Friday, August 26, 2016

Buying In and Staying Bought In

I’ve served as my wife’s submissive for several years now. Our relationship has evolved over time. I’d say that in the past two years things have pretty much settled into a state of equilibrium. She knows her role and I know what is expected of me.

In the previous post I wrote as to how my mind constantly dwells on Katie’s beauty, her physical attributes and my appreciation of those attributes. My point was one I think must men can identify with. Men love sexual stimulation. We often think with our genitals and because we do it allows women to use ‘sex’ to their advantage especially in FLR/WLMs. Our sex drive is one of the most, if not the most, powerful drive we guys have. We love sex and for most, place that experience as something we seek more than anything else.

I wrote the last post knowing I was going to write this one. I did it to set the stage to address a more significant issue. Yes, I think about sex and Katie’s body quite a bit. In this post I want to focus the discussion of ‘sex’ around the topic of sex and denial. Most living in a FLR have experienced this. For many couples the dance plays out like this: the two of you make love. She experiences one or more orgasms but you don’t get to have one – and in the end she’s left satisfied but so are you – kind of. You’re left wanting and frustrated but you wouldn’t trade that feeling for anything.

When Katie and I first experimented with this we combined it with chastity. I think we both came to believe that this kind of lovemaking far superseded the 'old way'. Things didn't end when I released. Things didn't end because I was told to forego my orgasm. As a result our times spent making love lasted longer - sometimes quite long. As for me, the time between releases was maybe a week, but Katie quickly lengthened the time to two, three and then four weeks. Of course it was me who requested she do so. My asking had to do with my inherent desire to ‘see if I could do it'. It was a thing of pride. It became a challenge. "I lasted 56 days!" “I made it to 102 days!”  My period of denial ended up becoming something Katie liked and so what started out as a week or two grew to 30, 60 and 90 days and eventually to six months and then a year. Because they were all "first times" I pretty much remained on a high.

However, to be perfectly honest when the times got beyond a few months there were periods during those prolonged times of denial when I felt abandoned. Denial lost its appeal. I didn’t enjoy the position in which I found myself. It felt too long. I felt like I had somehow lost a part of me when we shared our most precious of times. Don't get me wrong, I loved being the one who served as the man that brought Katie to repeated climaxes. I came to love - and still love that part of our closeness but that sharing has become mostly one sided. I found the thrill I once experienced to be much diminished. My climax was not the focus and hasn’t been for many months. Yet this is what I asked for and this is what she gave me.  Presently I’m on my third venture to another year of being denied. I think I'm about to reach seven months since the last time but I don’t hardly keep track of the days anymore. Again I have been feeling those ‘I’m alone in all of this’ kinds of emotions. It's hard to explain but I simply miss sharing an orgasm with her, or simply climaxing because I can - and because she said I could this time.

It’s not that I don’t love making love. I do. I crave it. Since we've become a wife-led-marriage Katie has helped me learn that sex shouldn’t be about me and I'm glad she's allowed me to experience this.  I’ve learned to completely reframe our times of closeness. Before they were one-sided. Now they've become all about her and how I can serve as her source of those - sometimes quiet, sometimes not so quiet - internal explosions that she experiences when we are together. But our time really has become less about me and more about her and I miss that we don't share as we once did when my time in denial was for shorter periods of time.

I find that when we make love now that I don't experience those incredible ‘I’m about to explode' feelings that I once did. Instead I'm more subdued, more in control and less emotional. Maybe its age but I don't think it is. I think it's more like I know that I can't ever go there and so I've somehow learned how to keep my mind from experiencing those heightened emotions associated with a climax soon-to-be.

There have been a couple of posts put up recently that seemed to have been written just for me. One referenced an ejaculation-schedule a wife put her husband on. She denies him but allows him periodic releases after so many weeks or after he has treated her to a certain number of orgasms. When I read about the typical number of days she keeps him from experiencing a release I thought she was being too generous but the idea of knowing that on "this day" things would happen appealed to me. Gosh, it sounded like such a nice compromise. Denial for her, hope of a release for him. To know that denial had an end in sight before it would once more start again resonated with where I am. This wife presented a different philosophy than the one Katie subscribes to of limiting me to once a year (or once every 16 months as she suggested last week!).

