Friday, July 1, 2016

Snippets From Life

I have nothing profound to say here. During the past few days Katie and I have been able to spend time together. I’m on vacation and it feels so good to be with her every day and not have work interrupt ‘life’.  We’ve worked outside in the yard together. We’ve baby sat together. We’ve spent time with friends at a concert. We’ve slept in! We’ve taken day trips to places we enjoy. We had fun and we bonded. Gosh it makes me ache for retirement. Katie keeps telling me, “If we could only win the lottery”. Yea, right! But I understand where she’s coming from. I wish we could afford to do so as well. Anyway, here are four snapshots from our life that had something to do with living a Wife Led Marriage.  Enjoy.


Some days ago Katie was playing a game of spider solitaire on the computer. I watched her slowly get destroyed as one rotten hand after another presented itself on her screen. She was unsuccessful in her ability to unjumble the mess. Finally with one hand to go I said, “I’ll help you with this. If we end up winning, I promise to be your slave forever.” Now slave is not a term I hardly ever use and one she never uses. Every once in a while she will call me ‘sub’ or ‘my sub’ but ‘slave’? Never. 

Anyway, without looking at me she answered, “You’re already my slave forever.”

I about wanted to shout hallelujah but curbed the response and simply smiled. Nevertheless, I loved hearing her response and have thought and re-thought about her words in the days since. It takes so little to feed my submission – just a little reminder in a profound way that I belong to hers is all I need. I’m glad she sees me as her ‘slave’. What a yummy thought!


Some nights ago we were lying in bed talking. The lights were out and Katie was on her side, snuggled in tight against me. One hand lightly touched my body and eventually it made its way south – down there. While she fondled me I asked, “What are you looking for down there?”


I laughed. “You’re looking in the wrong place. There’s no gold there.”

“I found gold nuggets,” she replied

“Ahh, well you got ripped off if that’s what you wanted from me. I’m sure you could have found someone with bigger nuggets than that.”

We laughed and then she grabbed a hold of me. “I found the gold bar.”

I was quite limp when she first took hold. “Well then you really got ripped off.”

As I started to grow she counted out, “one-thousand dollars, two thousand dollars, three thousand dollars,…..”.

“Dang, you did find a gold mine!” I exclaimed.

“Yep, and I might as well put it to good use while it’s worth a lot. Put on some lubricant.”

“Yes Ma’am!”

So ends that story. You don’t need to know the rest :) but I’ll let you imagine.


On another evening while in bed, Katie asked me where (geographically) something was.  Because it was dark I drew a sketch on her belly. As I moved my hands up between her breasts she exclaimed, “Wo, you’re all the way up in the Adirondacks now!” (to those not from around here, they are a mountain range quite a way north – much further than the town I was describing that was nowhere near Upstate New York.)


A few days ago Katie opened the mail. She left one piece on the counter. Just before leaving the room she called, “There’s something for you there.”

As I read it I realized it was one of those solicitations from the local car dealer telling me just how much they ‘needed’ my car. The letter stressed just how important it was for me to come see them because there were others apparently “dying to buy my used car”. Basically this was a glorified ploy to get me to trade in my vehicle for another new car but they dressed the disguise up well enough for me to read it in its entirety. The letter stated they even had a check in the amount of $xxx waiting for me. All I needed to do was bring my vehicle to their dealership. It would be that easy. At the bottom of the typed letter was a hand written note in cursive. “We hope to see you soon. Please don’t delay.” Then, at the very bottom was another line in cursive in a slightly different colored ink that read “And your wife is HOT!”

I giggled knowing Katie had written that last line. I called to her. I knew she was in the other room waiting for my response.  “That dealer sure has good taste in women! He says you are hot, Katie.”
I’ve since reminded her several times about the car-dealers’ comment regarding how hot she is. She smiles every time I do.


Earlier this week I climbed in bed and gave Katie a kiss. “You’re beautiful!” I said enthusiastically and hugged her.

“Do you really mean that?”

Her question was sincere. “Oh Katie. I do! You are so beautiful. I love you!”

She kissed me. It was one of those nice long kisses. The kind I really like.


You know, before we started our WLM relationship I’d often compliment her, telling her how pretty, how beautiful and how nice she looks. Often her response amounted so something in the line of “if you think so” or “if you say so.”  I could never figure out why a woman as attractive and sexy as her would question her appearance for she is beautiful indeed.

I’ve been relentless in affirming her ever since we first met. I’ve repeatedly told her in various ways that she’s beautiful. Not a day goes by that I don’t tell her so several times. “Katie, you are beautiful.” “Katie, I love you.” “Katie, you look great.” “Katie, that top looks great on you.” “Katie, I love seeing your smile.” “You have such pretty hair; I love brushing it for you.”

