Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Kathy and Scott Make me Think

Kathy gave us her personal theology perspective. In one of last weeks’ posts, she stated her beliefs as it related to a wife-led marriage and God. She made the following statements. (I separated them so you can consider each.)

“Every marriage is a type of covenant before God.”

“A Femdom marriage is a special covenant. It requires a special type of commitment. The husband pledges not only love, but also to serve and obey.”

“The wife pledges to lead, to train, and to hold her husband accountable for his actions.”

“In a sense the wife becomes the physical embodiment of the creator.”

“Her authority as head of house- her authority to rule both husband and children comes directly from God.”

“In a femdom marriage the husband acknowledges his wife's authority, but he is not the source of it.”

“The wife's authority in marriage comes from a higher source.”

Scott made a comment in a post I put up regarding a scriptural view of women. He referenced an article I enjoyed reading. The article focused on the Hebrew word “ezer” which is how God defines Eve (woman).”

Here are a few excerpts:

1) The ancient Hebrew letters were pictures that slowly evolved into the modern Hebrew letters used today. The ancient picture letters used for ezer were an eye, a man and a weapon. In other words, an ezer is a revealer of man’s enemy.

2) Summarizing what we know about ezer, and by inference, women, reveals that based on the Scriptures, God made Eve to be Adam’s protector in a similar fashion as God was Israel’s protector.  

3) When referring to a woman, ezer is a much more valuable asset to a man than implied by the word “helper” or the less flattering “help meet.” (Which if you read the article is how the word was translated into English way back in the 1600’s.)

4)  Ezer is a mighty helper and protector for her husband, one who is able to reveal his enemy in times of danger, thus helping to strengthen and protect the marriage.

My take: Kathy says her views are not main-stream and I agree. Most of our society does not follow a femdom/WLM philosophy. However that doesn’t make her views wrong. Many things that are ‘normal’ aren’t necessarily best. It’s interesting comparing her view of where a woman fits into the hierarchy of man/woman and God.  The author of Scotts’ post reiterates much of what other’s (able to separate themselves from the ‘male is superior and the female is inferior’ view) now believe when looking at God’s definition of a woman’s’ relation to her husband. She isn’t less; in fact she might be more. I ask you who question this belief to read all of the other uses of ezer and then be consistent in how you look at the two uses of it with respect to a woman.  One can’t say oil floats on water but then say, ‘well in this case oil can’t float on water.’  The same is true here. If ezer means protector/savior in every other use in scripture then Eve (woman) is also man’s protector/savior.

Personally I agree with Kathy’s statements. Every marriage is a covenant before God and in a femdom marriage (a wife led marriage) it necessitates that a man pledges to serve, love and obey and a wife to lead, train and hold her husband accountable. As the protector of the relationship, it’s her duty to watch over the marriage, to make sure it’s cared for properly; that the husband is protected from his own vices which may tear the marriage apart (affairs, porn, gambling, frivolous spending, selfish use of time, etc). The wife has been given the divine ability to see things that her husband simply cannot. Maybe that is where the concept of female intuition arises.

In order for a wife to adequately protect him, he must obey her. A parents role is to protect their children yet if a child refuses to listen and goes his own away against the advice of mom or dad they can't be protected. The same is true in a marital relationship. I believe the requirement of male obedience is a must. Contrary to many, living within the confines of what a wife allows is not a restriction, rather it is a gift; a gift she gives him. His gift to her is his service through his obedience.

Often when the lights have been turned out and Katie is snuggled up and lying on my chest or has told me to wrap myself around and spoon her from behind, she will tell me how safe she feels.   In one way, my bigger, stronger body serves as a physical and psychological comfort to her. It’s how I can protect her. Yet I feel very cared for as her husband. She takes care of me. She protects me. She watches out for me. She guides our marriage. She lets me have both freedoms as well as giving me boundaries that I must live within.  We mutually protect one another.  I protect her from physical harm; Katie protects me from every other.

I don’t claim to have the final answer to this question and part of the reason I am writing this post is to process thoughts and put them down on paper. It helps me to think things through and meditate on the views of others.

I’m Hers


  1. Wow, what a very strong post, I’m Hers. I think you took Kathy’s thoughts and that author’s observations and spun them into real gold. By pondering the meaning of an Ezer, and then applying it to a marriage, a couple can craft a powerful and joyful relationship; not to mention cleaner floors and bathrooms!

    In my own experience, dabbling in porn and spending time and money very unwisely can cause serious damage to a relationship and a lot of unhappiness. Those threats were pretty much eliminated once Donna stepped up to lead our marriage, and my ego stepped aside to admit that my wife is perfect for the job!

    Ladies who are bold enough to ascend and lead their relationships, whether as Heads of Household or as Keyholders, are to certainly be treasured. We’ve all seen what can happen when a man fails to keep his pants zipped up or has his priorities upside down. Lives and families can suffer for generations when someone strays or falls in to addiction.

    Katie, Donna, Kathy, Sandra, Katie of MyChasteHubby, Elise Sutton, Mistress Ivey, my friend Angelique and many others who lead, blog, or comment about the benefits of male chastity and strong female influence are responsible for bringing peace, strength and harmony to many homes.

    My lovely Donna keeps me much too busy with, laundry, vacuuming, dusting, planning meals, buying flowers, planning dates, cutting the grass, updating the checkbook and giving her foot rubs, to pursue any bad habits. Oh sure, I have to endure being forced to wear thong panties, having my nipples pinched and be called “My Little Bitch” every so often, and I’m forced to worship, caress and cuddle a beautiful woman’s body on demand, but I guess I can put with that in order to live with a very beautiful Goddess.

    Thanks for shining the light on our wise and wonderful valiant protectors, I’m Hers!

    Warm regards to you and Mistress Katie,


    1. Scott, you're the best! Thanks for sharing such a beautiful post comment. You've given me EVEN MORE to think about and I thank you. Thanks so much. Give my best to your Donna and have a wonderful weekend.

    2. Thank you kindly, IH. Good luck starting that mower ; - )