Let me tell you, a year is a long time to remain without an ejaculation. It’s a really long time. The first time I went there was a time of exploration and I'm glad she permitted me that experience, but now that I know I can do it, it's not so much fun thinking things will only happen once a year (or even less). It's tough to emotionally adapt to that way of thinking. Maybe it's because it cuts to the very heart of who I am as a sexually active man.

There was a blog that is no more by a woman that called herself "Katie Christian". She believed the only reason for male ejaculation was for the purpose of procreation. That's fine for her to think that way but the more significant question from a marital happiness perspective is: 'is he willing to go there with you' for the remainder of his life? Is he willing to completely abandon a part of his masculinity that has been so central to his manliness?

Marriage is a union of two people. It takes two people to buy into how a couple will live. Some wouldn't even dream of living a life the way Katie and I do, others wouldn't ever consider committing to marriage. Others believe in 50/50 relationships. Every couple has different aspirations and viewpoints on how they feel they can best succeed as a couple. Whatever choices a couple makes, in order for that relationship to remain healthy and thrive, both need to buy in on how they will live, interact and relate. It's not enough for one to say, this is how it will be and I don't give a sh#* what you think. It does matter what the other thinks because you’re a couple and as a couple you will either sink or swim.

My point here is that for dominance to work, the submissive needs to buy into his submission and cater to his wife’s dominance. He needs to obey. He needs to respect. He needs to treat her with the honor she deserves. For submission to work, the same needs to be true. She need to treat him like the servant he is. She needs to reinforce that his job is to please her and to do whatever it is she expects of him. 

With regard to sex, it’s pretty clear that a man’s orgasm is associated with a reduction in that desire to perform sexually. Too many ejaculations seem to lead to a lazy man and one who can become selfish and self-centered. However, what happens when denial is taken to a point that is ‘too long’? Can it be taken too far? Is six months or a year or forever an expectation he should expect to agree to? Besides potential health risks (another matter entirely), can a wife deny her husband for too long a time?

I’m wondering about that very thought. The goal in denying me in the first place has always been to increase my desire, my responsiveness and my lust for Katie. She’s denied me to enable her to make love with me for more than 30 seconds. She’s taught me how to deny myself in order or allow us to remain sexually close for longer periods of time. She’s cultivated my submission by denying me the freedom she has enjoyed every time we do make love. She’s forced me to remain dependent. I need to ask permission. I need to not expect I will be granted permission. All of this reinforces her dominance and my submission.

Denying sex, or certain aspects of sex can serve as powerful reminders of who is dominant and who serves. But if the time becomes too long, if he loses his longing and doesn’t buy in the way he once did, might a lengthy denial-period work against what the wife wants from him? I think it might. I hope this post serves as food for thought for others. I know I’ve been giving this lots of thought as the time since ‘the last time’ seems like forever ago and the time til the next time still seems impossibly far away. I’m once more stuck in limbo land and it feels like a lonely place to be right now.

I’m Hers


  1. Very intriguing post I'm Hers. Seems we're always thinking and re-thinking. I am by no means close to the level of denial as you, although I am currently in my longest ever period of denial, just under 3 months. It is certainly a change of scenery to go 2 to 3 weeks with out threatening even the verge of an orgasm. I don't look forward to getting resigned, or used to the feeling such as you described but I can see it perhaps happening. I might have to cross that same bridge sometime, I don't know.

    The thing I'm thinking about that could or would help the situation is the use of ruined orgasms. Is that something you guys do? Queen J and I have incorporated them into our love making and I find that their sporadic use keeps me more engaged than I might be otherwise. There are of course many different ways to lead up to and eventually receive a ruined orgasm and we find that we enjoy the added element of such play in our intimacy. Initially a ruined orgasm was simply frustrating. Now however, they are rarely that. They are quite rewarding and fulfilling for this submissive's heart.

    From your writing I suspect that your and Katie's intimacy is different from ours. Ruined orgasms, to be fulfilling, need to be administered by the Dom. It does take specific, concentrated effort on her part and she would have to be comfortable allowing a certain amount of pleasure to and for the sub. If the sex is always about the Dom, and it is accepted and agreed to by both parties, and the Dom doesn't get any enjoyment from ruined orgasm play then of course that option is off the table.

    So if it's not to much to ask, do you guys do this sort of play? If not have you discussed it? Could it be an option for you? From my point of view, I think your doldrums could be shorted significantly if you did!


    1. "Initially a ruined orgasm was simply frustrating. Now however, they are rarely that."

