Saturday, August 20, 2016


When I was a horny and immature teenager I remember someone telling me about what the letters ADIDAS stood for. It had nothing to do with the athletic shoe company. Rather I was told ADIDAS was an acronym for All Day I Dream About Sex. Of course I giggled when I first heard this because it was a bit 'dirty' as well as funny - for a 14 year old boy.

Now some 40+ years later, that acronym still holds significance because it still remains true. I do dream about sex all day long. However I dream, dwell and focus on more than just sex. I lust after my wife. I think about her all the time. I find her hot, sexy and incredibly passionate when she feels like being so. Let me expound on my thinking to drive this point home more fully.

Yesterday she stood from the sofa and bent forward to pick up something from the coffee table. I was sitting next to her. My eyes didn’t go move to what she was getting, rather it moved to her butt. I love looking at her butt! I love looking at it, touching it and grabbing it (when I'm permitted to do so.)

Whenever she’s driving I can’t help but look at the graceful curve of her breast. I don't know what it is about a woman's figure but they were made to appeal to a mans' eye and Katie's appeals to me all the time.

When she stands and wears a short top, I love seeing the front of it hang loosely and away from her abdomen, knowing her ample chest is pushing it forward and letting it fall in that sexy way.

When she walks ahead of me, upstairs, or for that matter most anywhere when she takes the lead, I limit my viewing area to her legs, her figure and the the sway of her gait. There's not another person I'd rather let my senses absorb than her.

When sitting next to her, I’ll often kiss her on the neck and bury my head into her hair. I love the way it feels to have her hair cover my face and I love smelling that perfume that reminds me of Katie.

“Rub my back,” she will often say nightly. “My pleasure!” I’ll think. I get to touch her body; feel her small frame and tight muscles and sometimes even get to hear her moan as my fingers and hands perform their magic.

I love the feel of her small wrists, her petite fingers and body in general.

Everything about her is sexualized to some degree. I dream about her. I think about her. I want to be near her. I want to touch her. I want to snuggle behind every night and wrap my arms around her or turn away just so I can feel her do the same to me. 

I don’t know what she is thinking but I know exactly what I’m thinking and what I want. More! I’m always looking for more!

We made love this morning. Later we were downstairs watching the Olympics and sipping coffee. She was stroking my leg. “Do you want to go back upstairs and make love again?”

“I just want to touch you,” she responded.

“She was content doing what she was doing. Me, I was being “ADIDAS”! I was hoping I could get more.
Luckily she doesn’t mind me pawing over her. She enjoys me appreciating her for who she is and how she looks. I think it makes her feel completely secure knowing her husband is fulfilled by her. And I am. But I still dream about those times when small things lead to other things – to ADIDAS kinds of things.

I’m Hers


  1. Fantastic post. It is great that you still get excited by these little things about your wife.

    1. Thanks Ms Kaylee. I still do and always have. Hope I always will too.

  2. I would add "Yahoo!" Beautiful words. Lovely imagery. Highly sensuous. Cleverly penned. Sweetly spiced thoughts. They are so pleasing to behold. She is "fine". A blog written on the artist's canvas. Thanks for one cup of sunshine.