Sunday, January 24, 2016

Snow Bound!

When I shared with Katie I wouldn't have to work on Friday because of Jonas and the associated snow, the first words out of her mouth were,

"I'm so excited!!!!! (and I could hears that in her words) We get to snuggle all weekend!!"

She made me laugh and also made me feel more than special.  That evening when we finally went to bed she told me to 'maintain contact', meaning she wanted my body touching hers all night.  We snuggled tight all night and didn't get up until after 11AM and not before enjoying some nice time together.

Because the storm dropped a whopping 4-6" in our area we remained housebound for two days. With so much time on our hands, we had time for one another. And it was all good (and some of it was reallly good! :)

To those living where the heart of the storm hit, be safe. Take your time with the shoveling. Repetitive lifting of a heavy weight (eg. shoveling snow) is the greatest stressor one can put on  your heart. If you're out of shape.... be careful and take your time. (Or use a smaller shovel).

I'm Hers


  1. Hi IH, Stay safe out there. Just a word of caution for Mrs Katie. It is widely known that snow shoveling will cause significant shrinkage of the male reproductive organ, especially in chaste males. This activity should be restricted to KeyHolders only as a safety precaution. :)

    1. :) Thanks for thinking about my well-being. But I'm home and I'm free - been so all weekend .... and I'm not shoveling 4" of snow. I let it melt on it's own. I don't know if I'm getting lazy or smarter but it is going to be 50's here by Friday. You got to love the south!

    2. no need to shovel that much....we had 6 feet last year

    3. Nordicman.... you can have your snow and have what little we have too.... but I'd like to come and ski up there if I can :) I do miss my skiing (downhill) that is