      I completely understand this comment brother. Since I have only been allowed 12 or so full-on orgasms in the past 4 years, I have literally been conditioned to prefer (and therefore beg for) a ruined orgasm over a full one. I've thought about it a great deal and have come to the conclusion that the expectation of still being in a state of arousal after a ruined orgasm, as opposed to the drop off associated with a full orgasm, is the reason. Plus, I'll also be honest, I truly do love performing for Mistress K. and being expected to allow it flow while she watches is wonderful.

    2. sublove, thanks for stopping by again to share thoughts and ask questions. We've never done the ruined orgasm - at least not purposely. There have been times when I've gotten too close and 'its happened' but it wasn't something that she intentionally tried to make happen. There's a big difference. Most of the times that 'its happened' it resulted in an immediate cessation of what we were doing and although she didn't scold me or anything I know she wasn't all that pleased with me getting so close that I couldn't help myself.

      I've suggested the ruined orgasm thing but have always done it as a passing comment. Its not been something she's wanted to do and so I don't think it will be part of our sex play/life. For you guys, I'm glad you have found this as a means of getting satisfaction. I think the thought of her taking the time to ruin you is a very loving thing to do. Keep loving her and do what you can to be the best man for her. Thanks again for commenting.

  2. Ever since I "met" you, I have always felt that there was a distinct parallel between our lives. The words you sometimes put to "paper" resonate with me so well because they describe many of the same thoughts and feeling that I share in my FLM with my beloved Mistress K.

    "She’s denied me to enable her to make love with me for more than 30 seconds." Same

    "She’s cultivated my submission by denying me the freedom she has enjoyed every time we do make love." Same

    "She’s forced me to remain dependent. I need to ask permission. I need to not expect I will be granted permission." Same .....

    "But if the time becomes too long, if he loses his longing and doesn’t buy in the way he once did, might a lengthy denial-period work against what the wife wants from him?" I absolutely believe that this is the case. It's a constant balance and both parties must work at maintaining that balance. There are times when I am a rabid horndog as a direct result of my denial, while there are other times where I feel myself entering into the "well it's not going to happen anyway so I might as well just fall asleep on the couch" routine. We discuss it and refer to the tease and denial vs. the tease and ignore lifestyle.

    Like you so aptly stated, T&D is a super great way for the submissive husband to remain in an almost constant state of desire, but T&I is also a sure fire way to cause the kind of problems that should never exist in an FLM .... apathy.

    I will tell you that ever since Mistress started only implementing a minimum of once a month release/milking, much of the bad feelings you have expressed here have dissipated a great deal. Perhaps it is something as simple as knowing that at least once a month, there will something done to me that coaxes my ejaculate from my body, and at least the associated attention that is required to do that is highly anticipated. Even if that attention is ordered to be my own hand.

    Keep loving her like you do my friend. Things aren't always perfect, I know, but they sure are awesome!

    1. Yep, I agree. The T and D is the way to go - vs the T and I. I was feeling a little bit of the ignore - kind of and that was the impetus for writing the above post. I have a follow up post to follow that will look at this from a different perspective so it will be interesting to get your thoughts on that 'flip side' of things. I think what needs to happen is for a wife to make her husband feel wanted and his denial appreciated. Personally I think we are making strides and that in itself is positive attention. We've talked more about this since I wrote this post and things have changed. Might write about that at some point.

      Thanks for sharing SHIP. I've been thinking about you given the lapse in posting I noticed on your blog. Hope you are well!

    2. Thanks buddy!. Yeah, I do so very much posting in my blog, but life has just been so hectic this summer. Life is good I the SHIP and I hope the same is true for you!

  3. Have you talked to your wife about how you feel? Not just mention it but have a serious talk about your feelings? I would hope that she would take in what you say and consider changing things up a bit. I think the way you present it in your post is very respectful and honest.

    T&D is a fabulous tool to keep the man in a continuous state of arousal and focused on the woman. Like any tool, if not used correctly, it can cause damage. I think it is fabulous that you have experimented with the long-term denial but it sounds like it is now having a negative effect. Woman, as leaders of the relationship should be constantly assessing how things are going and be strong enough to adjust or change when needed. Change is good and necessary.

