Saturday, April 9, 2016

Recommended Blog

Mz Kaylee from commented on a previous post.  I stalked her site and found it quite enjoyable to read. I hope you will too.  Her blog is entitled "Femdom Think Tank" and focuses more on maintaining a femdom relationship rather than initiating one, although I'm sure all she has to say applies to both new and old regardless of her target audience. I love when i discover blogs that are more practical in nature and this one fits into that category. Mz Kaylee seems like a woman who has both dominant as well as common-sense qualities.  If you have the time, check her out and be sure to comment. Comments is what helps sustains blogs. Otherwise the authors have no idea if what they have to say is valued by others.

Best to all.

I'm Hers


  1. I concur my wise friend. I too have enjoyed her site for some time now.

  2. Thanks for the tip. It is so very helpful that you, Mz Kaylee, RWDDH and others are out there to help fledglings like me who just celebrated the 6 month anniversary of FLR bliss after over 30 tears of 'hanging in there'. It's a really big change and my wife is becoming more accustomed to her power. Without these blogs sharing real experiences and feelings there would be no way to figure out how
    FLR could work for our personalities. For example I would have never known how happy and fulfilling it would be for me to go shopping with my wife for a coat, holding her purse and old coat while she thus unencumbered was able to try on to her hearts' content. If not for reading about this in a blog somewhere we would have never experienced this simple pleasure (actually a bit hot for me to serve her in the woman's section!). You and others are providing a real service to individuals but also to society I think.

  3. Pete Marc, i'm so glad you decided to post such an encouraging comment. I can readily identify with what you and your wife are most likely experiencing and I do hope that the two of you can find True contentment in each of your roles as dominant and submissive. I think you have found good blogs to drawl experiences from As you learn more about living your respective roles. In the end though, it really comes down to your wife being willing to lead and you being willing to obey. It's really not rocket science :-). I hope you stop by and share thoughts again. Thank you.

  4. The only problem is her blog recently died -- she doesn't post anything anymore.