful Mistress Katie very inspiring. You guys have a wonderful relationship and a very clean dog! Thanks for posting, friend.


  4. Trust me Scott, I don't always work that hard. And we do have a clean dog LOL. I wish that I didn't have to bathe it as often as Katie wants but I just do as I'm told. Thanks for your comment. You made me smile.

  5. Thanks for writing this blog IH.