    I practice T&D with my husband. Similar to your wife, I started out with short periods and overtime made my husband wait longer and longer. However, I pay attention to his mood and behavior and use that as a guide to determine when to allow an orgasm. He often becomes annoying when he is denied too long so that's a sign to me that he is due for an orgasm. There are also time when I allow an orgasm just because I want to allow it. I like to vary the length of time as find that keeps him guessing and makes it more exciting and fun during the tease. When I tease him, he never knows if he will be allowed an orgasm. Sometimes he goes for 3 - 4 months and sometimes he may get an orgasm within a week or two. In my opinion, this variation strengthens his commitment and focus on me and avoids the alone feeling that you are experiencing.

    1. Mz Kaylee,
      Thanks for your thoughts and suggestions. I've passed your comment on to her (actually read it to her) along with others I've received via email. We have talked. I don't think we are done talking but we've talked about things and things will change. I will write more on this in the posts to come. Again, thank you!

  4. I do not comment often, but read most of your post.I think we are close in age and I have been married over 30 yrs. A lot of your comments hit home with me. I am not denied a year at a time as you have described . This would not work for me. Like you , if I am caged to long , it looses its appeal and I lose that great feeling of closeness and intamemtcy. Also after being caged and denied for over a few weeks, when I am allowed a orgasm, it is not all that good. It takes a few to get to that, great release feeling. Maybe its my age and just takes a little while to get things working again. We have found I need to be released more often to feed my ego and keep our relationship fresh.I do wear the cage most days and never know when I will be unlocked and like it that way , but my wife is learning to read me and knows when i need to be released. This seems to be working for us. I am approaching 200 days of wearing the cage this year , with releases along the way.

    1. fabricater. I hear you! I hear that when you do ejaculate that it takes more than one at your age. I feel the same way - kind of like I can't clean the pipes fully the way I could when I was 19 :). I'm hoping she will start a shorter time period of denial than before but so far she hasn't done anything different. Yet I know she understands my thoughts and feelings. My hunch is she doesn't want to just 'reward' me right away. At least that's what I'm hoping she's thinking. She keeps her thoughts close to the chest and doesnt' always tell me what the future holds - especially when it comes to making love. I'm about to get a shower and relock. Like you it's pretty much every day (minus my summer break). Thanks for commenting. I do appreciate hearing your thoughts as a fellow 'older guy' like myself. Take care.

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  6. I hope your wife shows enough concern about you to modify things. The sadness in your post is palpable. I would think you would slide into depression and hopelessness.

    1. Anonymous, time is going to tell on that. She knows. She's heard my thoughts. But I promised to submit and obey so I will see what happens. Thanks for your concern and thoughts however when looking at life as a whole - me sliding into depression and hopelessness probably won't happen. I have so much to be thankful for.

  7. You wove the web, got caught in it, and now you want to come along and snip out some of the main threads in the web .
    I can fully understand, how you feeling ignored, truly could be a problem in a marriage, but should not be one in your WLM. You began with an egalitarian relationship, but saw a better way, and engineered a new way to live with her that you both embraced; a feat many still strive for. You shared the power, but you gave it away. That is the sweet beauty of it.
    You can and should discuss these needs with her and having read your blog for so long, I'm sure she will sincerely listen to you. But all you can do is ask, as that is what you built together.
    The previous post validated how a WLM can rekindle and outshine any feelings that existed before the way you live now. But all you can do is ask. You wove the web, but now you are in it. JT

    1. Or, he can take care of himself and leave.

    2. OK, let's address the second of the two comments here. I would never up and leave. To equate me having sex 2-4 times per week while being denied; to have the honor of bringing her off to several orgasms each time we do make love is so wonderful. I love that. I love the intimacy we share. But even (way, way way above that) I love my wife. Leaving is a non issue; a topic not even to be considered. If I conveyed that I was that unhappy with 'life' I apologize.

    3. JT, it is so good to have you back and commenting. Thanks for taking the time to share. One of the issues I have as her submissive is making our relationship about me. I don't want it to be ab out me but instead want it to be about her. For that reason I tend to not share all of my wants and desires. I want her to live her life as she sees fit and I want to fit my life around her chosen path. Make sense? So when it comes to sex and denial, she's chosen to want the sex (often) but not finish me. Do I wish she'd do it more often? Sure do. And finally I decided to address this with her and she has listened.... but I haven't ejaculated yet either :). Like you said, all I can do is ask. But even as I am now - waiting - there is less tension internally because I know she's listened and I know I'm loved. Loved in the web I've woven. Stop by again and comment when you have the chance.

