Monday, May 18, 2015

Talking football

Since I’m taking a break from the blog I thought I’d write. If you follow along here you know I enjoy football and this week Mr. Tom Brady had the hammer fall on him, his beloved Patriots and his coach, Mr. Bellecheat. (Yea, I’m not a Patriots’ fan). 

What’s interested me has been much of the media take on this in light of the recent ‘I knocked out my girlfriend/Ray Rice’ incident some months ago. Why is it that the NFL suspends Ray for two games without pay but nails Tommy boy for four? That’s been the take of several broadcasters. Why is it that Brady gets fined another million and then, on top if it all, the league penalizes the organization by taking  two precious draft picks away. I mean, why be so harsh when there was no clear evidence and, in comparison, we even have video evidence of the knock-out blow by Mr. Rice. All Tommy did was let a few pounds of air out of some footballs after the NFL league officials checked them for proper inflation pressure so he could get a better grip.

What’s the big deal? Why was the hammer blow so heavy? Here’s my take:
Does the word integrity ring a bell anywhere within the millions that makes up the Brady empire? Yes, what Ray did was wrong. No doubt about it. But what Ray did was far different than what Tommy did. What Mr. Rice did was break the laws of our country. He committed a criminal offence and that offence meant his case was sent through the criminal court system. What penalty was rendered by way of the judge that ruled over his case was whatever our judicial system deemed appropriate.  What Tommy Boy did was not a crime but he violated the rules of the game. His was a crime of a different color. He cheated! He committed a crime, not by breaking a societal rule but by disobeying a league rule. His action was, and was justifiably so punished. I have no problem with what Commissioner Goodell levied (even if I don’t like the Patriots). What he did was violate the integrity of the game.  What good is the game if people go around cheating, trying to make the game more winnable and disregarding the parematers that all teams are expected to abide by? 

Tommy is not the first and I’m sure he won’t be the last. The league has suspended and fined many players for taking steroids (PEDs in recent years.  That too is cheating. It’s an attempt to gain an unfair advantage, not available to all.) Probably the most severe penalty was levied by MLB against Pete Rose,  arguably one of the greatest baseball players who ever played. All he did was bet on baseball (while he was coaching) and the league banned him from all association with baseball and has kept him from being eligible to enter Baseballs’ Hall of Fame.  

Tommy is a Pete Rose. They are one and the same. To all you patriots fans out there, you can butter this one any way you want but Tommy did wrong. He cheated. He lied about it. Then he lied about it again, and after the 82 page verdict came down he lied about it again and is still afraid to own up to it. Don’t believe me, well check out the premier ‘go-to’ source for truth: Saturday Night Live. It’s all right here for your viewing pleasure.

So what did I learn from all this: Tommy is rich. But Tommy has no balls. That’s a shame because if he had some, his wife Gizele could put a cage on the man and lock him up as her way of punishing him.

OK, enough writing. I’m going back on vacation

Enjoy your week.

I’m Hers


  1. Nice post about Tom Brady’s balls, I’m Her’s. I agree that integrity is of primary importance, and that Tom should certainly be punished for violating league rules. He’s got some high-powered lawyers so I think he will get his suspension overturned in court. There’s enough evidence in the Wells investigation for a reasonable observer to conclude that Brady conspired with the two training staff members to deflate the balls after the officials approved them for game use, but not concrete enough to hold up in a court of law. He’ll win his case, but by not owning up to his involvement, he’ll lose the respect and admiration of a lot of people. Along with that, I believe Brady’s legacy, and his conscience, will forever be stained.

    But enough about my opinion, or yours for that matter, IIH. The important question is; what does the wonderful Miss Katie think about all this? I’m curious to know if she has offered her opinion on deflategate.

    Even more importantly, I do hope that you are properly focused and resolute in romancing and serving Katie with love, joy and energy!

    Stay well my friend, and warm wishes to you both,


  2. IH -- good to hear from you. I have appreciated your comments as you have made your FLR journey with Katie. You don't know how many men and women you have helped. That said, I have to tell you I miss your postings and words of wisdom about female led marriages. Hope you are back soon. And most important, as Scott says above, I hope you remain focused on serving your Mistress.

  3. IH, like your other "brothers in arms", I'm happy to see you. I agree with our friend tom that your words and this blog have helped so many of us in our journeys. I hope you are well and I hope that your beautiful Katie is benefitting from you devotion. Can't wait to hear from you again.

  4. I am not a Patriot fan but suggest you read It's a 20,000 word take on Deflategate by the Patriots lawyer and raises serious question that the Wells report may be flawed and there is really no proof that the Patriots deflated any balls.