Saturday, February 7, 2015

A Nice Way to Start a Day

This morning we woke not having anything to do before noon. I was snuggled behind Katie and the evening before she permitted me to unlock “so I could get a good night sleep”.  I gladly complied.  The evening before I was again spooning her and was wakened to the feel of her tush grinding against the steel cage. She was apparently getting a midnight snack of sorts at my ‘congested’ expense.  The following morning I said something about her getting doing some pelvic exercises during the middle of the night. I could hear her smile through the phone and she asked how ‘her man of steel was doing’.  We both laughed at the not so subtleties of our comments.

Well this morning while spooning I tucked my little guy between her legs, applied some additional pressure with my hand and pleasured her. A few minutes later after she calmed she said without looking, “put on some lubricant”.  I did and for the next while we enjoyed being especially close.  When she had had enough she rose and headed to the shower like she always does. I got up, made the bed, tidied the bedroom, cleaned the cat litter and showered when she was through.  Katie had dressed by now. I was still naked and not yet locked. She approached rubbing moisturizing lotion on her hands.  Apparently she had put a little too much lotion because without pause she grabbed my goods in both hands and started rubbing me – not to excite, but to remove the excess lotion she didn’t need.

Neither of us changed the subject. It was simply Katie being Katie. She is the pragmatist and my genitals were available and apparently also in need of being moisturized. I didn’t ask. 

I left for work around noon and two hours later Katie called. “Hi Mistress!” I said not expecting her to call me. (It’s my job to call her at certain times of the day, not vice versa.)

“A song is about to come on and I wanted to play it for you.”  She walked closer to the CD player and I could hear Bad Company singing “Feel like making love.”

I laughed but her cell was apparently pressed close to the speaker as the words repeated themselves again and again deliciously.  She got back on the phone and told me she was thinking about me, thinking about our morning and for whatever reason had lots of sexual energy. She wanted me.  I told her I’d always be ready and we talked for a bit more. Before we hung up she told me, “I’ll say this one more time,” and put the phone back near the speaker where Bad Company repeated the classic phrase a few more times – just for me.

I’d be getting home late and hoped she’d still be in the mood. She had a party to go to for a friend she’s known since childhood.  We talked as we both headed home but I learned that a girlfriend had called earlier in the evening and the two were planning to meet for a glass of wine. I headed to bed as I had a long day of work to wake up to. Katie arrived home not to long after. She wasn’t in the mood and to be honest, I was pretty tired – although I would have obeyed willingly had she wanted my services.

I’m Hers


  1. I like this little story, IH. Just think about what you would have missed out on had you been out playing racquetball or working, or helping a buddy with his car, etc. Being available and being focused on your bride certainly pays off when she is feeling playful!

    May you have many more mornings like that one.


    1. Thank you friend for your feedback on this post. I can always count on you to have a positive outlook on things and your above comment is exactly that. Yes I agree, hanging out with Katie as many more perks than hanging out with the guys. I hope we have many more days like this as well. You take care.