    4. "Make sense?"
      Yes, very much so; no argument.
      It is a slow journey, but our marriage steadily moves in the being 'about her' direction.
      I've patterned many of my 'I belong to you' mantras from yours and a select few other blogs. The Conquer Him blog also is full of valuable lessons in the attitudes that I have adapted, but Conquer probably would be unsympathetic to the plight you spoke of here, in my opinion. She seems to give absolutely no quarter to the needs of the partner. It sometimes seems to read that the relationship requires a totaly supportive, responsive, semi-creative and unilateraly motivated partner. Perhaps a block of wood with a smile painted on its face, blinders on it eyes and an iPod inserted in its stomach with a constantly renewable selection of motivational podcasts in it would suffice for a mate. Your feelings are most definitely a part of a sucessful equation and must be considered in a WLM, BUT, she must act on them, as you said.
      Abby and I are happier now than we ever have been before, in all the ways of being together, but the basic tenant is that it is all her final choice or decision on matters. If she does not feel that that ability is real, that it is a game, well, then I guess it does not mean all that much and the feelings I experience are tainted as well.
      I also was a little wary of using the woven web analogy being that by implication, Katie was in the center of the web, but if she was, she would be a beautiful version of what the analogy implied ;) JT

    5. JT, you make me smile. You really need to have your own blog. You have much to offer and explain things so well. Glad you and the misses have such a wonderful relationship. As to the Conquer Me site - I feel much as you do - there is much good she offers women and I think most women take what she has and make it their own per their personality and needs/wants. I'll leave my thoughts at that. ;0

  8. Some nice answers..
    My take is that it HAS to work for both partners.........

    1. The Explorer, I agree - mostly. But if you've lived in a D/s relationship or understand the foundational principles of it wouldn't you also agree that the sub never gets all he wants? Meaning - that sometimes he is told 'no' or 'not now' or 'I'll think about it' or 'don't count on me me doing this' or similar. I do agree however that the majority of life does need to run with both parties having bought in to the dynamics of their relationship. For me.... I know that Katie loves me and therefore she won't ignore things near and dear to my heart. Thanks for sharing and hope you do so again.

  9. Great discussion. Mz Kaylee raises some good point and seems to be in line with my mate. I'm sure that this discussion and sharing will help your wife determine the best course for the two of you.

    My partner has determined when I'm going to climax for probably six years, although she extended the 'typical' time from 7-10 days to usually over a month but usually not much beyond that point (4-6 weeks total). She likes to mix it up. I'm not longer ever allowed to ask for release. I may ask to be stroked (T&D) but she makes that ultimate decision. She loves to touch gently then just rest her hand 'there' in a teasing manner without saying anything and knowing that I'm not permitted to pester her at all.

    Twice she had me go just over three months upon the recommendation of one of her girlfriends. I knew her girlfriend suggested three months but didn't think Rachel would require that long between releases. After a glorious release, she then announced that she hoped I enjoyed it because it would 'probably be the last time I came the rest of the year.' I thought she was teasing and certainly was disappointed when she didn't permit me to climax during the holidays. It was a test of my submission at that point in that I didn't ask and only engaged in discussion about it when she raised it. I learned a lot about myself - and us - during that time. It was a good lesson and later prepared me when her girlfriend spoke about making me go 4 months. I survived that time and since it was a longer period usually between my climaxes but it has helped to bring me closer to Rachel, allowed me to enjoy our time together and respond to her wants in bed - and outside in a more stellar manner.

    Rachel is smart and reads me well. She sometimes gives me rewards but not based on my specific behavior since at this point, focused behavior is expected since it is what I promised. My release is not connected with my behavior except extending when my performance is not up to her expectations.

    As others have said, it's not easy to make this work but when it works, it has a magical way to bring you closer to your lady. It is very tough at times but learning ways to communicate and to deal with those times help considerably. Your blog also has helped. Thanks and good luck calibrating your release to make it work for both of you.


    1. John, I miss those long emails you and I use to exchange. Glad to see you are alive and kicking!!! I believe we can learn so much from one another through the stories they tell and your story is no exception. What you described about that year in denial confirmed how I felt. It was a long time. I did learn much about my self. Now that this is the second or third time (I really can't remember) it feels differently than that first time - that venture into the unknown. And so with this most recent time in denial I felt the need to express those thoughts to Katie and this and the post following it were my thoughts on this emotional venture I am on with the love of my life.

      I know from what you have written that Rachel cares for you deeply and you should feel forever in-debt to her for the time and love she has shown you. Best regards to you both! Please stop by again.

