Monday, January 19, 2015

The Weekend

Most of what I had hoped for came true on Friday evening. At 8:30 Katie told me it was time to go up and so we did. I knew what she wanted - a massage, and I gave her a long one for well over an hour.  I think she could lay on that table all night if she didn't think I was getting tired or bored with my end of the deal.  We snuggled, snuggled some more and then "really" snuggled before cuddling, talking and eventually falling asleep.

The weekend was a mix of enjoying the warmer weather, taking a walk around a nearby lake with binoculars to see the migrating ducks, running a few errands, eating lunch at a favorite restaurant, getting some work done around the house and watching a little football on Sunday.

Speaking of football.... I love football.  It was the fourth quarter. We had missed all of the first half as we were working on a project upstairs. I asked if I could flip on the TV and was permitted to do so.  I enjoyed a great game, pulling for the Packers. Things got interesting toward the end and with about 6 minutes to go in the game with the Seahawks finally getting some life and my beautiful wife sitting next to me watching but not understanding the game she said,

"OK, I'm hungry. Cook my steak."

"I said to myself, "Are you kidding me? There's only 6 minutes left. Do you really know what you are asking of me?"

But I got up, stalled as best as I could, lit the grill and came back in and watched some more while it heated, and finally tore myself away to go grill a few small steaks that I had taken out of the freezer earlier.

That night I relayed the timeliness of her statement and Katie told me she really was unaware of what was going on. That was of course true. I was watching the Packers play the Seahawks. She was watching the white team do something that the blue team didn't want them to do and had no id ea where the ball was while the white team was trying to do what they were doing.

"Whose the the quarterback?" she'd ask.

"That's Aaron Rodgers,"

"Oh, I don't know him."

"You pump me up!" I'd say in some Russian voice referring to a commercial currently playing on US TV.

"Oh, now I know."

That is football to Katie. She's getting there but it might take a few more years to grasp the sport enough to appreciate it.

On another note, I'm working on an attic project. One of the things I'm doing is adding some insulation to what is there already.  Now I have a friend. A good friend although we've never met. He knows a thing or two about building since he is a builder. I wasn't sure if I could put the batting over or under existing heat and vent 'pipes' and so I took a picture of what was there and sent it to him.

Wa-la! A half hour and several text messages later I had my answer and got even more info than I had asked.  How nice it is to have friends that can help and even better that they are submissive ones.

Today I am thankful for Martin Luther King, He was an inspirational leader but more personally he implored my employer to give me the day off of work. Thank you MLK!

I'm Hers


  1. Well, did you run the batts over or under the heat ducts? ;) But, back to reality; it's been a pretty quiet week up here in this corner of the northwoods after last week's playoffs, but all things pass with time. Oh yes, before I forget, I am glad to see you two opted for plan A last weekend. Cheers, JT

    1. JT, my contractor friend gave me a choice - since the heat ducts were already insulated. I haven't spread the batts yet as I'm working on installing a radiant barrier first. You asked so I'm assuming you must have an opinion. Care to share?

      Oh, and I'm glad that I chose A as well.