Saturday, September 12, 2015

Serving at the Pleasure of the Board

This morning, a Saturday, Katie and I slept in. We love to sleep in whenever we can. Sleeping in means really sleeping in; like getting up between 11 and noon. Today we finally got out of bed at exactly twelve-noon. Ah, it felt so good even if we did wake an hour earlier. We slept most of the night, and morning, and late morning with one of us spooning against the other. Our nights tend to be that way – with me wrapped around her or her around me. Anyway, when we finally woke Katie curled her body around me while I held her tight and lay on my back.

“I love being right here,” she said, her hand finding my uniquely male part which quickly shot to attention.

She played with me for the next several minutes, grabbing me, squeezing me, grabbing and shaking me and rubbing a little here and a little there before I finally asked, “What are you thinking about when you do that?”

“I don’t know, I just like doing it.”

During the minutes she played, I thought of the phrase I’ve heard at times, “He/she serves at the pleasure of the Board.” It’s an expression sometimes used to describe those like college presidents, CEO’s and similar that act as the figurehead of a company but really execute the orders of the Board that own the company.

In any event, I felt this Saturday morning that my body was serving the pleasure of the Board – the Board consisting of Katie. I laid still and let her play. I held her because I knew she loves having me do so. My thoughts went to how foreign my thoughts and feelings must be to her. I mean, she’s never been in my position. She’s never felt as if her body existed solely for my pleasure. And of course that’s true. That’s my role, not hers. She’s not lived the life of a submissive. She’s not been the one doing what she’s told. Only I have. She’s always been the one in charge and neither of us have a desire to switch.

Personally I love serving at Katie’s pleasure. I really do love being hers. I love seeing her feeling so free to express, play, have fun and be herself. If that alone was the sole benefit of a WLM that might be enough. Of course, there is much more that we’ve discovered along the way that is all positive and I’ve written at length about all the good of a femdom marriage. But on this morning, letting her be a goof was enough.

The good of Katie’s prolonged ‘play-time’ was how it progressed. We progressed from being close to being even closer. Fifteen minutes or so later after I heard several ‘yummy oohs, and ahhs’ we rose and began our day. No sooner did we dress then I heard more magic words, “do you want to go out to eat for lunch?”

“What do you have a hankering for?” I asked.

“I’m feeling fish.”

And so we did.

The waitress took her order, I"d like fried flounder; can I get dark side only?" she asked. 


Ten minutes later our meals arrived, two orders of fried flounder with hush-puppies, baked potato and ice tea - with lemon of course. And so we ate, with all the other seniors who arrived when we did just so they could get their meal before the dinner menu prices went in effect and prices went up. Gosh we're getting old!

OK, enough writing. Time to snuggle with my wife while we watch the 10 PM news. I'm so tired. Been a looong day. I've been up for 10 hours!

I’m out of here.

I’m Hers


  1. My friend .... I've become accustomed to a certain expectation when I see there is a new post from you. I expect a smile to come across my face because there always seems to be an uncanny resemblance in your words to the very things that happen in my life with my beloved Mistress K. I "blame" that on you and I being of similar vintage. Many of your posts, this one included, mirror a day in the life here in our Phoenix Palace where Mistress K. is Queen.

    As I said, I always look forward to reading your posts and it's because I expect to get a raging hard on from your graphic description of your intimate time with Katie. However, after reading this post, my uniquely male part which quickly shot to attention too ... for a simple reason that I hold near to my heart. A "Love Boner". Even before we entered into and later officially acknowledged our FLM, at times I would often get erect solely from the love I was feeling for my wife/Mistress. Love Boner.

    Thank you for making me hard ......... !

    1. Thanks SH. I'm glad I could stimulate your senses LOL.

  2. You are one lucky guy to have found your rightful place under the authority of your lady. I love reading how Katie has grown in her authority over you, her confidence in herself, and the two of you in your love for each other. Yes, lucky guy indeed!

    1. Anonymous, I am indeed a lucky man. I couldn't be more in love and I do believe she feels the same about me. It's a state I never wish to leave. Glad you enjoy the blog and hope you too will find similar love if you have not already.

  3. Wow, what a great little snapshot of love and devotion. This says it all:
    "I really do love being hers. I love seeing her feeling so free to express, play, have fun and be herself."

    Nicely done, IH!


    1. Scott,
      Thank you. I know full well that you feel identically. I know your Donna very much has the freedom to do as she wishes and you love her doing so. It's kind of like an online virtual party with the four of us living as we are :)