Saturday, August 1, 2015

Spreading the Word

One of my children recently got a job! Thank goodness he no longer has think about working for $10/hour or whatever menial wage he was getting.  This child is my frugal one. When he was younger he didn't get his license until most 21 when he got a girlfriend.  That girl prompted his decision to get the licence and pay for car insurance (I told my children from the get go that they were responsible for their own insurance. My logic was the longer I could keep them from getting behind the wheel of a car the more likely I could keep them alive.  Seeing a 16 year old behind the wheel in the city is a scary sight if you ask me. But I digress.)  When my son found new employment he also decided to upgrade his four year old flip phone and purchased a smart one.  I decided to send him a picture of my cell phone screen and indicated that these are the apps I use most often.  Included in that screen was Google maps, Genius Scan, my web and email apps, ESPN (of course!), my calendar, Google drive, Documents to go and a few others. 

He thanked me and then asked in a text, "What's Chorma?"  I smiled and sent him a reply.

"Its an app that Katie uses to help me keep track of the chores she wants me to do around the house."

"Haha, that is so funny."

We chatted back and forth a bit and I told him how helpful that app was for me because I really am a list person and having a list that keeps reminding me until it's completed is quite helpful.  As an aside, I'm exploring the Wunderlist app with Katie as we think we can better sync our phones and lives using that app rather than the Chorma app. If you happen to use Wunderlist and have comments to share, i'd love to hear them.

But back to my son.  A few days later he texted telling me his wife was out kayaking all day and felt so sore, What should I do?, He asked.

And so I responded, "Go get yourself some nice coconut oil or similar and give her a nice long massage like the good husband I know you are."

He bucked at that but I told him it really would help with muscle soreness and the clearing of wastes from all the exercise his wife had just endured. A few minutes later he agreed and said he was going to do it.

I texted him the following day asking if she enjoyed the massage. "I have gave her a long one. She liked it a lot."  

I replied, "I did the same thing for Katie for over an hour."

He sent me a smiley face.

Spreading the word about femdom doesn't need to be a kinky thing.  All one needs is a little honesty and a foundation that is based around the premise that she (your wife/partner) really is worth loving in ways that please her most.  Sharing an app that has to do with Katie keeping on top of me with my chores or commenting that I too give my wife massages are gentle ways of illustrating to my children that I do things to take care of my wife.  

I've shared in the past about talks I've had with my daughter and since that time she's asked me during phone conversations such things as, "Did Katie approve of you doing that?" or "was that OK with Katie?"  

Never have I openly told them I am her submissive husband or she my dominant wife.  Rather I limit my word choices to such things as "I'll need to check with Katie first," or, "if that's OK with Katie than I'll do that," or "I really don't have money to spend unless Katie lets me," and so on.  The bottom line of what I want my children to understand is that decisions flow through my wife and then out to me and not vice versa. So far I've had none of my children question our lifestyle or question me about living with an overbearing wife.  They don't because the see how very happy I am and how loved their dad is by his wife.

I hope you take time this week to share your femdom, FLR, WLM, D/s, Mistress/slave or whatever other term you use to describe what the two of you share, with others.  Spread the word.

I'm Hers. 


  1. You and I were thinking along the same lines this week. I was wondering why FLM isn't considered more of a "normal" form of marriage, as if there was such a thing. Good thoughts, as always!

    1. Thanks Mr Ellie, I enjoyed your post as well. Very well written.

  2. Very well done. My hat, if I was wearing one, would be off to you.

  3. Does either your son or daughter know you have a blog? If not, would you ever consider telling them? Kathy

    1. No and No. I've shared quite a bit of really personal info - including sexual info I have no intention of ever letting my children know about. They still think sex - when done by 'old' people is gross! LOL.

      I want my children to make up their own minds about life, marriage and marital structure in their own time. I will continue to share my views as they ask or as I care to express them but I don't ever want to force what I do on them.

    2. "sex - when done by 'old' people is gross!" Yes, my children feel the same way, although my wife and I try to share with them that a loving, sexual relationship is normal and healthy and makes for a happy marriage.
      I wish that I could share the joy that I have found in a FLR with my family members. First, my wife would never allow it, secondly, my father was a little too open with sharing about his relationship with a Mistress and it was just too much to share with offspring. It put my wife off from any interest in a ds relationship. The only good thing maybe that she is now willing to take on the role in our relationship to insure that I don't go looking for it elsewhere.