Thursday, January 15, 2015

Decisions Decisions

I looked at my schedule for Friday and realized I could get off earlier than usual. The trade-off to that would be that I would have to be at work earlier if I wanted my weekend to start sooner rather than later. I asked Katie what I should do and she put it back on me, telling me to decide.

I had thoughts but wasn't sure that I should share them but decided to. I told her that if I knew she'd want to make love in the morning I would rather work later but if she didn't I would go in earlier so I could have a Friday evening with her. She smiled. I smiled. Then she dropped the bomb.

"I can't think that far ahead," was her answer.

Then she made me feel guilty and added, "I thought you'd want to sleep in and snuggle with me."

Geez! She gave me a choice and I expressed my feelings and now I feel selfish. Well, maybe I am and maybe she was justified in stating the obvious – that I was selfish and that she never thinks about having sex that far ahead. And besides, my decision to work early versus late had everything to do with making me feel good rather than looking out for her.

Sometimes I just can't win. And then again, sometimes I shouldn’t win.  And so I tried to repair the damage, sending her a text after I left for work today:

“I could get home from work earlier and then we could cuddle, snuggle, play kissy-face and kissy-your-pussy, rub our naked bodies all over one another, put my protrusion inside your intrusion and have a wild and crazy time and then …. You could relax on a heated massage table with candles and soft music while your submissive husband tends to you obediently and properly by giving you a long massage.”

And then I added, “Or, we could watch the 9 o’clock, 10 o’clock and 11 o’clock news and weather.” (you know, a girl always needs options – a way to gently say ‘no’. I thought I’d give her the option so as to not press her too tightly into a corner :).

Katie responded, “Decisions, decisions, LOL”

“I’m leaning towards the 9, 10 and 11 o’clock news option myself,” I replied.

“I’m sure.”

Which way are you leaning?


Yessss!! So things may work out for the best after all.

Have a wonderful weekend. Mine looks like it might start off just fine.

I’m Hers


  1. Will be looking forward to hearing about your weekend.


    1. We shall see :-). Maybe. I have to get Katie's approval of course and that probably won't happen.

  2. Lucky you!!! Have a great weekend.. R R

    1. Thanks RR. hope you get to enjoy yours as well. Best part of mine will be spending time with my wife just hanging out with her.

  3. Decisions??? I really think sometimes my spouse would rather I not bother her with decisions on small stuff. At the same time, I'm trying to encourage her dominance in our relationship so I defer to her on almost everything we do together. Case in point, often when we head to town for a Lunch outing, I will ask her where she would like to dine. She often says, I don't care or it doesn't matter. Sometimes I will pull her chain a little bit and say, okay, we'll go to XX restaurant (one that I know she is not keen for). She will immediately say, no, I don't want to go there. Well, where do you want to go, I say? You can see where this is going. I'm wondering sometimes if she wants me to chose a place I know she loves and I'm disappointing her by not doing that instead of forcing the decision on her. In her defense, she has gotten much more dominant in her direction of me around the house and I am locked in a newly purchased Jailbird since the first of the year. But she is a little like your Katie in that getting something out of her on occasion is like pulling teeth.

    1. Wishful4, I understand what you are saying and I think that all of us, whether domme or sub or vanilla person all have those indecisive times where we just are not sure or care where we eat or what we do next. Katie sometimes will tell me to choose a restaurant to eat. If I'm feeling the same way I'll ask if I can pick two and she pick the final one. Sometimes she does and at other times she will tell me to pick the final one, and at other times she will tell me to pick two different ones as possibilities. But she is quite sure of herself with respect to making sure I obey and do what needs to be done both in and out of the house. But always it is with grace and respect toward me.... she just makes sure she calls the shots on the important parts of life.

  4. IH, I asked Kathy a question that I was going to ask you too but didn't save it. It may be on her comments for the 15th or 16th. It's about how to train my man to put my needs and opinion always first when there are competing requests for his help. Right now, if he gets a request for help he does not ask me or may not even let me know. I don't think he feels I have any say in what he decides to do if he's helping a friend. Am I being selfish? I wanted him to help me with my bedroom. But he is out with a friend taking pictures of a trailer that is for sale. How can I start making it clear or training him that I HIS WIFE am number ONE.? Thanks IH, J

    1. J, if I were to ask you how to make a 1st grade child learn to do what you want and make sure that they asked you before they went off to play, how would you go about teaching that child to learn to model what it is you want? I think you approach your husband in the same way. But because he is an adult he needs to buy in to the need to serve (to be a submissive) teaching, reminding, scolding, reinforcing, discussing your day with him before your day starts are all ways you can get him to seek you and your needs before that of his or his buddies. I would start with a discussion and explain what you didn't like and what you would like to happen next time and go from there. But you need to make this a discussion - not a one way lecture. Again, he needs to buy into this. I wish you well. And that is just my two scents. Others my have different opinions.

  5. Hello J and IH,

    If I may chime in, the approach IH suggests on discussing things first sounds perfect. You could say to your hubby, "Let's have a discussion about those times where you have to decide between competing interests." Then state your thoughts and desires, then get his take.

    You can make things fun by stating,"If you put my interests first today, I just may allow you to kiss my lips (or neck, hand, feet, behind ...) later on today!

    You may enjoy some gentle reward and punishment interaction with him. Think of some things your husband likes or doesn't like and offer them as incentives for the behavior you want. Donna will tell me "You did a good job Cleaning the floors, now I'm gonna let you fix me a nice hot cup of tea!"

    As IH and others here will say, enjoy the FLR journey, be patient, and employ lots of communication and love!

    Take care,


  6. That's good!

    I can't text Miss V anything explicit because my phone is company provided and it is monitored for national security reasons. I wanted to get a personal phone but she said that since they let me use the company phone fpor personal calls, she'd rather use the money to add our last kid to the plan.

  7. I'm glad you don't text messages like I did. I surely don't want you to jeopardize the security of our country by doing something egregious :-).

    Thanks for stopping by.