Saturday, August 13, 2016

Saturday thoughts

God I love it when she actually leads! In a few minutes she is about to head out with a friend for a few hours and is upstairs getting ready. Just before she did she went through a short list of things she wanted me to do. “And do you want me to mow the back yard too?”

I was told not to because it’s so darn hot outside today.  Anyway, when she came down she said, “you are not to do stuff outside until after I get home.”

I know it’s just a small thing but I can’t get enough of her when she is direct. I mean what’s there to be afraid of? She’s looking out for my best interests and knows I’ll go out and sweat and work if left to my own desires. I guess that’s not going to happen today.

On the flipside I had a long week of work last week – like up at 6 and not home until 10 or 11 at night. As was our pattern up until June, I’d lock and stay locked until bedtime. Then summer came and for whatever reason she allowed me to put the appliance away for a few months. At first it was a wonderful change but I soon missed it. It was as if she was denying me the ability to sacrifice on her behalf. It felt as if the leash had become too lax and her attention much diminished. Yet after I had asked more than once if she wanted me to lock and after I was told me she’d tell me when I was to put it on again, I let it be and stopped asking. Her response didn’t change how I felt. I still missed it. I still wished she would have told me to lock up if for no other reason than for me to have the thought that I am kept only for her firmly embedded in my mind.

I know I’m writing a post that has used the pronoun “I” quite a bit. It’s not that I want our WLM to be about me. I don’t. However I do want her to feel completely free to own me in an overt way that leaves no doubt that I belong to her.

Last week with my earlier than usual start times I left for work with her still asleep. I knew the routine had been to lock the week before but I thought I’d leave it to her to tell me what she wanted. On Monday while we talked on the phone midday she mentioned, “You didn’t put your appliance on.”
“I know,” I answered, and left it at that. Why she didn’t say the needed one more sentence of “make sure you don’t do it again” or “I didn’t appreciate finding this here and not on you and expect you to lock every morning,” I can’t say. But those words were never spoken and so on Tuesday I again went to work free and easy. The pattern continued through Friday and so when I awoke today (Saturday) and she was awake I texted, “lock?”


“LOL, Yea right” I answered.

Her response: “Lock it up.”

Ahh, finally!!! Directness. And so I’m secure and she’s involved in my submission and has expressed her dominance once again. Now if she will only do so without prompting when the next 100 opportunities arise I’ll be a happy submissive.

I’m Hers


  1. You are a lucky man.Try to stay cool my friend. RR

  2. Seems like your locking protocol is a lot like mine and can be problematic. I stayed locked most of the time up until the Summer. She allowed me a release and she said I could have some free time. The problem starts when I have too much free time. Here we are near the end of August, and she still hasn't directed me to lock up again. This caused several problems for me. As I'm sure you are aware, it takes a while to get used to wearing the device. Once you get over that hump, continuous wearing is a little easier. When she leaves me free for too long, I start to miss the feelings of constant arousal and I know I'm not as attentive to her and yes, I do miss the device. I also tend to renew the bad habit of self-pleasuring. Most of the time I intend to just edge but often go too far. I know that I could go to her and tell her I want to relock and she would say okay, but that's not the way I want it to happen. Like you, I want her to want me locked. I want her to care if I'm locked. Yeah, I know, too many "I"s in this comment!! Lol

    1. Wishful4,
      Thanks for sharing. Wouldn't you agree that 'our submission' is more about how we feel while to them it is more about what we do for them. As long as you and I do what we're expected to do it's far too easy for them to forget. And that's what Katie does. It's not that she doesn't care but whether or not she remembers to tell me to lock up just isn't a high priority. Unfortunately :( I'm certain you can feel my frustration.

      Thanks for sharing. I think I can write a post on this topic.

  3. I can relate to this so much. In our case, still a relatively new mostly FLM, we're still sorting out how when vanilla life gets overwhelming, it affects us differently. When my work gets too much, for instance, I crave her overtness even more, because the FLM is my rock and my escape, but she'll worry that the overtness is somehow adding more pressure to me. And when her work gets overwhelming, she's the opposite. She'll back off, and I need to remind myself that the "lessening" is only temporary and not prompt, because to her that does feel like pressure. If only these relationships were one-size-fits-all, right?

    1. DH, Thanks for taking the time to comment. Like I mentioned on the above comment, I think it all goes back to how us guys think and react and how our wives process things. When we're busy, we miss them (as we should). When their busy they're just that - busy and easily stressed. Now if us guys could only convince them that we could actually reduce that stress both genders would be much happier. Don't know that things will change but I'm not giving up.

      Enjoy your week.

    2. Well same here and I am on the other side of the world :) its so truth and I feel exactly the same about her side his side of the story. Declan and IM-HERS you both helped me understand things I am just going through. I suppose its kind of women from noga and men from Mars thing. I hope it will change, but I am not sure. Knowing my place I am just planing just to get used to it.
      thanks again for your smart words

    3. Glad you can identify with the thoughts of the post. I think we really are from separate worlds sometimes - at least that's how it seems to me. But there is something so attracting to them when they get this way. I guess the saying that you cant live with them, cant live without them is so true.