  10. Nice response. I am fascinated by relationships like yours. I don't live this lifestyle though I do fantasize about it. Wifey would never do It. Role play a bit. Thank you for sharing your life. I enjoy your blog.

    1. Ah, Mr explorer, I think 'wifey' might be more into having you do the laundry for her every saturday as well as you cleaning the kitchen after every dinner meal more than you might think. I don't know of a woman in the world that wouldn't mind having her husband take a more active role in the home - as well as making her the apple of her eye. You two should talk more about it. Thanks for sharing and thanks for the positive feedback about the blog. Always appreciated.

    2. Point taken. Good idea. Thank you..

  11. 'Wifey would never do it'
    You might really be surprised; Felt the same way with a similar kind of wife.
    Put her on a pedestal, do what she wants, when she wants, as she wants, but keep it all in the same lifestyle manner, the way you always lived except now, she chooses.
    If you are sincere and consistent, her persona will grow as she becomes more comfortable and confident in you being there for her. I love the queen/knight analogy.
    I'm priveledged to have a man cave kitchen in the garage by the grill on the deck where she decided was the perfect place to host a rummage sale recently. I spent the afternoon there prepping for a tailgate later that evening, meanwhile, rummagers commented on the platters I was fixing and the fact that I kept my wifes drink cold and sample plate full. I don't believe they noticed her tapping her finger lightly on the table to prompt those actions as needed. She never was that way in the past but I don't think she minds too much now.
    I did this all in a guy way, standing tall, but she knows what she wants. This week shes got me shopping for the stuff I need to plate up things she wants when everyone comes over for kickoff on sunday. Doing these things just makes doing the other things so much easier, if you know what I mean ;) JT

  12. Great discussion you've got going here, I'm Hers! It certainly is no fun for me when denial moves into the realm of IGNORE.

    My wife is amazing at leading and expecting obedience from me, and we thoroughly enjoy our one-sided relationship, but she'll drop out of sexual play and overt displays of ownership for big chunks of time. Donna will get distracted or pulled into other demands & interest, and will forget about sex and d/s interaction, leaving me in a dilemma: do I press on quietly in loving support? Do I let her know that I'm needing a little attention? Do I drop hints? Do I beg her for teasing, touch or torment? Do I focus on her and tough it out till I fall off a cliff?

    I've done all of those, but the most helpful thing for us, in addition to being absolutely in love with each other, was to add the tiniest ritual to our daily routine. Luckily, I stumbled on a humble way of inviting her to engage ... at her own speed, depth or desire. I asked Donna if I could take a second and profess my gratitude, appreciation and love for her. She said, "Yes", so now every morning, I drop to my knees, and light-heartedly make professions or declarations like:
    -You are a majestic woman and wish to express how grateful I am that you're my Queen.
    -Thank you sooooo much for being my best friend and owner!
    -I pledge to love and obey you for ever!
    -You are a beautiful and strong Goddess and I appreciate your command over me.
    -You deserve to be cherished, loved and treated like the beautiful queen you are!
    - Thank you for providing me with guidance and firm control!

    We do this EVERY day, and this allows Donna to respond any way that suits her, but she always responds. It's sort of like me lobbing a softball over the plate: she'll ALLWAYS swing, no matter busy or not-busy she is!

    Donna will play along, and say,
    "You may kiss my foot"
    "Get the f*** up and get ready for work"
    "Yeah, yeah ... where's my tea'"
    "Get my hairbrush and bend over."

    That little ritual has opened the door for many things, including sex, over the last few months, and if nothing else, allows me to express my genuine love and appreciation for Donna. We keep it lighthearted, even though the feelings are real. I get a little shot of sub-space without having to ask my busy, beautiful woman for anything!

    So, if you guys can find a way to squeeze a submissive ritual into your day, you may spark some fun events!

    Take care,


    1. Scott, Great ideas! Love hearing the stories from your and Donna's life. I'm not so thrilled with the "get the f**** up response but I could go for a "let's go to bed cause I want to f*** you :). The former would crush my spirit :) while the latter would. Well it would do lots of good things. I'm hoping our new commenter - The Explorer - is taking this all in and weighing his options in a new light. You're the best!

    2. Thanks all! What a world that you each live in. I must admit, its a mindf*ck just to read about your explorations. Our brains are our most erotic organs right? Thank you for sharing..