I tell her in all kinds of ways. Sometimes I’ll call home and when she answers with a hello, I’ll ask, “Am I talking to the beautiful Mistress Katie?” or “Is this my beautiful wife?” or “Is there a mistress at the other end of this line with whom I can speak?” Now she will answer by affirming she is ‘the beautiful Miss Katie’, that ‘you are speaking to your beautiful wife’, and ‘you are talking to a mistress’.  

I don’t hear the ‘if you say so’ comments anymore. I haven’t heard them for months and I hope I never hear them again.

The changes in perception from her responding to my “your beautiful” with an “if you say so” to one where she now answers the phone and tells me she is my beautiful mistress or now playfully writes on a piece of junk mail “your wife is hot” was a slow process but it is one that has been so fun to see evolve.

I like writing about our life. I hope examples like these encourage you as a submissive man to continue adoring, having fun and affirming your wife for the beautiful woman she is. If you are a woman, I hope examples like these can provide you a sense of assurance if you struggle with fully embracing your beauty and your status as head of your home. To you, I invite you to put your inhibitions aside. Be the mistress you are. Take control. Have fun with the mutual roles you and your man share. Be yourself. Know your submissive loves you and wants nothing more than to see you express your confidence readily.

I’m Hers


  1. Hi i'm hers. Especially your last example (... if you say so...) is something I often see with my beautiful and amazing almost wife (wedding is this year in september, after more than ten years together). I told her about two years ago about my submissive fantasies and we tried some things out but it didn't really work well. But now i am about to start again from the beginning of my submissive life. Never give up. And sooner or later she won't ask me if this or that dress looks good on her, because she will know that she looks damn hot and very beautiful in just every dress i can imagine! thanks for your blog, it is nice to read. phil

    1. phil, first off.... congrats on your soon-to-be marriage! I'm sure you are both excited. I wish you both the best as you make those sacred commitments to one another. My curiosity wants to know if someone will use the word 'obey' in their vow. Now wouldn't that be something memorable. One little 4-letter word :) Go for it!
      You know, I'm learning it takes a long time to undo life. Your bride has probably looked at herself in the mirror or been told by others she is less than beautiful. The world can be a hard place to live. Having accepted she is less than what she really is it will take time for you to undo that self-image. It will take 1,000's of "you are beautiful's" said in a 100 different ways for her to begin to see the real her that is so beautiful indeed. Never give up. Never
      I would refer you to the RRDDHW site. They have an online text you can download. It would be a good read for your bride if she has at least some interest in pursuing a WLM. That site, Femdom Think Tank, Conquer Him and Femdom 101 are other blogs hosted by women. She might find solace in reading from the perspective of another woman.
      Thanks for taking the time to share and please don't make this your last time.

  2. What a sweet posting! Your love for your wife comes through so loud and clear. Every woman needs to be told that their beauty is recognized by their man, and doing it regularly is always welcomed, even if she "protests". Good for you!

    I had to chuckle at your knee jerk reaction to her assertion that you were already her slave for life. Undoubtedly, a fantasy-in-waiting, and I know that you would just hate it if it were to somehow manifest itself in real life, right?

  3. I’m Her’s
    Thanks for another insightful posting. The little things can make a huge difference to a submissive husband. I especially love and can relate to your Katie referring to you as her slave forever. Doesn’t get much better than that.

    Last year I asked my wife if I could become her slave. She agreed. After a while she told me that because of my frequent lapses – poor attitude, lack of respect, disobedience, etc -- I did not deserve the honor and privilege of being her slave. So for the past 8 months I have been her slave-in-training . She has been training and helping me become the husband and slave that she wants and deserves. Just the other day she texted me at work to tell me that I have been making good progress toward being promoted to become her slave forever. Like you, that was the highlight of my day – I could not get her words out of my mind.

    Thanks again for sharing yours and Katie’s story.

  4. Excellent reminders to us all of the good things in life. We all have times when things get us down and it is always good when we can hear about a friend's good times.
    Such words bring light to everyone.

  5. Wonderful snippets. I can tell you two really love each other. Just remember, part of what makes the vacations really special is because they are rare moments when you take a pause from everyday life to stop and smell the roses and enjoy each other. If every day was like that, it would not be as special. Vacations and a few long weekends together every now and then are important.

  6. Thanks for sharing those snippets of your life, I'm-Hers! It's enjoyable to see some of the fun, loving things you and Katie do for each other.

    You must have been on cloud nine when Katie said, "You are already my slave forever."

    You telling Katie, "If we end up winning, I promise to be your slave forever." allowed her to make a nice affirming statement without having to do any extra work or role-play. You didn't plan it that way, but it was a nice lob pass to Miss Katie that she could slam dunk without having to break stride! I may have to borrow that phrase when I'm eager for attention from Donna, but don't wish to beg her for it or mope around.

    You two are blessed to be able to love and support each other and to have fun in your respective roles! May you continue to do so!!