Saturday, October 8, 2016

She Fell Asleep on Me

One of the cool things about having a dominant wife is that she has little concern for boundaries with respect to my body. She knows she rules the roost and has come to realize that her word is my command.  The other night I was quiet in bed and laying on my back.

“What are you thinking?” she asked.

Whatever I said made her feel as if I was being less than talkative.  A few seconds later she tells me, “I want to lay on you.”

“OK, you’re the mistress.”

“Do you mind?”

“Whether I mind or not is not the issue. I’m your sub. You’re my mistress. Do what you want.”

And so she did. She climbed on me while I lay supine, her legs splayed on either side of mine and her shoulder pressed up under my chin. While she laid her head on my pillow and net to mine that shoulder up and under my chin pretty much pinned me in place. She didn’t ask if I was comfortable. I assumed she thought I was and to be honest it wasn’t too bad having her laying right there. While she rested I instinctively did what I know she loves. I began touching her body. My hands could reach most of the way down the back of her thighs. I gently and silently stroked and scratched her skin. She lay on me for what seemed like forever, eventually falling asleep.

Here I was living my role as her submissive simply by the fact that I was here under her. I don’t think she intended to lay on me to perk me up from my quiet mood. I know she likes to do this every now and again but this was her longest stint lying on me ever.  Her presence on top was one of those unspoken reminders that I am here to serve her. In this case it was my body that she needed to lay on. It was my touch that wanted to relax her and eventually that touch caused her to fall asleep – on me.

I don’t know how long we laid like that but it was a long time – probably close to an hour. She slept and in time I fell asleep as well. She startled me when she finally slid off and turned away to get comfortable. 

“Is your back bothering you?” she asked. Her words startled me.


“Then snuggle me.”

I smiled and did as I was told. It was such a nice chain of events that led us to sleep that night.

I’m Hers


  1. There's nothing especially comfortable about your Mistress lying on you but it is comforting. Interesting dichotomy. You are there to serve, her lying on you affirms that and brings to her the type comfort she was needing. A definite win-win.

    Thanks for sharing this simple but poignant example of the beauty of living in a FLM!


    1. Oh it was quite comfortable :). We both ended up falling asleep. I'm hoping that time wont be the last time but I'm going to keep that comment to the blog and not press her to do something out of pressure. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Wow, what a very warm intimate event, IH. Miss Katie rocks!